Management of Hypothyroidism in Ayurveda

Thyroid gland is one of the most important and sensitive endocrine gland. As it easily responds to stress and stimuli the global incidence of hypothyroidism is increasing day by day. The major function of thyroid gland is to control the rate of metabolism. The principle function of thyroxine is to act as a catalyst of the nature of a 'spark' for the maintenance of oxidative metabolism in most tissues. Cells in the body take their 'cue' from thyroxine.  The amount of stimulation the cells receive from thyroxine will determine how 'quickly' they perform their functions1. These functions similar with the description of Agni 'angati vyapnoti iti va agnihi' and 'agnyate mreeyate iti va agnihi

Hypothyroidism results from inadequate production of thyroid hormone. Any structural or functional defects of thyroid gland that significantly impairs its output of hormones will lead to the hypo metabolic state of hypothyroidism2.

The symptoms of hypothyroidism are notorious for their nonspecific nature and for the way in which they mimic many symptoms of other diseases. So it often remains undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Vertigo, weight gain, mood disturbances, easy fatigability, tiredness, lethargy, slowness of memory, intellect and thought, menstrual irregularities, cold intolerance, dry rough skin, thin brittle hair, hair fall, Muscle stiffness, aching, myalgias, cramps, weakness and fatigue, myxedema, constipation, hoarseness of voice, goiter etc.3


There is no direct mention of thyroid gland in ayurveda. But a disease by the name galaganda is mentioned in samhitas. The earliest description of neck swelling is found in atharva veda by the name apachi. Charaka first described about the disease under the 20 varieties of sleshma vikaras10. Susutha has described that out of seven layers of the skin, the sixth layer Rohini is galaganda rogadhistana (Su.Sa.4/4). In nidana sthana he described galaganda as two encapsulated small or big swellings in the anterior angle of the neck, which hang like scrotum11 (Su.Ni.11), whereas charaka mentioned galaganda as solitary swelling (Ch.Ch.11).  

The etiological factors in galaganda include climatic conditions, water supply, dietary conditions and other surroundings etc. Susrutha stated that rivers flowing towards east might give rise to the occurrence of galaganda11. Bhela described that sleepda and galaganda are more common in prachya desa (eastern part) of the country12, and the persons consuming predominantly fish are liable to develop galgaganda. Harita samhitakara described the role of dustambu and krimi dosha in the precipitation of Galaganda. Kashyapa samhitakara13added that any part of the country which is cold, damp, with densely grown long trees, water stagnation and heavy rains may be prone for the development of Galaganda. 

From the above descriptions ons Galaganda can be correlated with goiter or some tumour pathology, where thyroid functions may or may not be affected. But hypothyroidism is not just a localized disease. It has many symptoms related to many systems of the body. So it is better not to restrict hypothyroidism with galaganda.

Management of Hypothyroidism  

As mentioned by charaka10 "vikaranamakusalo" exact nomenclature is not necessary for all the diseases. It insists on diagnosis of constitutional status of the disease.

As per the nidana Hypothyroidism can be classified as 1.Primary (thyroid failure) 2. Secondary, (due to pituitary TSH deficit). And 3. Tertiary (due to hypothalamic deficiency of TRH), the later two are rare and may not be amicable to Ayurvedic treatments.

If hypothyroidism results due to Genetical and hereditary defects, these comes under adibala pravritta vyadhis and these are asadhya.

If hypothyroidism results due to Congenital defects like thyroid gland agenesis, dysgenesis, ectopic thyroid gland comes under Janmabala pravritta vyadhis. These are preventable if proper pathyapathya is followed during pregnancy.

The main cause of hypothyroidism is iodine deficiency, as per sarvadha sarva bahvanam-iodine containing drugs like shigru, jalakumbhi are advised here.

Another main cause autoimmune thyroid disease is characterized by gradual lymphatic infiltration and progressive destruction of the functional thyroid tissue.  So it may be Yapya, means that the treatment should be continued Jeevanaparvantam with immuno modulatory drugs. 

Selection of Drugs Acting at Various Levels

  1. At hypothalamo pituitary level: anti stress drugs, medhya rasayana drugs, nasya karma may be beneficial. 
  2. At thyroid gland level: thyroid stimulatory drugs are recommended here.  
  3. At metabolism level: deepana, pacahana, ushna, teekshna, sukshma, lekhana drugs which pep-up body metabolism is recommended. 
  4. Immuno-modulatory drugs for autoimmune related hypothyroidism.

As the symptoms of hypothyroidsm are notorious, the symptomatic treatment is followed according to the suitability of the individual cases, i.e., sthoulya, sodha etc.

The recent research work done by Dr. Tripathi and others.  Animal studies have revealed that guggul supports healthy thyroid function, mostly by increasing the conversion of less active Thyroxin (T4) to more active Triiodotyronine (T3) through increasing thyroid proteolytic activity and the uptake of iodine into thyroxin, and without increasing the production of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone.

Selenium is required for a number of enzymes known as selenoproteins. The chemical reaction, which converts thyroid hormone T4 into T3, is catalyzed by specific selenoproteins. Selenium deficiency can impair thyroid function. The drug pippali increases the absroption of selinium andthis may be cause for the effectiveness of vardhamana pipppli in hypothyroid conditions.

The patient who has complications like heart diseases like bradycardia and cardiomagaly, myxedema coma, are Pratyakhyeya indicates Achikitsavastha of Vyadhi.

The present trial drug kanchanara guggulu (Sa. Sam), is found in usage for many years for Gandhamala, Apache, Arbuda, Grandhi, Kushta, etc, has been selected to evaluate the efficacy of this drug in hypothyroidism. Its main ingredients kanchanara, varuna, triphala, trikatu, trijataka may also useful in hypothyroidism.

Shigru is a well-known plant in India. It is rich in iodine, which is an essential component of thyroid hormones, T3 and T4.  It has deepana, pacahna, kapha vata hara properties. It is recommended in galaganda, kandu, sotha, apachi, vrana, medoroga, vidradhi, gulma etc.is selected as anupana along with KNG. It appears to provide it with the nutrition and substitutes the Iodine, thyroid gland require. Hence the drug is selected for the study.

The main aim of the study is  

  1. To normalize the levels of TSH in the fresh cases.  
  2. To maintain the TSH levels in the patients who are already using the allopathic drug thyronorm and gradually replacing the allopathic drug with the trail drug.  

For fresh cases the trial drug started immediately after the diagnosis confirmed.

For the patients who are already using thyronorm/ eltroxin they were advised to withdraw the 25 mcg of the drug before starting the trail drug. The patients were observed carefully for 1 month, if they are comfortable with the drug and dosage and TSH levels are maintained well they are advised to withdraw another 25mcg. This way the drug will be totally replaced with the trail drug.

The trail was conducted on 32 patients from the Govt Ayurvedic Hospital, Erragadda; the progress of the patient is observed and recorded. Analysis was made to assess the results in relation to various factors. 32 patients were included and examined thoroughly examined and the Diagnosis of hypothyroidism is based on a person's medical history, a physical examination, and blood tests. Of the blood tests for hypothyroidism, the TSH is the most sensitive test14.  

As Hypothyroidism doesn't have any characteristic symptoms, the following most common symptoms were carefully screened15

Inclusion Criteria

Weight gain/unable to loss weight                             Vertigo
Easy fatigability                                                       Lethargy
Cold intolerance                                                      Hair loss
Slowness of memory, intellect and thought               Anorexia
Constipation                                                           Gaseous distention
Hoarseness/slowness of voice                                 Menstrual irregularities
Oligomenorrhoea /Amenorrhea                                Parasthesias
Muscle cramps and weakness                                  Muscle stiffness and aching
Dry skin                                                                  Coarse, brittle, dull hair
Puffiness of the face, hands, feet, slow reflexes         Goiter

Exclusion Criteria

  1. Patients with Cardiomegaly and Bradycardia.

  2. Patients who are above 65 yrs and using the allopathic drug thyronorm. 

  3. Patients who are suffering from hypothyroidism for more than 10 years.

2. Drugs

(a) Kanchanara Guggulu5,7,8 (Sa. Sam)

The drug Kanchanara guggulu a compound Ayurvedic preparation consists of Guggulu, Kanchanara, Varuna, Triphala, Trikatu and Trijataka (preparation of the drug mentioned in drug aspect). It is one of the safest and the very useful drug in ayurveda, is found in usage for many years for gandhamala, apachi, Arbuda, Granthi, Vrana, Gulma, Kusta, Bhagandara etc. In the present study KNG is evaluated for thyroid stimulating activity.

