Jallianwala Massacre Re-Enacted June 2011

Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God” - Thomas  Jefferson (1743-1826)

History repeats itself and historians repeat each other” - Karl Marx

Jallianwala Massacre 
April 13, 1919

On 13 April, 1919 about 20,000 men, women and children, including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians had gathered at Jallian Wala Bag at Amritsar for a peaceful protest meeting against a set of draconian laws known as the Rowlett Act which gave the British rulers sweeping powers such as press censorship, detention without trial, and arrest without warrant. A British officer called Brig-Gen Reginald Dyer, blocked the only exit from the enclosure and, without any warning, ordered his troops to fire into the crowd. Official British records said 381 people were killed and 1,600 wounded. However, the casualty number quoted by the Indian National Congress was more than 1,500, with roughly 1,000 killed.

The Jallian Wala Bag Massacre of British Raj was put to political shame yesterday midnight (4th-5th June 2011) at Ram Lila Grounds in New Delhi by the Sonia Gandhi-led UPA II Government when the Delhi Police attacked more than 1,000,000 innocent men women and children from all parts of India who had gathered there to democratically participate in the fast unto death undertaken by Baba Ramdev against large scale corruption and unchecked reign and rule of Black Money in India. By attacking the platform where Baba Ramdev was sleeping and by attacking the people who were fast asleep at Ram Lila Grounds, the Delhi Police let loose a reign of terror and cruelty. They fired tear gas shells on thousands of men women and children without any provocation, injuring many innocent people. It was a murderous dictatorial attack on Indian democracy. 

Justice Mulla of the Allahabad high court in a historic judgement delivered in 1961 observed as follows: “There is no more organised lawless criminal force in the country than the Indian police force”. The lawless and criminal conduct of the Delhi Police yesterday night at Ram Lila Grounds completely bear out the legitimate indictment of the Indian Police Force by Justice Mulla in 1961.

Yesterday (June 4, 2011) I was watching the TV Programme of Times Now Channel throughout the day. At 8 pm I heard Kapil Sibal talk to the media meet organized by the Press Information Bureau of Government of India in New Delhi. I heard him say that the Government of India had accepted all the demands of Baba Ramdev and that he should withdraw his Fast immediately. He also brandished a letter by by Acharya Balkrishan, Ramdev's key aide to the effect that Baba Ramdev would call of the Fast if only the Government of India would concede all his demands in writing. Kapil Sibal also said that he was sending a communication soon thereafter to Baba Ramdev in writing on behalf of the Government of India to confirm this position. But in the same breath he also spoke like a double-tongued viper, holding out a veiled threat, when he told the Media: "If we are accommodative, we can also be firm. The Government that has always reached out can also rein in.” 

Nearly 3 hours later when a written communication was sent to Ram Lila Grounds, Baba Ramdev and all his thousands of followers had gone to sleep in Ram Lila Grounds. In fact, even much earlier, Baba Ramdev had felt betrayed and let down by Kapil Sibal and he had told the vast audience “Kapil Sibal is a liar and I will not talk to him again. I want to have no truck with him”. 

The Government of India enacted a Hitler type Nazi criminal Drama to let loose unprovoked terrorist State Violence against Baba Ramdev and more than 1,00,000 of his followers who had already gone to sleep by sending the Delhi Police during the midnight of 4-5 June 2011.

The Delhi Police attacked the peaceful followers of Baba Ramdev. The Police arrested Baba Ramdev and took him away to an unknown destination. By 4.30 am this morning (June 5, 2011) the Police had dispersed everyone present in Ram Lila Grounds. One has to see the visuals of the scene on Ram Lila Grounds (more particularly the special platform) to get a full idea of the wanton, illegitimate, unprovoked and barbarous violence let loose against Baba Ramdev and his peaceful followers. In particular I was shocked to see visuals showing the male marauders of the Delhi Police manhandling thousands of women. I view it as an attack on not only Baba Ramdev and his followers but as an unprovoked assault on Democracy and womanhood. 

Let me now examine the specious, fraudulent, imaginary, fictitious and untenable reasons given by the UPA II Government to arrest Baba Ramdev during early this morning:

  1. Baba Ramdev had taken permission only for conducting a Yoga Camp at Ram Lila Grounds and not a fast unto death. No public agitation or fast is permissible on Ram Lila Grounds.
  2. Baba Ramdev’s intention to go on a fast unto death was only to inflame public violence.
  3. Baba Ramdev is waging a war against the State in the guise of a Fast unto Death against corruption and Black Money.
  4. Baba Ramdev is communal because the RSS and VHP are backing the fast of Baba Ramdev.
  5. Baba Ramdev has gone back on all his promises and he is confidence trickster.

As a former Civil Servant with an established track record of putting several corrupt and criminal politicians of India to dishonour in a Court of Law, I would like to raise the following issues:

  1. If Baba Ramdev is waging a war against the State, then why did the Government of India send a team of Four Senior Union Cabinet Ministers to the Airport at New Delhi? Why did they give him a red-carpet treatment?
  2. If acts of agitation and fasting are not legally permissible at Ram Lila Grounds, then why did not the Delhi Police arrest as soon as he started his Fast early in the morning at that prohibited venue on 4th June 2011? 
  3. I was continuously hearing the voice of Baba Ramdev on all the TV Channels - The Times Now, NDTV, Headlines Today - from morning to evening and he was advocating all his followers all the time not to swerve from the path of peace and harmony. 

