Father's Day Greetings

Every one of us does realise the role of father in shaping our life. Starting from being a horse to carry us on his back, he takes us to the playgrounds, swimming pool, teaches how to fly kite, ride cycle and take up all challenges in life. If mother does the interior, father is the wall for the naills to be hit and the paintings to be hung. If mother is a garden of roses, father forms the fence for protection. In the lanscape of life if mother is the beautiful meadows and the valley, father stands as a hill to form the catchment area to feed the rivers for prosperity.
As a mark of gratitude the third Sunday of June is celebrated as the Father's Day. The idea dawned upon Mrs Grace Golden Clayton, who was devasted by the death of 210 fathers in a West Virgina mine disaster on December 06, 1907. She wished to honour them and thoght of a day for it. Father's Day was observed for the first time on July 05, 1908 in Fairmont, West Virginia, USA. After long six decades President Lyndon Johnson in 1966 issued the presidential proclaimation honouring fathers; and third Sunday of June was fixed by President Richard Nixon as Father's Day.
Now this day is universally observed as the Father's Day. I extend greeting to all the fathers, and not to forget the Father of the nation, too and his teachings. Let us celebrate and show our gratitude to our parents. 


More by :  Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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