The Shameless Senior Political Leader

The famous adage ‘power corrupts’ holds well in India in the most perfect manner. It is also surprising that the people who had been through a host of corrupt practices have the audacity to deny them without any qualms even those have been proved with official records.

The Dayanidhi Maran’s case of dealing with the 2G Spectrum during his tenure and the subsequent misuse of BSNL lines for the benefit of his family concern Sun TV again prove these points beyond doubt. These are unprecedented shocking revelations to say the least.

Any man with minimum commonsense would have guessed that A Rasa simply followed the footsteps and modus operandi of his predecessor Dayanidhi Maran who also belong to the same party. However, since once again the power centers were in the hands of the ruling party and its allies that person was spared notwithstanding the fact that Dayanidhi Maran’s misgivings were exposed by Jayalalithaa in 2009 itself. But the media was completely in the hands of the ruling government both at the center and the state and they played it down and safeguarded the minister for Telecom.

But, the greed in the DMK family (yes, it can no more be called a party but a family!) overtook the public interest and the integrity; so A Rasa was inducted removing Maran from the portfolio. Rasa under the behest of the CM and his daughter followed the footsteps of his predecessor religiously and committed a bigger scam. The DMK family and the octogenarian patriarch of the family conveniently disowned the minister and keeps shedding tears for his daughter. He pleads for her ‘innocence’ too and dismisses the case of his grand nephew Maran that he could ‘take care’ of himself.

The DMK regime and their family and extended family have damaged the Tamilian or rather Dravidian image all over the world to the maximum and I cannot but feel shocked by the impudence of the experienced politician. The highest qualification of an experienced politician in the Indian or Dravidian lexicon now should read ‘a man without shame’. 


More by :  Devavratan Kaundinya

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Comment A well written analysis of the power hungry DMK community. They have misused the trust of the Tamil population to the maximum and control the whole of Tamil Nadu. But times have changed. Let us hope that the state does not go under their control once again.

10-Jun-2011 02:52 AM

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