Baba Ramdev was taken to Dehra Dun by Delhi Police by plane on 5th morning. He has gone back to his Ashram at Haridwar. Baba Ramdev told the Media this morning: 

I view the ugly incidents of Saturday night as a black moment for me. I kept on telling the policemen not to torture innocent people. Families and small children were subjected to torture, and even women were not spared. All of them were dragged and beaten up. On the night of June 4, if we had not stopped our workers from getting agitated then thousands of people would have died. Such kind of cruelty was not even seen during days of dark Emergency in 1975-77 or Jallianwala Bagh in April 1919. I am not scared of death. But, I didn't want to die in such a barbaric act. Bullets and tear gas shells were fired upon. Beaten people were admitted to ICU. For a full 2 hours it was mayhem in the pandal…..Even the last letter that was sent to me by the Government did not mention anything about black money. Kapil Sibal told me that if Anna Hazare shares the stage with me, Government of India won't agree to any of my demands”. 

Attacking Sonia Gandhi, Baba Ramdev also said, "Earlier I never used to pay attention to the fact that Sonia Gandhi wasn't born in this country. But, after Saturday night's ugly incidents, I can clearly see that she has absolutely no concern for the women and children of this nation." 

Baba Ramdev has accused the UPA government of holding black money in foreign banks. He has said, "Saturday night's act confirms that Rs 50 lakh crore belong to the Congress and its allies." 

Baba Ramdev has also made it clear that he has not done with his fast and that it will continue along with the Satyagraha. He has said: ”The Satyagraha, the agitation can't be removed from the hearts of people. If anything happens to me, Sonia Gandhi and the Congress government will be responsible for it". 

Responding to allegations of breaking the rules, Baba Ramdev has said, "I did perform Yoga asanas at Ramlila Maidan and the whole world saw. Speaking against corruption comes under the ethics of Yoga." 

Responding to allegations about him working for the RSS and BJP, Baba Ramdev has said, "I am not a member of the BJP, never even campaigned for them."

Digvijay Singh is a known political champion of Islamic Terrorism. His virulent antipathy towards the Hindus of India in general and the RSS in particular are too well known. As a servile and whole time page boy of Sonia Gandhi, he has allowed his criminal imagination to run wild for making baseless allegations against Yogrishi Baba Ramdev and his followers. 

The people of India could not care less for his reactionary and reprehensible views on the RSS. As a wheeler dealer in the Sonia Congress Party, he should not imagine that he is the turnkey contractor for the conscience of the Indian Nation.  Because of his proximity to Sonia Gandhi, he seems to be under the floating vain delusion that he can assist her in exterminating the Hindus of India in the same way as Adolf Hitler attempted to exterminate the Jews of Europe during the dark days and darker nights of II World War.

The Supreme Court of India in a historic verdict in 1993 has already declared in no uncertain terms that the RSS is a noble and patriotic cultural organization. Further Digvijay Singh’s political infatuation for Islamic Terrorist Organization like the SIMI in general and a few selected (Pakistani and Kashmiri) Islamic terrorists in particular have been fully documented by several writers. His political sagacity and maturity can be gauged by the fact that recently he had stated that Osama bin Laden did not get a fair trial. This very despicable anti-national desperado has also concluded that Baba Ramdev is a thug.

In conclusion I would like to say that the attack of the Delhi Police on Baba Ramdev and thousands of his followers - men, Women and children - on Saturday-Sunday night is a savage and calculated assault on Human Liberty, Humanitarian Rights and People’s Democracy. I wish to make it clear that Liberty is not just a means to a higher political end. It is in itself the highest political end. 

Here the words of the great French writer Balzac, one of the greatest champions of human liberty, are very relevant: “Despotism accomplishes great things illegally; liberty does not even go the trouble of accomplishing small things legally.”

Edmund Burke (1729-1797), the great English Parliamentarian of the 18th century, spoke out eloquently in the British House of Commons against the colonial tyranny of Great Britain towards the United States of America on the eve of the American War of Independence in 1776. His words are very relevant and totally applicable to the UPA II Government in India today. “Free governments have committed more flagrant acts of tyranny than the most perfectly despotic governments we have ever known.”   


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Comment Thank you , Sir for writing the article to oppose the unilateral acts of the government led by sonia , no one to oppose there acts of corruption and also no sense of nationalism they are able to damage the country quite a bit . i truly appreciate you , and i wish well for all .

14-Jun-2011 00:47 AM

Comment Thank you V. Sundaram sir. I salute you for raising voice against such barbaric act of Italian/Sonia Congress party. These black britishers have made India a free home for the Corrupt and shameless politicians but being a true Indian we should raise our voice against their cruelity. Thanks for doing so in such a beautiful manner. I completely agree with you. Jai Hind

Lalit Kumar Sharma
11-Jun-2011 09:23 AM

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