(b) Shigru Patra Kwatha6,7                   

Shigru is a well-known plant in India. It has deepana, pachana, kapha vata hara properties. It is recommended in galaganda, kandu, sotha, apachi, vrana, medoroga, vidradhi, gulma etc. As it is rich in iodine, which is the main cause for hypothyroidism, is selected as anupana along with KNG.

Shigru leaves are dried and the powder was given to the patients and advised them to make decoction.

Kwatha preparation: To the coarse powder of one part of drug, add 8 parts of water, boil and reduce them to 1/4th and filter it.

The Methodology 

The Aim of the Study of the Study

1.Normalize the levels of TSH in the fresh cases.

2.To maintain the TSH levels in the patients who are already using the allopathic drug thyronorm and gradually replacing the allopathic drug with the trail drug

Type of trial: Open trail 
Mode of administration: Oral 
Method of administration:

  1. For fresh cases started immediately after the diagnosis confirmed.

  2. For the patients who are already using thyronorm advised withdraw the 25 mcg of the drug before starting the rail drug.

  3. The patients were observed carefully for 1 month, if they are comfortable with the drug and dosage and TSH levels are maintained well they are advised to withdraw another 25mcg. This way the drug is totally replaced with the trail drug.

Dose of the drug:  i) Kanchanara guggulu 250mg b.d.
                             ii) Shigru patra kwatha 250ml b.d

Period of study: 3 months  

Patients were advised not to take Kapha and Medo vardhaka Ahara and Vihara's like diwaswapna, madhura guru dravya sevana etc.

Clinical Assessment  

The progress of the patient is observed and recorded after every 15 days. This procedure is followed for duration of 90 days.  After the completion of the duration the results are assessed basing on observations. The results are assessed in terms of complete relief, marked, moderate and mild relief and no relief.

  1. Complete relief: TSH levels normalized and 100% symptoms relieved.   
  2. Marked relief: TSH levels normalized and symptomatic relief up to 75%.  
  3. Moderate relief: TSH levels normalized and symptomatic relief up to 50-75%.   
  4. Mild relief: TSH levels normalized and symptomatic relief up to 25-50%.   
  5. No relief: no change in the TSH levels and no symptomatic relief.

32 patients were recruited in the study and the assessment was done for every 15days.Of the 32 patients 16 patients were fresh cases and 16 patients are already using the modern medicine eltroxin. The results of the patients who completed the treatment of 90days were analyzed.

In the 16 fresh cases the TSH levels came to normal range after the completion of the treatment. The 16 who are already using allopathic medicine were gradually replaced with the trial drug and the TSH levels were in normal range as summarized in table 5.11 and 5.12.

Table 5.11 showing the levels of TSH before and after treatment



Before treatment

After treatment

TSH (mU/L)

TSH (mU/L)

































































For the patients who are already using thyronorm advised withdraw the 25 mcg of the drug before starting the trail drug. The patients were observed carefully for I month, if they are comfortable with the drug and dosage and TSH levels are maintained well they are advised to withdraw another 25mcg and the drug was totally replaced with Trial drug. 

S.No. O.P. No. Duration Dosage of
Before Treatment
TSH (mU/L)
After Treeatment
TSH (mU/L)
1 2970 5 Yrs 50 mcg 5.66 4.56
2 5290 8 Yrs 75 mcg 0.90 1.25
3 3472 8 Months 25 mcg 1.47 1.81
4 8960 2 Yrs 50 mcg 2.27 3.46
5 5269 5 Months 25 mcg 3.22 3.67
6 6840 2 Yrs 100 mcg 2.07 1.90
7 10964 4 Months 25 mcg 4.12 3.54
8 4263 6 Yrs 25 mcg 4.12 3.57
9 3940 7 Months 50 mcg 3.8 5.07
10 10164 1 Yr 75 mcg 2.68 1.21
11 4170 2-1/2 Yr 50 cmg 3.44 5.12
12 3680 1 Yr 25 mcg 1.11 1.8
13 2865 1 Month 25 mcg 6.84 4.79
14 6430 2 Yrs 75 mcg 5.54 3.68
15 10890 3 Yrs 25 mcg 1.77 2.34
16 5128 8 Yrs 50 mcg 4.74 3.21

Table 5.12 showing the levels of TSH before and after the treatment in chronic cases.  

Many of the symptoms of hypothyroidism are non-specific. The most common symptoms observed in the 32 selected patients, before and after treatment were summarized as shown in below table. 

The most commonly seen symptoms are weight gain or unable to loss weight, menstrual irregularities, vague body pains, constipation, puffiness of the face, hands and feet. The rare symptoms are recurrent attacks of infections, respiratory symptoms etc.



More by :  Dr. Lakshmi Prasuna, MD (Ayu)

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Comment Dear Mam,

I am 45 yrs male having TSH 5.73 ull/m (Lab report on 7th May 16) . Earlier TSH was10.33 (3 months ago). I am taking Thyronorm 50 mg daily. I have started Kanchanar Guggulu last month and then stopped due to side effect like muscle pain.

Mam, please help me to get rid of hypothyroid problem and I dont want to take medicine life long

13-May-2016 06:43 AM

Comment hello sir
i had gained too much weight in last two years
then i test for thyroid
results are
t3 .87
t4 5.10
tsh .50.94
kindly suggest me the path

08-May-2016 12:54 PM

Comment 24, Female

March TSH 8.07
April TSH 9.67

T3 0.83
T4 7.21

AntiTPO 627.44
Anti Tg >1000

1 hr- 23
2 hr - 43

What is best for me allopathy/ homeopathy/ ayurveda

Which medicines, exercises, dosage, any side effects?

Kindly Help

28-Apr-2016 14:10 PM

Comment Dear Dr.
I am going thru this site and I found that many persons problems are similar to mine.

I hope you would also like to cure my problem.

If you say I will send the detail.

In brief it is hypothyroid (7.5), rheumatic arthirites - pains in joint , inflammation in muscles, Stress of cold.

Present medicine FIGOSTAT 40

23-Apr-2016 13:58 PM

Comment My misses suffers with hypo &hyper thyroids.

Pls give your appointment immediately if possible.

My mobile no :8374122469

09-Mar-2016 00:04 AM

Comment i am a 36 year old woman having hypothyroid for the last 7 years . I am taking 100 mcg of the tablets and want to withdraw and switch to a natural medication and looking to cure the same .Pls let me know how you can help with the same .

28-Feb-2016 07:49 AM

Comment Doctor,
I have tested thyroid for the first time, I'm 48 yrs old and menopause has initiated for me. My T3 and T4 are normal but TSH is 55. Doctoir advised me to start 25mg of Thyroxin tablet. But I'm yet to start this. Mean time I saw your article and would like to know, by taking ayurvedic medicine can I come out of the problem completely, that is, can I stop taking medicine after few years, because in alopathy they told me that this medicine to be taken life long, can U give me reply.

S Kala Mani
24-Feb-2016 01:52 AM

Comment hello sir/ma`am ....ia m 21 years old i am suffering from hypothroidism and my tsh level is 497.5 because bad operation of my throid gland by a cruel doctor who cut my little piece of thyroid gland ..in my childhood at th age of 10. now my weight is 74 and height is 5`3inch..i felt very nervous and hesitates on standing infront of my friends ...because of short height and become weak in every field of life. please help me to increaseto increase 3,4 inches to my height..i really want to become an ips officer ...but i always loose my hope. help me please i will be highly obliged for you

17-Feb-2016 12:57 PM

Comment my mother is 50 years old,...she is suffering from hypothyroidism. Reports says that his TSH is >150 which is not a normal case. Doctors prescribed him to take 100mcg thyronorm everyday for a long time and suggest him to have blood test for every 1 n half month. lease provide me some ayurvadic remedy.

21-Jan-2016 06:39 AM

Comment I am having TSH level 7.08. Age 28 years.Can u pls tell me the ayurvedic medicines and where it will be available. And also your clinic address?? Plaese..

Thanks & Regards,.

Aparna Mistry
15-Jan-2016 04:00 AM

Dr. Lakshmi Prasuna

my daughter is suffering from thyroid.
please give me your address and contact number.


12-Jan-2016 06:53 AM

Comment TSH Level 9.68
Doctor advised to take 150mcg eltroxin and lybrate forte.
I dubt with the eltroxin dosage.plz suggest.

