Music - Its Origin

Sounds when set into tune becomes music. These musical sounds give pleasure and happiness to the listeners. This is an attempt to understand the evolution of music which is an integral part of Samaveda

Shishurvetti Pashurvetti Vetti gana rasam Phani
....Music or ganarasa denotes sonorous, soothing and sweet sound at-times combination of soundsfull of vibrations. 

The essence of music can be experienced by all creatures – from a child to an animal to a snake. In other words, music has the power to touch, reform and influence the entire creation.

Like swaras are of core importance to the Vedas, naada is the soul of Music. The life of naada lies in saahitya or lyrics. Again, the essence of naada is best conveyed through saahitya. Naada or melody is like the fragrance of a flower which attracts one immediately. Saahitya is like the color and texture of the flower which slowly begin to dawn on the rasika, the two together resulting in aananda or bliss. 

Ancients seers must have listened to the music produced by the elements of nature - the pancha bhootas and felt the pleasure and harmony. The sapta swaras or the seven notes are believed to be emanated from the cites of birds and animals... Sa-Shadjama, Ri-Rhishabha, Ga-Gandhara, Ma-Madhyama, Pa-Panchama, Dha-Daivata & Ni-Nishada.

Saint Tyagaraja in his Kriti Shobhillu Saptasawara gives the origin of these
Swaras... from naval to nose. Well, blessed are those who have been blessed with this divine power.


More by :  Dr. Gomati Dittakavi

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