India Needs Mid-Term Election

Devoid of any political affiliations but as an ordinary Indian citizen not lacking in patriotism and therefore concerned with the abyss in which the Congress Government is pushing the Indian Republic, perceptionally, a mid-term General Election becomes an overriding imperative. Political corruption involving Ministers of the Congress led Government has not only touched Himalayan heights in terms billions of rupees siphoned off by its Ministers but in terms of political ethics and morality has touched the deepest depths of political depravity. Instead of atoning for its sins the Congress Government and the Party hierarchy has adopted confrontational stances against the civil society which is spearheading the crusade against political corruption egged on by the vast majority of the people of the Indian Republic. The Congress Party’s intolerance on this count is politically disturbing and portends increasing political confrontations within India.

The Congress President and the Congress Prime Minister have failed to assure the people of India by actions or words that they would ensure that political misgovernance and political corruption is swiftly ended. The Indian Republic is fortunate that it has a Supreme Court judiciary which has risen to the need of the hour to save the Indian Republic from unbridled Congress Government corruption by directing Supreme Court monitored investigations. Should not all of this have been done earlier by the Congress President and the Congress Prime Minister?

Dr Manmohan Singh continues to express his helplessness in dealing with corruption due to compulsions of coalition politics. He keeps on professing that he is personally honest and his integrity beyond reproach.  That is of no avail because the Indian Republic expects of its Prime Minister strong leadership to stamp out corruption and not to offer excuses. If he could threaten to resign if the Indo-US Nuclear Deal was not passed, what stopped Dr Manmohan Singh from threatening to resign if the Congress President did no give him free hand in matters of governance?

India alive also watches bemusedly when on live TV debates Congress Party spokespersons not reputed for intellectual insights but more for disrupting informed debate, brazenly arguing at two unconvincing levels. 

The first level is the dubious argument that the Congress Party was voted into power for a second time by the people of India for the next five years. As an elected Government the civil society groups and others have no right to doubt the verdict of the Indian public. They may have been voted for a second time into power but certainly not to indulge in misgovernance and political corruption. By it happen in an unrestrained manner the Congress Party has betrayed the mandate of the Indian people,

The second level is not only dubious but devious too. When running out of letting convincing or plausible arguments or cornered as to why the Congress President is not stepping in forcefully, he Congress Party spokespersons argue in TV debates or responses to the Press  that a particular contentious decision was not the Congress Party’s decision and they should ask the Government about it. What does this imply? The whole of India fully well knows that Dr Maanmohan Singh and his Government cannot move an inch on any issue without political directions from the Congress President.

What is the end result of this sorry state of affairs of Congress Party’s authoritarian impulses to disregard Indian public opinion on the issue of corruption/

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has dropped in the last year or so. Indian investors are moving to foreign destinations with the Government paralyzed by the multiple scams occurring every day.

In terms of national security too there is an impact in that India’s enemies would certainly be taking note of the lack of national cohesion within India increasing its external and internal vulnerabilities.

The tragedy for India politically is that the BJP as the main Opposition Party has not galvanized itself to present before the Indian Republic that today after eight years in political wilderness it has now baptized itself with political resilience to provide an alternative for credible and corruption-free governance

Notwithstanding the above, it is only a fresh Mid-term General Election which could deliver India from political misgovernance as it has the possibilities of throwing up new political equations which chastened by recent public contempt of the political class may offer a better alternative. 


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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Comment L think impeachment is a better remedy that mid-term elections. I know impeachment will be a win for congress government because the congress can collect votes in its favour, in the manner they are ruling bhartiya people. but people will know the true colors of c on g r e s s

Having failed in impeachment, the people of INDIA will cry for mid-term election from the streets of every village, town and city. There will be a clarion call for THE NEW DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT headed by Prime Minister/President elected by the people.

Constitution is meant to serve the people and not the vice-a-versa. If that is not so, reform it.

Congress should submit and itself ask for mid-term election. JAY HIMD

pranlal sheth
12-Jul-2011 22:29 PM

Comment I totally agree for change of government.

11-Jul-2011 10:23 AM

Comment Are you crazy? Mid term elections will play havoc with the economy where the entire world economy is still struggling. We can't afford to go below 6%. Elections should happen only in 5 year cycles, let the people wait till then please don't advocate mid term elections.

10-Jul-2011 01:23 AM

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