Writick Ghosh
19-Dec-2015 04:19 AM

Comment Sir,
I am a 50 years old man.I am medium built, fair and my weight is 66.5kgs.A couple of months back I was 71 Kgs.I am working for Kolkata Police as a SHO for past 25 years. Due to flexible hours of working and high work pressure I can't do physical exercises regularly. I have to carry huge mental tension due to my work load. Now for the past couple of years I have noticed frequent mood swing, suspicious, lethergetic and sleepy during afternoon hours specially but during night I don’t enjoy sound sleep as I was enjoying before and the quality is moderate to average sleep or sometimes poor sleep depending upon situation, mental condition. I have fearful mind and quarrelsome attitude and my sleep affects much after a mental agony.
Of late I noticed hair fall, shoulder pain, rough hairs, and rough skin problems and went to a recognized Path Lab and got tested and found high cholesterol, triglyceride and low T3 and T4 while TSH was found high as 12.9.
I didn't take any Allopathic medicine but tried a few homeopathy medicines from local homeopaths but ultimately got no results. I am prone to cold also. I am occasionally with tearful eyes when watching movies or hearing sentimental talks. Gets irritated quickly forgetful and inattentive and can’t concentrate, suspicious and can’t tolerate spicy and oily food due to belching and blotting effect. Acid and gas reflux could be seen in case of taking spicy food. I have coarse voice and nodule in vocal cord. Recently under advice of my endocrinologist I am on Thyronox 75 mg once in early morning. Although I have started treatment recently but I believe that my ailment is long back.Any Ayurvedic help doctor?
Thanking you and regards

partha mukherjee
19-Oct-2015 13:29 PM

Comment Namaste madam my name is kavita 45 years of age suffering from thyroid last one year earlier it was 9 started doing yoga and corrinder kada empty stomech it reduces to6.5 due to some problems i stoped doing than again it reches to10.3 what shall i do now shall i start medicine my antithyroglobulin antibody [anti tg]is149.40 <60

kavita verma
16-Oct-2015 10:34 AM


29-Sep-2015 23:49 PM

Comment Dear Dr. Lakshmiprasun
with due respect i am sunil from bangalore i read your article and found it information , doctor my wife is suffring with thyroid she 22year old recently she have done the thyroid function test, she using the tablet like thyrox 50 daily morning 1 tablet , is that tablet can control she tsh levels, she want to growth is hiegth she take ayurveda medicine to increase his hieght 2inch tell me doctor if she take any side effect happen or not , and is there any problem foe getting pregnent , plztell me help me doctor , i am waiting ur reply

Sunil Kiran
29-Sep-2015 01:49 AM

Comment am having goiter past from 2 months , but thyroid is normal , is there any medicine for multi - nodular goiter , doctor sujjest for surgery , till i didn't take any medicine , please tel me any medicine for goiter in ayuravedha

31-Aug-2015 00:43 AM

Comment Respected Dr.

My age is 52 yr .I amsufferring from hypothyroidism and I am on10 mcg thyronorm.Since 3 yrs. At present .I am taking kachnar guugul from one yrs. THyroid levels are normal then also my hair are very very delicate no shining, weight constant 67 kg but its not proportionate to height.Please advice me

surekha sane
28-Aug-2015 01:28 AM

Comment Dear sir,
I m suffering frm thyroid n my thyroid level is 35.24.
My age is 27 only n I m 95kg n m unable to loose my weight now.I hv tried but no results hv been found n my weight is continuously increasing.Kindly tell me the medicine which cn cure my thyroid level....
Thank you

Utkarsha Chaturvedi
03-Aug-2015 15:55 PM

Comment Dear Dr
My wife got with high TSH Level of 20.. started Thyronorm 50 for last 3 weeks.. could you pl suggest the replacement of this with Ayrvedic Medication..pl suggest what to do...

31-Jul-2015 05:38 AM

Comment Dear Madam,
I m recently diagnosed with TSH level 6.9 and i dont want to take eltroxin lifelong suggested by my husband who is also a doctor. I have got all the symptoms except and have become depressed as well as irritable please guide.


13-Jul-2015 03:13 AM

Comment i am veni, 34 yrs, My TSH->150.0/ML

18-Jun-2015 08:12 AM

Comment Sir
I am Govind, 60 yrs, detected hypothyroid 6 months ago, using allopath to control TSH and Cholesterol. I have a slim body and don't want to reduce my weight.
Kindly suggest which ayurvedic medicine can lower the TSH. Will GUGGUL has the effect to Shrink the body or cause weight reduction. Any other ayurvedic medicine instead of Guggul you may suggest.


11-Jun-2015 06:50 AM

Comment My wife's TSH getting high approx 85 TSH so my question is that my wife want to pregnant. How much time get to recover TSH as normal. Where as both guitar has been removed during surgery and approx 2 years has been passed operation of guitar. So please suggest. My wife getting 150 MGC thyronorm after SGPGI doctor recommendation.

Vishal Sharma
03-Jun-2015 03:06 AM

Comment Madam
My wife is having tsh of 11.0.,and t3 and t4 are normal.
Presently using thyromycin 50mg.
Whether is it advisable to directly take your suggested medicine or is is requiredto contact you before getting medicine.
And whether this treatment permanently cures hypothyroidism or is it required to use medicines for life?
Please clarify to my email ID.
Thank you in advance.
P Madhusudhan

P Madhusudhan
28-May-2015 13:34 PM

Comment sir my mum is taking thyroid medicine "Thyronorm 100mg" but for her neck pain she is taking ayurvedic medicine, is it advisable to take both at the same time ?, can u give me ur suggestion and opinion pls

Thanks in advance!!

15-May-2015 02:01 AM


Dear Doctor,

I having Hypothyroid since 6 to 7 years. I am 47 years & 80 kgs also getting so fat & body ache.

Daily I used to take Thyroxine 25 mg before breakfast & in ayurveda medicine Goitre after breakfast.

I am waiting for your advice to get relief from my sickness.

Thanks & Regards.

Ammini Thomas

17-Apr-2015 06:01 AM

Comment Excellent article. Very informative for students, doctors and general public

16-Mar-2015 19:52 PM

Comment hello dr., my wife having hypothyroid just detected and r suggested her thyronorm .25mcg.,, I do not want to go on allopathic medicine . so can I start kanchnar google and shigru patra kwath for her ..< or I start both ayurved and allopathic medicine at same iem and take result ..? pls. guide whatto do. because her b.p. is law, tendency. heartbeat are high more than 85 daily, reaction of her own perspiration, mood disorder, irregular menstrual cycle, no desire for sex, skin and hair problem.. so pls guide me.. thanks

hardik bhatt
05-Mar-2015 01:12 AM

Comment I am patient of Hypothyroidism since last 20 years . Initially i was put on thyroxin tablet 1 and half tablets per day by endocrinologist . At that time my T3 and T4 was normal but TSH was high . When i started taking tablets , i noticed its side effect like excessive sweating , convulsions , insomnia , wait gain etc.My T3 , T4 was also disturbed . When this symptoms increased , i stopped taking eltroxin and since last 7 to 8 years , i am not taking this medicine and taking some Ayurveda medicine . I have come across many incidence which creates lot of confusion about the treatment on the hypothyroidism. I would like to quote one incidence that occured 4 years back when i undergone surgery of fibroid 's removal i.e. hysterectomy before that i was on progesterone medicine which resulted into leveled down the TSH. It is also observed in my case that there are some symptoms of hyperthyroidism and some symptoms of hypothyroidism. After having 2nd child birth , symptoms of hypothyroidism appeared in my body.

While going through the website , it come to my notice about your article and treatment on Hypothyroidism . You are therefore requested to kindly guide me about further treatment and advice on the basis given above case history.

Veena Gorwadkar
21-Feb-2015 10:58 AM

Comment hi,mam my sister facing problem in thyriod but not any treatment because she was very poor family any way please solve this problem mam,thank you mam

m.m.n.sai ram
17-Feb-2015 08:52 AM

Comment Sir
Iam Suffering from Hypothyroidism from 3 years my weight is 75 kgs how to reduce the weight in thyriod is there any medicine in Ayurvedic please give suggestion
Thank you

Anjali sharma
07-Feb-2015 06:28 AM

Comment Dr.lakshmiprasun mam, i have suffering hypothyroid last 14 years and i take alopathic medicine thirox 100 can i take ayurvedic medicine my docter advice me same time i will take ayurvedic medicine thyrocare and alopathic medicine thyrox 100 please mam, suggest me ?

sasmita mahapatra
27-Jan-2015 09:21 AM

Comment Dr.lakshmiprasin mam,can u help me ? my sister suffering hypothyroid my docter advice me same time can i take alopathic medicine thirnorm 100 and ayurvedic medicine thirocare .

sasmita mahapatra
27-Jan-2015 08:51 AM

Comment Respected Madam,
Thanks for noble cause u r doing making the ill OK. My daughter, 19 Yrs old having Hpothyrodism for last 05-06 Yrs and on thyronorm. Presently taking 175 mcg daily under guidance of Endocrinologist, review in 3-4 months. She was deducted Hpothyrodism due to gaining of body wt. and loss of appetite. Can I expect her getting rid of thyronorm? Pl. guide. I shall be very thankful to u.

