When Lie Decided to Leave the Dress of Truth

Lie was in depressed mood. Till today it was disguised in the dress of Truth. Then whatever the appreciation, social reorganizations given by the public is only for the dress not for me? How long I have to bear this? 

It was pinching to Lie. To overcome from this, after deep thinking and analyzing the matter Lie decided to leave the dress of Truth and return the same. Lie remembered the event of that day. The dress of Truth was stolen by Lie was a joke. But Truth took it serious and ran away in naked position and till today it is hidden.  Where..? Truth was not ready to present in its present naked situation. Lie thought that, “If I am ready to give this dress, Truth will come and collect it”

But there was no indication about Truth and arrival. Finally Lie decided to contact and submits the stolen dress to the authority. Lie went to the residence of Dharmadhikari. He was very happy to see this arrived Truth. He thanked God with deep devotion and welcomed this arrived Truth with honor.

But Lie was embarrassed. But decided to open the matter and told gently,

“Respected Sir, I am not Truth. I am Lie in the guise of Truth. I have decided to return this dress to the real owner. Please help me Sir, to find Truth”

Dharmadhikari simply astonished by hearing these words. What ... what are you talking? Are you not Truth? Are you Lie!! ....Oh...Lie in the dress of Truth. What a confusion...? Am I considered this disguised Lie as ... Truth, till today? Is it an earthquake or a volcano? Lie recognized the feelings of Dharmadhikari and the thoughts in his mind. Lie had experienced the same situations the finally decided to get over come from this situation.

Dharmadhikari was not ready to accept the situation. His beliefs  constructed on this Truth. He never thought about the Lie in the dress of Truth will come to get solution. If the reality is exposed with this event means, it would cause a collapse in the situation. It may lead to suicide. He tried to recover from the wave and attend the situation logically. Questioned with his experience and witty view, “Is it possible to believe the wordings of Lie even though it comes from its consciousness?” .

Lie replied with a gentle smile, “Only Dharmadhikari could know the wordings of consciousness. So I am here ...” Lie was ready for expiation. It was expressing all feelings with open-mind. But there was no answer from Dharmadhikari.

Dharmadhikari suddenly regained his state of mind and told with his position, “Whatever the expiation from you, I am not in a position to declare the solution. I am an adviser. The decision authority lies with Dandadhikari. I will submit your appeal to them”

When Dharmadhikari and Lie entered the palace of Dandadhikari, he was preparing to choose one from his gynoecium’s. He knew that without any emergency, Dharmadhikari would never enter in such a time. He welcomed him with due honor and observed the companion with curiosity. “Is there any important matter? Who is this with you? ”

Dharmadhikari sat on his chair and instructed to Lie to sit. His Highness, I am in dilemma. Now, this Lie appealed to get the solution to the problem...and continued his words by showing the finger ‘This is Lie. Yes Lie in the dress of Truth....

“What? What?  Lie? Is it in the dress of Truth?” Is it real? Dandhakari questioned in astonishment. What are you telling?  Voice of Dandhakari  smitten with the event.

“Yes. This is Lie. But dressed as Truth”...Now...I am ready to return the dress to Truth and request us to show the way to attend the same and  requesting us to co-operate to search the way towards Truth. ”Voice of Dharmadhikari was pale. A tiny wave of smile appeared on the face of Lie and tried to hide it.

“If it be so, why this matter was not informed  to me till this event?” Dandadhikari questioned Dharmadhikari. But the confusion was there. It appeared in the voice. “Personal attendance of truth or Lie is extremely new matter to us. Our duty is to approve the matter presented by Dharmadhikari. Now the main question, what was the position till today? We supported to Lie or Truth? ”

There was no answer from Dharmadhikari. Lie prayed to permit to present the personal view and talk. After getting permission Lie said smoothly, “His Highness, It is universally accepted that even Dharmadhikari should obey the decision of Dandadhikari while protecting Truth and Justice. But the question is about the dress of Truth and it is on me. I am ready to give it. Whatever the policies, decisions and protection methodology of your administration to protect Truth and Justice is separate matter. Now I am ready to give this dress. Would you please help me to show the is not”

“What we have to show? Place of Truth? Or way of Truth?” Dandhakari was in clumsy situation. He turned towards Dharmadhikari and said politely, “Searching of Truth is the duty of Dharmadhikari. We are ready to accept your opinion and we have been following this as tradition. Give your suggestion and it will be proclaimed.”

Again the problem turned towards Dharmadhikari. He tried to escape from the situation and said, “May be we are in power, but this power is given by the system. We have to take the opinion of the system to decide the matter. It is better to contact the community about this situation”  But Lie turned towards Dharmadhikari and told, “Is it not your work Sir?” But there was no answer from Dharmadhikari. Dandadhikari approved the decision of Dharmadhikari.

Both Lie and Dharmadhikari asked a citizen. The innocent citizen was unable to recognize the situation itself. He asked innocently, “Is there any difference between Truth and Lie today?

In the meanwhile, a Sanyasi came there. After hearing them he said in mild words, “I am so happy today. I was searching Truth. Today it is possible to see at least the dress of Truth. Instead of leaving the dress first search the place of Truth. Then decide to give the dress. 

Dharmadhikari requested Sanyasi, “Swami, you are only person to solve this problem and show the place of truth where it is hidden.”  Sanyasi said with meditating mood, “The sky always looks blue in day-light and dark in the night. It is waiting for the dress. Do you know the sky itself is TRUTH.”


More by :  Puttu Parashuram Kulkarni

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