UPA and Anna Hazare

The Prime Minister’s statement that the police crackdown against Baba Ramdev at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan “was unavoidable” shocked people. The intemperate and abusive language used by Congress General Secretary Mr. Digvijay Singh while justifying the police crackdown attracted even more adverse comment. The stupid exertions of the police led by Home Minister Mr. P Chidambaram trying to convince the nation that a situation as in Godhra or during the demolition of the Babri Mosque had been averted by the action is inviting ridicule. 

The Congress is rattled. Its leaders speak nonsense every hour. 

The attack against Baba Ramdev may not have disturbed too many middle class people given some of his antics. But there is widespread respect in the middle class for Anna Hazare who was initially encouraged by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and obtained cooperation from the government. Now that too seems to have vanished. The government’s crude conduct is found unacceptable by Anna Hazare. He is united with Baba Ramdev. Between the two both middle class and the rural poor can be mobilized. Hazare launched his version of India’s Second Freedom Struggle. 

This incensed Congress spokesperson Ms Jayanthi Natarajan. She lashed out: "Anna has called for a second freedom movement...a second freedom movement against whom…What he has said today is unacceptable. A second freedom movement against whom?  This is a lawfully-elected government, a parliament elected by the people of India.  To launch a parallel movement by people who proclaim they will not stand for election is a complete subversion." Alas! The lady hasn’t done her homework.

From August 26 until September 1, 1997 Lok Sabha Speaker Mr. P Sanghma convened a special session of Parliament attended by both Houses. The session was held to commemorate 50 years of India’s Independence. The Session took stock of the situation and set a National Agenda for the future. The Agenda sought an end to corruption, criminalization, casteism and communalism. Opening the Special Session, for the first time in the India’s parliamentary history, the Speaker addressed the House. He called for a Second Freedom Struggle to realize the agenda. The former Prime Minister Mr. Inder Kumar Gujral called upon the people to launch a peaceful struggle, offer Satyagraha and court arrest. The whole House responded with thunderous clapping. The Resolution for launching the Second Freedom Struggle and implementing the Agenda was passed unanimously by both Houses of Parliament. That of course included the Congress.

Ms Natarajan asks: “A second freedom movement against whom?” Good question. The same year in 1997 that question was unambiguously addressed by me across the length and breadth of the country. I was privileged to be the main speaker addressing audiences at venues of different states mobilized for the Kaarevan-e-Azadi Movement. It was launched by Muslim organizations with the blessing of the late Chairman of the Muslim Personal Law Board, Qazi Mujahid-ul-Islam. We urged people to accept Parliament’s invitation to launch a movement. The movement culminated in Delhi where its agenda approved by the Qazi as well as by the Milli Council was to be announced. The agenda did not seek a single advantage for exclusively the Muslim community. It advocated policies that benefited the entire nation. 

Unfortunately, some of the Muslim leaders capitulated and came to a tacit understanding with Prime Minister Gujral. The Agenda was never released. The movement collapsed. I felt betrayed by the leaders. But the response we received from Muslim audiences across the nation was most heartening. There was no trace of communal bias. One saw only a hunger for change and national pride. Unless the government succeeds in creating horrendous incidents to ignite communal violence I doubt if its stated alarm about conflagration will ever see the light of day. 

It remains to be seen how Anna Hazare’s Movement for India’s Second Freedom Struggle will develop. The present demand for the institution of a Jan Lokpal is wholly inadequate. But movements have a habit of expanding goals as they proceed.    


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment Kangress ?

Kangress = Kangaroo Court of Congress!

Threaten Baba Ramdev with CBDT and IT Raids after he doesn't agree with the govt - a very dangerous precedent indeed.

No news of UPA entities being put behind bars (read Sonia, etc) due to to their being in position to tamper with evidence against them whilst poor Kani is inside for a relatively 'paltry' 200 Cr!

18-Jun-2011 10:48 AM

Comment The govt is of the dishonest and for the dishonest, can't really say by the dishonest because so far manipulation in the elections is not yet proven.Dishonest people can go to any extent to justify their world of falsehood.

10-Jun-2011 04:05 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

My understanding says that:

NDA fought 2004 Lok Sabha elections on the agenda of development mainly. That NDA lost and Kangress came to power was surprise to all, including Kangress leaders as well, those election results were not expected and not explained so far. (various editorials can be referred to of year 2004).

That Kangress got power unexpectedly after 10 years, unsure about next win, had do to something 'serious'. And that's when the 'character communalization' of BJP, RSS gained speed.

Media was bought, the tone changed of news coverage, things started getting explained in illogical BUT convincing manner - all in efforts to assassin the character of opposition in order to ensure 2009 win.

You have mentioned some cases, such as the case of Swami Aseemanand & Samjhauta express blast. Malegaon blast was given huge coverage for a long long time while SIMI was termed 'genuine' organization (SIMI was named in Ahmadabad blasts later) and so on. The list is endless.

People who watch TV believed what was told to them. No wonder, BJP was great looser in metros & big cities especially. Result of 2004 could not be explained, but results of 2009 can be.

But alas! the corruption crisis came in between, 3 more years to elections but crisis is right here and it came all of a sudden. Finding themselves without any credible justification to counter, they used the best trick they have - that made them win 2009 elections - the communal card.

But probably media could not broadcast news in as biased manner as in years 2004-2008, here the things were simple and can't be justified with imaginary logic.

That's how Kangress is found harping on communal intentions behind Ramdev's & Anna's movements against corruption. However, the difference is that a large part of media is challenging the absurd arguments of Kangress leaders. Had this been the case between 2004-2008 then probably UPA would not be in ruling place, thereby avoiding 2G scam, S-band scam, CWG scam and many more, apart from possibility that something could have happened about Swiss black money by now.

A considerable part of media is still biased today, but not able to do fully that they are told to do. India surviving betrayal of media!

Kangress needs to build new arguments other than harping on communal lines to save itself. If this happens, then the future of India will be negatively impacted.

Ramdev needs to avoid getting biased and making irresponsible statements to join efforts with Anna. If this happens, then the future of India will be positively impacted.

Dinesh kumar Bohre
09-Jun-2011 02:49 AM

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