Thanking u, Madam


25-Dec-2014 10:07 AM

Comment I am 41 years old and suffering from Thyroid, TSH is 10.67 I am taking Alopathic medicine Thyrodinum of 0.75 mg but the level is not reducing. Whether I should take

i) Kanchanara guggulu 250mg b.d.
ii) Shigru patra kwatha 250ml b.d -

whether these medicine will be benefited for me and take whole life. Please advice me.

Nitesh Kumar Sinha
23-Dec-2014 09:55 AM

Comment Dear Sir
I am 26 years old and I am suffering with Hyperthyroidism.My weight is 85Kg and my height is 5'7".Kindly suggest me some medicine to reduce my weight.
Thanks & Regards

Utkarsha Chaturvedi
09-Dec-2014 12:46 PM

Comment i am 35, recently diagnosed with hypothyroid tsh-11.13,started taking thyroxine 50 daily. have symptoms- constipation, cold sensitive,weight gain, hair loss,pain ,sometime numbness in arm. can i get ur address .

amarjeet kaur
08-Nov-2014 23:51 PM

Comment Dear LaxmiMadam,

Please give your contact number so that i can get help from you for treating hypothorode of autoimmunity nature. THS-0.14,T3-160 and T4-15.0 , TPO-500 taking 88 MCG thyoronorm. But having very high heart palpitations. So taking arjunirist 10 ml daily.

Fatigue is extreme in nature. Sleep has come to 45%. NO sleep apnea.
B-12 dropped to 260 and D- to 9.6, hence supplements of injections are on. BP normal.

Recent blood- Hemoglobin 14 reached from 11.0. I had taken lot of antacid due to ulcer in stomach which has resulted in low HCL in stomach resulting in pernicious anemia.

For Zink and selenium I am taking Zincovit as supplement which has other multivitamins also.

Started with coconut oil in daily food.
No gluten food like wheat. Allergy minor 0.1 confirmed.
1 hour strenuous exercise daily.
No sugar though non diabetic.

Pramod L Nichat
24-Sep-2014 09:03 AM

Comment I am suffering from hypothyriodism since august 2014. iam taking thyronorm. iam 67 years and do not have any other problem. shall i take now ayurvedic medicine. wth regards prabha

19-Sep-2014 04:40 AM


MOB. 09893477451

17-Sep-2014 04:56 AM

Comment hi i am anu suffering from thyroid at starting can u produce medicine for this.

08-Sep-2014 03:21 AM

Comment respected mam.
I am 42 yrs old n suffering from hypothyroidism since 4 yrs.initially dr. advised me to take eltroxin 100 then thyronorm 75 n now thyronorm 50..
i am really suffering alot after using these medicines..
dr. advised me to take these medicines for my whole life n presently i am suffering from constipation, nausea, acidity, weakness n of course excessive weight gain .. its really becoming tough to do my daily basic works...
now i want to withdraw these medicine as soon as posible..
kindly help me out dr.
plz reply as soon as possible


pratibha baranwal
28-Aug-2014 11:15 AM

Comment Hi Mam,

I am 30 yrs female,I am taking thronome 125 Mg.My cuurent TSH level is 6.2.I am taking medicine from last 6 yrs.Kindly suggest ayuvedic medicine.


gowhar bashir
26-Aug-2014 01:46 AM

Comment I want to have the contact information of Dr. Lakshmi Prasuna, please provide



Sohail Akhtar
21-Jul-2014 17:56 PM

Comment I was having low fever for nearly 15 days.
It was diagnosed as 'Viral'
All tests were done
Result show T4-
Then it was diagnosed as "THYROIDITIS (POST VIRAL)
Now I am taking only a antioxydant pill
Can you suggest any aurvedic medicine?

Rajkumar Parekh
16-Jul-2014 11:49 AM

Comment where can i get these medicines

Piyush Swain
26-Jun-2014 00:33 AM

Comment Namasthe Doctor ,

Am recently identify hypothyroid.... please give your valuable suggestion for Ayurveda treatment .am strict vegetarian also.

24-Jun-2014 04:26 AM

Comment my wife is suffering with problem wt. gain, lethargy, loss of libido, coldness . puffiness, oedema in fingers etc. all symptoms suits with hypothyroidism. can I start te medicine kanchnar gugglu and shigru patra kashay.. ? without any reports.. ?

bhatt hardik kirankumar
16-Jun-2014 00:36 AM

Comment respected madum namaskar aapkay aarticle purkur bahut prabvit hua avm khusi hui. my age is 52 years.mujay english thodi bahut hi aati hai.islay iss tarah likh raha huan.meri tsh 5.95 hai avm iron, vitamin d kumhai.mujay thyroid ki dawai batien .apki meharbani hogi. my mobile 9718956563 from delhi. email id beta ka diya. plz jald reply daien.filhaal thyroid koi dawai nuhi lay ruha huan aapka bahut thanks and regards dilip detwani from delhi

dilp detwani
28-May-2014 05:43 AM

Comment My 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with Hypo-T 2 years back and with TSH 12. She is taking 50 mg Thyronorm and now it is 2.83 but her TOP is 139. What should we do. Thanks


02-May-2014 08:00 AM

Comment dear mam, i am a thyroid patient for the last twelve years presently taking homeopathic medicine, but no relief. My fresh T3, T4 and TSH levels are:
T3: 102.0 ng/dl
T4: 5.10 ug/dl
TSH: 10.66 uIU/ml
I want to take medicines with your consultation and want to get rid of this problem. I've gained 25 kgs weight and have been facing have menses for the last 6 months. I've swelling on my face, stomach, and legs. i feel lethargic and am suffering from short memory. Please help me out.

Navinder Kaur
25-Apr-2014 10:26 AM

Comment My name is Aarthi.P , I am 23 yrs old ., I have hypo thyroid .,at present my tsh level is 11 .,I am not comfortable using eltroxin ., Though I have hypo-thyroid , I DONT have symptoms like weight-gain , constipation etc.,

I HAVE fatigue , irritability, drowsiness,etc .Am looking for an ayurvedic treatment , Kindly suggest.

12-Apr-2014 03:17 AM

Comment I have hyotiroidism and I take 50mg of levotiroxine now. I would like to have information or a consultation or buy your medecine to heal this condition. thank you

27-Mar-2014 11:29 AM

Comment Hello mama, i 24 yrs old girl and i am sufferng from hypothyrodism from last 4yrs and taking eltroxin 50mg but no as such good result is seen please guide me...................................................................................

poonam poswal
19-Mar-2014 09:30 AM

Comment My daughter used to have frequent wheezing. constipation was a regular problem 3 month old baby to 3 years baby. when she was 8 year old(in sept 2006) I found swelling around her neck and got her blood tested. Her RSH was 11.4 and result of FNAC was lymphocytic thyroiditis. The endocronologist wrote clinically euthyroid. He started Eltroxin 50 microgms. From then on her TSH was normal. Her mentrual cycle started when she was around 11 years. when she was around 13 years the drug requirement rose to 62.5 micrograms. now also at the age of 16 years,she is taking 62.5 mi.gms and TSH is normal. what are the precautions i should take for healthy endocrine glands. how about her marriage and child birth. Is there any permanent solution for the problem in ayurveda or the ayuredic medicine also has to be taken life time. of late she is suffering severe allergy, breathless ness and skin rashes. please help.

14-Mar-2014 05:00 AM

Comment Hello Doctor,

I have been sufferig with thyroid since the age of 16. I AM 33 yars old and blessed with a so who is 5 years now. However, for the last one year or so my tsh levels are drastic. It has touched 150 n above, n simultaneously the dosag of thyronorm was increased to 250 mcg. Though the tsh levels was i control for sometime it again shot up to 150. I decided to go for ayurvedic treatment . I have started mahaakaliaanakaghrutam taking and an Balaashwagandhaadi oil to apply. do suggest if any other treatment has to be done.

Thank u in advance.


02-Mar-2014 02:59 AM

Comment Hi Dear, My wife (Smita) just detected for hypothyroidism and her TSH level is 71.42, she is pregnant also by 1 month. As per doctor, she is taking thyroid thyroxine 50, one time in a day. Will you please guide me for treatment to get rid off the problem completely. i will realy obliged if you reply soon.
Hoping the kind guidance fron your end.

Kushamb Singh
Mob- 09650614169
Email- kushambsingh@gmail.com

Smita Singh
14-Feb-2014 05:25 AM

Comment My t3 and t4 levels are normal. Tsh is 62.5 way high my dr advised me to go for thyroxine substitute as he diagnosed me as hypothyroid. My cholestrol ldl are high but triglyserides are normal. My age is 33 and non smoker non alcoholic. Please suggest me wether to start with thyroxin substitute. I am about to start with virechana followed by asanadi kashaya. Two more tablets to control cholestrol kanchanadi guggulu and triglyse tablets are also been given to me by my ayurvedic doc. Please give me your opinion on treatment course.
Waiting for your valuable suggestion
Mohan k p

Mohan Kumar K P
02-Feb-2014 12:42 PM

Comment My t3 and t4 levels are normal. Tsh is 62.5 way high my dr advised me to go for thyroxine substitute as he diagnosed me as hypothyroid. My cholestrol ldl are high but triglyserides are normal. My age is 33 and non smoker non alcoholic.

Mohan Kumar K P
02-Feb-2014 12:36 PM

Comment Hello,
This is prabir, I am worried about my daughter she is 20 years age, since 2006 she is suffering from thyroid, after continuous treatment I am scared about her condition, my request is, if you admit for hearing about the condition, also her complexes she is facing even her core activities I will tell all the related information expecting proper guide or if possible I will ask for medines for her

Prabir kumar Bhattacharjee

prabir kumar bhattacharjee
23-Jan-2014 00:28 AM

Comment Dear Dr,

Recently the thyroid test result of my wife is TSH 6.96. She used thyrox during the pregnancy of full 9 months three years back. She did not take any medicine for thyroid after delivery. TSH was normal even after one month of delivery. Please advise.

17-Jan-2014 08:27 AM

Comment Dear doctor.my wife suffer frm thyroid.plzz tell me ur address.we cone down to u.

raju dev
10-Jan-2014 04:43 AM

Comment Dear madam, my wife is suffering from hypothiriodism. I want start aurvedic treatment.please guide us.

Saheb Deshmukh
09-Jan-2014 22:46 PM

Comment Dear Readers, You can contact Dr Lakshmi Prasuna through E-mail ID prasuna.dr@gmail.com

30-Dec-2013 05:27 AM

Comment Kindly mail in your address and phone no.

24-Dec-2013 03:25 AM

Comment I've been taking eltroxin 100mcg from past three year..In this time period I've been through hyperthyriodism and hypothyroidism....
Now I want to a permanent treatment for thyroid..
Do ayurveda have a permanent treatment for thyroid?
As I was told by a ayurvedic doctor

priyanka k
22-Dec-2013 06:39 AM

Comment hi Dr,

I am diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I need your contact no and address. I also suffering from deficiency of vitamin D so facing lots of lots of problems. please let me know your contact no.

03-Dec-2013 16:04 PM

Comment My wife is suffering from hyperthyroid how can we get your address and ph No

Ramachandra V Badiger
17-Oct-2013 07:42 AM

Comment Dear Dr.
My compliments for writing a highly professional, objective and informative article, which is rarely found on internet these days when Ayurved has become a business resource rather than our Ancient science of healing.
I seek your advise whether there are any preparations marketed by any of the National Aur Pharma company like Dabur, Baidhyanath or any other one for hypothyroidism, the one mentioned by you. I am in mid seventies and recently diagnosed with self inflicted Hyponatreamia (low sodium), since I have been taking low sodium and excessive water for over decades to control my mild diastolic B.P. On detailed investigations, I have now also been found to have hypothyroidism and mild hyperglycaemia. The clinical symptoms also conform to classical hypothyroidism. I have been a tennis and badminton player having extraordinary good health with no history of hospitalization till 2010. However, after the sodium levels fell below threshold I had to be hospitalized and underwent detailed investigations.
A retired person , but I continue to be professionally quite busy with GOI assignments on expert bodies and I do not wish to give up the profession as far as possible, although have reduced the assignments considerably. I go for a walk atlest thrice a week and do Prayanama too. Here I am seeking your valuable advice and expressmy grateful thanks in anticipation of your kind cosideration.

Regards and my best wishes,


PP Singh
13-Oct-2013 09:57 AM

Comment My t3 is 110.6 range is 72 to 204
T4 is 8.58 range is 5.2 to 12.5
TSH is 8.47
I want to start Ayurvedic treatment . Can u let me known what I should take.
My age is 40 and weight is 90 kg

12-Oct-2013 10:20 AM

Comment please send your adrese

11-Oct-2013 20:28 PM

Comment Dear Doctor,Namaste

Recenty i was diagnised as having thyroid nodule. On the radio isotope scanning it is found as automatically functioning toxic nodule(AFTN) at the right lobe of thyroid. But my blood test reports are normal. which are T-3:1.65,T-4: 6.98,Serum TSH-0.33,total cell count:7100,hemoglobin:13.5,polymers:56% lymphocytes 38%,esinophils 5% and monocytes:1%, ESR:5%. Serum Anti TPO:30.89%. I have symptions like severe weak ness,tremer,anxiety,weight loss,muscles pain, body pains, muscle vibrations,gastric problems,contipation,loss of memory, severe fatigue,lack of concentration etc. Doctor suggested to wait as blood test reports are normal. For the time being he has given medicine "propranool tab" and advised me consult after 3 months. I am suffering from these sysmptions. Kindly advise course of action. Is there any treatment in the auyervedic, kindly let me know. I look forward for your kind advise.

P.Srinivasa Rao
21-Sep-2013 03:22 AM

Comment Sir,

My wife started taking thyronorm one year back as TSH was 20.

At that time T3 was 110. It increased to about 130 after taking of thyronorm 50 mg. Latter thyronorm 25 mg was started.

But now after adjustment of dosage by different doctors, and presently taking 50 mg thyronorm, the T3 is hovering around 80.

Why is T3 level reduced even after thyronorm 50 is being taken regularly?

Please guide if your ayurvedic formation is likely to be benificial in this case.



l r verma
20-Sep-2013 13:05 PM

Comment Can you please provide me your facility location. I am suffering from Thryroid and I am 35 and taking prescription.

I would like to get your advice and switch to auyurvedic medicine.


16-Sep-2013 13:36 PM

Comment madam,iam suffering from hypothyroidism since 13 years.iam regularly taking eltroxin 100mg.11 months back i delivered my second child,since then i as suffering from severe eakness,bodypains,hairloss.recently i got diagnosed for thyroid and it is at present in normal levels.but i gained 20kgs. my height is 5.2' inches.i am very depressed regarding my health.can you please suggest any permanent cure for this problem.if not,atleast drugs or remedies to overcome the side effects of this problem.I am ready to visit you if you uggest.I live in vijayawada.if you have any clinic here,i will be obliged to consult you.please reply to my E-mail id
thank you madam

15-Sep-2013 01:46 AM

Comment Dr,My wife suffering hypothyroidism since Nov,2010, how to reduce hypothyroid Kindly advice me

biju Varghese
11-Sep-2013 12:44 PM

Comment Dear Doctor,
I am 53 years old. Just one month back I noticed a swelling on the left side of his neck.

The Doctor treating me asked me to conduct tests of Sonography of Thyroid & Neck, F.N.A.C,,Thyroid Function test, (T3, T4 and TSH tests).The reading of T3 is 121.3 ng/dl, T4 is 5.26 mcg/dl and TSH is 0.564 microlU/ml (All readings are within the normal range). The F.N.A.C. report indicate No malignant cells seen, there is a cellular hyperplasa seen without any increased or abnormal mitosis. Mild inflammation seen which needs clinical correlation & correlation with thyroid status.The sonography report indicates Left Thyroid enlarged in size, normal in shape and shows smooth margin. It measures 5.7 cm x 5.5 cm x 3.0 cm.There is a well defined large round area of altered echogenicity is seen in left thyroid gland. It measures 4.9 cm L x 4.5 cm B x 3.4 cm D (1-2 cystic areas are seen within it). This doctor suggested to go for surgery. When the second opinion was taken from an ayurvedic doctor, he advised to go for ayurvedic medicines and not for surgery. According to him, since there is no cancerous cells and report indicates normalcy, there is no need for surgery and medicines will solve the swelling. Please advise.

Michael Pereira
07-Sep-2013 08:44 AM

Comment pls go for homeopathic treatment. and JIVO AYURVEDA AMBALA

02-Sep-2013 05:50 AM

Comment Dear Dr. Laksmiprasun,

I am suffering from THYROID with T3-.88 mg/ml, T4-5.51ug/dl , TSH- 6.09 ulU/ML
I am also suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis Uric acid 3.7, Hb 10.1, Calcium 8.4 ,ESR-90,RA-124.6
Is here any treatment in Ayurveda??
I shall be obliged if you could please guide me.

With best regards

24-Aug-2013 13:39 PM


Specimen taken on 26/06/2013 at 12:52 pm

LH 38.2 IU/L

Interpretation: L.H.

Follicular 2 - 9

Mid-cycle 10 - 75

Luteal 2 - 8

Post Menopausal > 14

Pregnant < 1


Date: 20/06/2013 26/06/2013

Lab Number: 5183832 5381525

Ref. Range

Free T4 pmol/L 12.0 12.0 (10.0 - 20.0)

TSH mIU/L 10 * 8.9 * (0.30 - 4.00)

I AM 49 old had infertility for 21 years 3 IVF cycle was succeded have baby at 44 with c section . From there my thyroid is keep playing ,recently ended up with emergentcy had left pside numbness, tumbling, for a week . My periods are like onece in 4-6 months not much bleeding. Other wise I used to have period 25-28 days until 46 year. Too much wait gain moods also swing, depression etc.
Please can you advice me some medication -- I have not started any regular medication . Though my gp has prescribed throxine -- I live in New Zealand.

12-Aug-2013 18:10 PM

Comment Dr Lakshmiprasun,
i read your blog relaating to hypothyriod..i recently diagonised with hypothyriod which realtes to weight gain of 15 kg in 2 months. i want to know can it be cured permanently??
i am from nepal and next week i am visiting Delhi,,do you have your clinic over there???
plz reply soon!!!

Nisha Aryal
09-Aug-2013 06:31 AM

Comment Dear Dr. I have come to know from net that you have published a book on hypothyroidism. I would like to purchase the same. Kindly let me know how can I remit payment for the same and purchase.

Yogesh Joshi
07-Aug-2013 10:36 AM

Comment Dr.Lakshmiprasun,
recently i have done the thyroid function test , there i found the results like TSH =10.2 and i am not getting my periods regular my doctor prescribed me THYROXIN SODIUM TABLETS IP "ELTROXIN 50mcg daily morning 1 tablet, is that tablet can control my tsh levels

Is here any treatment in Ayurveda??
I shall be obliged if you could please guide me.

07-Aug-2013 04:39 AM

Comment Dr.Lakshmiprasuna

Amma I am suffering from Hyperthyroidism last 2 year. myT3 value is 154.15 and T4.10.2 and TSH is 0.01 doctor advice a have started medice Neo-Mercazole .5 mg
since Two year. My age is 42 and my wieght is 59. I do yoga lot of Exercise and hight is 5.8. I request you kindly suggest good medicine and diet.

with regards.
Madhava Reddy.

Madhava Reddy
03-Aug-2013 08:11 AM

Comment Dear Dr-iread your wonderful study and research findings on Hypothyrodism.
Can you suggest something or way out to treat my friend in USA ?
I visit USA regularly and stay in Mumbai . Thanks

Kishan Vasekar
31-Jul-2013 17:19 PM

Comment Really excellent. I want your suggestion & treatment for my daughter Gayatri Paturi for hypothyroidism detected with TSH 12.0.

May I have your contact number and want to know how to interact with you. We are at Blore and can meet you in person with reports for the treatment.

Kindly advise & reply
+91 9845739693

P.Janardana Rao
31-Jul-2013 10:06 AM

Comment Hello Madam

My sister 26yrs old she is suffering of thyroid from last 3 or 4 years She is taken the 100 mg thyroxin teblet plz give the advise for future.

Arun verma
29-Jul-2013 07:01 AM

Comment my wife is thyroid patient for the past 1 years can you please give your address & phone no for consultation.

24-Jul-2013 03:35 AM

Comment how to contact you?

24-Jul-2013 03:24 AM

Comment Dear mam
i m jyoti from ludhiana.
i m patient of hy po thyorodism.i take thyroxin med.i m suffering thyroid previous two years.with thyroid i take med of depreciation.my weight is gain.and i m suffering from many other problem.please give me advice

jyoti rani
20-Jul-2013 03:47 AM

Comment Hello Dr

I have thyroid and have been using thronorm25 mg for last 1 year
Can i use kanchanara gulgulu for this.

16-Jul-2013 06:02 AM

Comment I am suffering from HypoThyroid for past 21 years . Presently taking thyronorm 100 mcg. Gaining weight ( wt 100 kg and ht 5.4"). Can you kindly recommend the medicine. Kindly advice.

09-Jul-2013 10:16 AM

Comment sir. my dad is suffering from hypothyroidism. Reports says that his TSH is 131.02 which is not a normal case. Doctors prescribed him to take 100mcg thyronorm everyday for a long time and suggest him to have blood test for every 1 n half month. Can U please suggest some Ayurvedic treatment to lower TSH and Increase the production of T4 hormone because i read different article on hypothyroidism and come to know that synthetic drugs will take life time to decrease the level of TSH. hope you will suggest some treatment

Rajiv kumar sah
08-Jul-2013 23:09 PM

Comment I am suffering from Hypothyroidism . My TSH level has drop down nearby 5.79.
Please suggest me Ayurvedic Treatment for my disease.
Which medicine will give proper effect without any side effects.

01-Jul-2013 10:12 AM

I am suffering from thyroid and over weight problem I am very tried of trying to loss weight and have constipation problem.

crislyn ray chowdhury
27-Jun-2013 08:09 AM

Comment Dr.Sahib good morning may wife is weakness fill in the time last one months and swelling all body

keshri prasad
24-Jun-2013 02:31 AM

Comment hallo mam. I am 48years old i am a diabetic, recently ifound my tsh is 7.6, doctor suggest me for no drugs for timebeings he told me may be doabeties is controlled your tsh lavel also be controlled, it may be possible pls suggest me.

kamal kant verma
22-Jun-2013 02:48 AM

Comment Hi, Dr.Lakshamiprasun,

i m suffering from hypothyroidism from last two yrs. initially i started with thyronorm 25mcg , then eltroxine 50mcg, & now it has increased to 75mcg.
my TSH level fluctuates every time. due to this i m having extrime hair fall. what should i do?? pls suggest any ayurvedic treatment & diet.
can i have your contact no.& addrese for consulatation

deena hariya
18-Jun-2013 05:47 AM

Comment How to contact you?

17-Jun-2013 23:19 PM

Comment my wife is hypothyroid patient for the past 15 years can you please give your address & phone no for consultation.

16-Jun-2013 02:33 AM

Comment i m very impressed,gve any contact information abt u dear doc lakshmi,i 'm also suffering 4m this problem.thank you

15-Jun-2013 14:30 PM

Comment Dear Sir

I am 26 year old male and my tsh level is 25. i am taking 75mcg thyronorm please suggest me ayruvedic medicine.
I am having following problems:
1. Hair fall
2. diarrohea
3. coonstant headache
4. anxiety

life has become difficult and i am young....

20-May-2013 10:25 AM

Comment I am 43 yr male and hypothyroid patient
I am taking thyronorm 150 mg and my tsh is 13.5
Kindly suggest me ayurvedic medicine


17-May-2013 14:08 PM

Comment My daughter of 12 years of age has been suffering from headache and mild fever
doctor advised for some test results are given below:-
T3, total serum - 0.33 ng/mL
T4, total serum - <0.30 ug/dL
TSH, serum - 199.02 ul/mL

Kindly suggest some ayurvedic treatment to cure encreased TSH level, eagerly waiting for your reply//

14-May-2013 13:16 PM

Comment I have hypothyroidism.I haven't started any allopathic medicine yet.

My report
T3(Electro Chemiluminiscence assay) 1.47 ng/ml
T4(Electro Chemiluminiscence assay) 7.89 ug/dl
TSH 3rd Gen(Electro Chemiluminiscence assay) 9.54

Can u help.pls tell me the details how to contact u.

DR Vibhu

03-May-2013 05:43 AM

Comment i m taking thyroxine 100 mg from last 4 years.my all levels are within range now bt i want to shift my treatment in ayurveda.i dont want any side-effects by these alopathy medicine...what can i do mam?

12-Apr-2013 11:27 AM

Comment Dr. Prasuna,

I am impressed by the article! I've been suffering from hypothyroidism for about 5 years. I am taking Armour thyroid which is the natural thyroid hormon from animals. My thyroid levels are currently normal but I am still feeling some of the symptoms, especially I have gained weight.
I live in the US. How can I contact you?

06-Apr-2013 23:01 PM

Comment D/Dr. Lakshmiprasun
My wife suffering from Ths hypothyroidism since Nov,2011, first time it was detected THS-24, now after testing the blood ( month of March2013 ) the THS level come down to 4.2. She is using 75mcg Thyronom. Kindly advice me how to reduce the medicine level .

Thanking You,
Prasanta Sharma.

25-Mar-2013 03:12 AM

Comment Dear Lakshmi Ji,


Have read this informative article, you have done a profound study on this subject matter. Thyroide was detected 2 years back and taking medicine Thyroxine 150 mg. My thyroide type is Hypo and specially TSH is 14 in last report which is of course very high. Now doctors have increased the dose from 100 mg earlier to 150 mg now. My father is also suffering from this disease from last 15 years and taking medicine.

Request if you can suggest me Aurvedic medicine.

Best Regards,

24-Mar-2013 03:22 AM

Comment my TSH level is 9.0, taking thyroxin for the last 15 years, what is the ayurveda medication

03-Mar-2013 05:30 AM

Comment Hello Lakshmi,

I have read your article and it is very informative. I am suffering from hypothyroidism more than 2.5 years now. I am taking 75mcg levothyroxin 6 days a week. I have family background having this disease. I would like to follow ayurveda to cure these symptoms and hopefully feel better than allopathy. I stay in USA.Is there any way I can consult for a medicine?


02-Mar-2013 01:56 AM

Comment Dr. Lakshmi Prasuna

I'm suffering thyroid
TSH level is. >150.000
F- T3 0.57 pg/ml
F- T4 0.16 ng /dL
Anti - TPO 23.8 U/mL this is my result I'm 25 yrs male.
Daily morning I'm taking thyronorm 100 mcg empty stomach since 2 months please suggest Me Ayurvedic treatment.

25-Feb-2013 12:06 PM

Comment Hello Dr. Prasuna,

This is very informative. I wanted more information on this and have some questions. Can you send me your contact information? Thanks!

vikas tyagi
13-Feb-2013 01:29 AM

Comment Thank and wish all. Kindly send your contact no. And address to contact.

mohammed abuthahir
08-Feb-2013 01:35 AM

Comment I am suffering from Thyroid. Presently taking thyronorm 100 mcg. Gaining weight. Can you kindly recommend the medicine. I am diabetic. Kindly advice

k v prakash

07-Feb-2013 23:18 PM

Comment can v use KNG
for kids.

29-Jan-2013 13:15 PM

Comment Found your article fascinating. I had 2 tumors on my thyroid and it was removed. I have sice gain 150 pounds. I am on synthroid. I am interested in finding where I can get the herds in the US. I would love to lose this unhealthy weight. I have tried several things with small successes. Thanks

LaRee Oris
26-Jan-2013 10:37 AM

Dear Dr. Lakshmi,

My daughter aged 17 has been showing the classic symptoms of hypothyroidism like lethargy, slowness of memory, intellect and thought, coarse and dry hair and skin, constipation, muscle cramps, cold intolerance, fatigue and swelling in the region of her neck for about 2 - 3 years. But each time we checked her TSH levels, it showed within normal reference range. The recent test done yesterday shows her TSH levels to be 2.34. Doctors always maintain that she is okay and is not having any thyroid disorder. Then what could be the reason for these symptoms? Should she take any medication.

Please advise.


Prasidha Rajiv
26-Jan-2013 09:10 AM

Comment Madam.
My dauthers thyroxine level is 10 micrograms/dL.She is suffering with delayed periods or for two months.Kindly suggest aaryuvedam medicine


25-Jan-2013 04:54 AM

Comment i have 10 years old daughter she is suffering from hypo thyroid. her 01/01/2013 serum t. s.h report was 8.8 her weight is 52 kg.she taking homeopathic medicine from one year.please give me your phon number and address.if possible i want to meet you personaly.so i request you send me

your detail.please tell me what can i do for my little daughter ?
umesh trivedi

trivedi umesh kundanlal
13-Jan-2013 12:46 PM

Comment ??? ????? 2 ??? ?? ???????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???? ???? ???? ???????? 120 ?? ???? ?? ??? 230 ??? I ???? ??? ????? ? ?? ??? ?? I ????? ????? ?????????? ??? ???? ? ???? ?? I
??????? ????? ?? ?? 3 ???? 0.89 ?? 4 ???? 10.58 ?? ?? ??? 6.29 ?? I ???? ???? HYPOTHYROID ?? ????? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??? I ???????

29-Dec-2012 00:58 AM

Comment i have hypothyroid and have been using homeopathic thyroxine 4x for more than 7 years.

Can i use kanchanara gulgulu for this.

I am eating chawanparash, and amlaki daily

Also, I have hyper acidity and had duedonal ulcer. Can you prescribe anything for this


28-Dec-2012 12:03 PM

Comment Dear Dr. Lakshmiprasun,
I have pregnancy induced hypothyroidism, Its 6 months passed after delivery, but still my thyriod level has not come to normal, I am taking Thyronorm 25mcg (Monday to Friday) and 50 mcg (saturday and Sunday). Please let me know if this can be cured? Please give me your contact details as I want to take ayurvedic treatment.

Shalaka K
28-Dec-2012 00:55 AM

Comment To


Amma I am suffering from hypothyroid myTSH value is 9.7 and by doctor advice a have started medice thyroxine .5 mg since last one month. My age is 48 and i have joint pains, body pains,eye vision problom,cold sensitive, hot sensitive, weight is 80kgs and hight is 5.8. I request you kindly suggest good medicine and diet.

with regards

26-Dec-2012 23:45 PM


20-Dec-2012 05:39 AM

Comment Dear Mother Dr Laxmi Prasun,

Could you help me with my 7 days (new born) old daughter was diagnosed with TSH value 163. I heard that it is abnormal and dangerous and the pediatrician has ordered one more TSH test tomorrow she will be 12 days old.

Doctor even hinted that she should be kept on medicines after the test result up to 2 or 3 years. She is very cute and small I cannot think of medicines to her at this age. Please advice if there is any alternative to this because I am worried the conventional medicines would destroy here immune system even more. Please share your experience and valuable thoughts. Thank you and the contributors for this great site."


"Doctors have declared it is hypothyroidism and started the medication to take thyronorm 50mg daily in the morning empty stomach ( before milking ) with distilled water.
Could any body please help me in this situation? I am very depressed- my wife's BP, TSH, Sugar all were normal during whole pregnancy and we do not have any thyroid hereditary evidence.

Investigation Result

FREE T3-0 2.1 - 4.40

FREE T4-0 0.8 - 2.0

FREE T4-thyroxine( FT4) 0.24*

TSH-(New Born Screening)-TSH 163.3*

TSH-Hormone(confirmatory test) >100*

FREE T3 ( triiodothyronine) 2.3"

15-Dec-2012 14:02 PM

Comment hello mam my tsh level is 370 how to start with medications i have no problem as such

15-Dec-2012 12:48 PM

Comment hi mama,

i m suffering from hypothyroid since last one yr,,n its fluctuating,,sumtimes it comes to normal,n sumtimes it suddenly raises,,,n m having its affect on my carrier,m very confused,how to maintain it,,evn im having wt gain n all ohter synptoms of it...at present im takin 75mcg of dose,..mam,pls help me out of this,,waiting for ur reply...

thank u

11-Dec-2012 02:31 AM

Respected Dr. Laxmi,

Earlier I have sent a message with request to please advise me but in vain. I read you your article,its very good informative..my son suffering from thyroidisam symptems (recently check full medical,found TSH level 6.9 T4/t3 normal range).
Pls advise me how to reduse TSH level,
How he can maintain the level ?need any food control?

r k sharma
03-Dec-2012 04:05 AM

Comment Can hypothyroidism be controlled in diet as diabetes is controled

22-Nov-2012 10:39 AM

Comment Good Morning,

my son, 14 is suffering from thyroid TSH level 6.45 since 1 year his treatment is going on in the ML Kapoor Hospital, Delhi as I have go through your background and decided to take treatment from you. please spare sometime from your buzy schedule to advise from you and start the treatment positively.

with warm regards and hope,

rk sharma

R K sharma
21-Nov-2012 22:22 PM

Comment i want to take ayurvedic treatment.pl. give me details by e mail

01-Nov-2012 15:40 PM

Comment Hi Dr. My wife has hypothroid and when i google ur research came up.My biggest question is that wat can i do in order for my wife not taking prescribed meds but i want her to take Ayurved meds instead.Can u pliz help me and give me advice on wat should i look.Her hair is falling a lot on a daily basis.....please respond.....thnx

Anaal Nair
31-Oct-2012 14:51 PM

Comment I am lovely Sharma , 31 years old and recently I had a full body check up and was diagnosed with TSH - 7.91 and was advised to take 25mg of Thorazine.After 2 months I had another check up and was diagnosed with TSH - 6.32.But I dont wanted to continue with medicine hence looking for an Ayurveda remedy .Help.

Lovely sharma
30-Oct-2012 12:22 PM


17-Oct-2012 12:36 PM

Comment Dear Dr Laxmi,
My wife just detected for hypothyroidism and her T3(23.18), T4(1.7), and TSH-127.42 are levels. Doctor suggests to take Thyrox-100 two times a day .
Actually it is understood that this drug is to be taken contineously for whole life. I have read your research paper on this suject. Will you guide me for treatment to get rid off the problem completely.
She has no dibetic((86%mg Fasting sugar). Her ECG is normal.Serum creatine is 0.95mg% i.e. normalHeamoglobin is also normal(13.6g/dl).
Hoping the kind guidance fron your end.

30-Sep-2012 13:27 PM

Comment Hello Dr. Prasuna,

This is very informative. I wanted more information on this and have some questions. Can you send me your contact information? Thanks!

20-Sep-2012 14:25 PM

Comment Hello Dr. Lakshmi prasuna,

Can you please advice me on the Ayurvedic treatment for under active thyroid (hypothyroidism).

Thanks and Regards

10-Aug-2012 12:53 PM

Comment Hello,
I read you your article,its very good informative..my friend suffering from hypothyroidisam symptems (recently check full medical,found TSH level 6.9 T4/t3 normal range).
Pls advise me how to reduse TSH level,
How he can maintain the level ?need any food control?

Thanks & Reagrds

Vijesh kumar & aswin

vijesh kumar
23-Jul-2012 15:10 PM

Comment Very interesting article. Can you suggest a tretament for auto immun thyroid disease. ATPO is more then 1300 and other antigen ATG is 181

Symptoms are frequent constipation and tiredness. Diagnosed with hashimoto's disease.


Sangeeta Balaprakash
23-Jul-2012 03:38 AM

Comment i am 52 male and suffering from thyrodites dignosed after thyroid scan. my all reports related to t3 t4 tsh are normal. what to do?

20-Jul-2012 05:34 AM

Comment very informative,but diet restrictions could have been elaborated for the lay peopla as it s a open discussion,

19-Jul-2012 14:49 PM

Comment Hi, PJ

please reply my question , it is very useful for me. dear, are you treating your hypothyroid through this link ? you are taking medicne mentioned in this link. please clear . my mother is also a patient of hypothyroid, high BP pateint



19-Jul-2012 04:19 AM

Comment Hi,
I am 21 yrs old college student and have been hypothyroid for 3+ years. Currently on T4 & T3 meds, but have been slowly integrating Ayurveda practices into my life for better support. What can I do to bring up my FT4 levels as they are still Very very low??

17-Jul-2012 09:00 AM

Comment Hello Dr Lakshmiprasun,

My father age 68 whose TSH level is around 9-10 and not on any medication for the same. I would like to know if he still requires any medication and also how does kanchanara guggulu will help him.
He had undergone heart surgry 5 years back and on mild medication for BP, Diabitic and prostrate.


Y G Harish Rao
27-Jun-2012 05:03 AM

Comment hello sir,
Thanx for such an informative n helpful article.Plz can u tell in which aushadsevan kaal should the medicines(kaanchnaar guggul) consumed.

17-Jun-2012 09:46 AM

Comment hello doctor
my gf is diagonised wth hypothyroid and hashimoto
we really need help
please help and please let us book an appointment with you
how can we do it??
do you think she can achive her normal range?
a reply would be really appreciated

01-Jun-2012 10:29 AM

Comment I know very well that miracle medicines are present in our ayurveda but we are not confidant. I am impressed your article. .

Dr. Rakesh Solanki
11-May-2012 06:18 AM

Comment Hi Rani,

Are you hypothyroid or hyperthyroid. What were your T3, T4 and TSH levels?

19-Apr-2012 00:16 AM

Comment As per prithvi's post... we have been to Mr. Anjaneyulu.. a guy in his late 50s but looks like in late 30s.. well we took his medicines with capsules and some ointment.. he assured that my life is about change in 2 weeks from now.. it seems he charges 10k for a dose and treatment lasts for 2 weeks but in rare cases 4 weeks.. he gave us a challenge or money back policy.. So I couldn't ask for more...

Will post back my results in 2 weeks.. so hold your breath people..

17-Apr-2012 21:46 PM

Comment Guys,
My mom had thyroid.. we heard about a guy named Anjaneyulu who is a traditional ayurvedic practioner in Hyderabad.. who would see patients only on sunday. We went to him through a reference in the US by a scientist who was suffering from severe hyperthyroidism which is normal after using his medicines..

So we met him and ee gave us some herbal medicine said to have been made by himself in his 100 acre farm where he grows his own moolikas..
Believe me after a week dosage.. we got it tested after another week and the levels are crazy.. my mom's thyroid levels are at the low range of what we call normal.. I was living in the USA and never though this is possible.. but that great man.. my God.. My mom is doing great for the last 1 year..

So thought he could be of some help to my fellow readers.. his number is 9441609327 anjaneyulu so good luck guys...

09-Apr-2012 01:59 AM

Comment Hi Dr., I am a hypothyroid since last 15 years. My weight is 92 kgs.I was taking 1 tab of altroxin i.e 100 mcg since last many years. I went to an aryuvedic doctor
who prescribed me to take kanchanar guggulu daily morning and evening after food. Subsequent to taking kanchanar guggulu my tsh went up and I had to increase altroxin from 100mcg to 175 mcg.to keep my tsh in check. I had been having various hypothyroid problems like acute pain in muscles, frequent diohrea, acute pain in stomach, allergy since quiet some years now. This has increased suddenly more and i am presently suffering from acute pain in muscles particularly shouldier joint , hands and neck muscles and back.
What should I do? Should i continue with kanchanar guggulu. Could you give me some suggestions that what should i do to ease out my problems.What should i takr to reduce my hypothyroid.

06-Apr-2012 11:43 AM

Comment Hello Lakshmi Prasuna,

I was diaognised with Hypothyroidism. Doctors did ultrasound & found solid 1.4 cm nodule in the lower pole of left thyroid.
Doctors have recommended for surgery. I would like to have your suggestion before going for surgery.


15-Mar-2012 13:14 PM

Comment Hari Om

Please may you help me to help myself so I can help others?
In 1994 through no fault of my own I was seriously injured and would like to stay in India again to receive Ayurvedic healing. About 6 years ago we spent almost 3 months in a ashram to learn yoga and one of these yoga’s was Karma yoga to help the poor. This time I am in need of some help and I am happy to pay for this.
Please reply as I really need some help.
Love and Live
Paul. (Vairagya)

Paul Armstrong
01-Mar-2012 22:11 PM

Comment Hi Dr., I have been diagnisized with Thyroid- TSH 8:9 with normal T3 and T4. Doctor prescibed me Thronorm 50 MCG. However, this resulted in red allergic rashes on my body. I had never been allergic to anything in my life. I informed the doc but have not changed the medicine till now. Why did this medicine react? I even tried taking half a tab but still I could see rash. Pls suggest some alternative.


anup kumar
27-Feb-2012 07:10 AM

Comment I have been sufferting with hypothyrpid my TSH 7.42 T3 3.28 t4 0.73 I am also diabetic and high bp taking medicine for thyroid thyroxine 25 Recently I am suffering from Vertigo now vertigo is in control but till diziness is thr pl suggest how to overcome it

sudhakar pawaskar, mumbai
17-Feb-2012 08:25 AM

Comment hi,drlakshmiprasun i read u r article and fond it very impressive.The it has been described is wonderful&very wholesome.I would be very thankful if u have similar study for hyperthyroidism.

dr suman bams
12-Feb-2012 11:50 AM

Comment Dear Dr.Lakshmiprasun ,

I am male 47 years old, Weight 80 kg, height 5'-10" and i have Hypothyroidism, the TSH lies in the range of 75. I am taking two thyroxine 50 microgram daily. I have elevated uric acid mostly 8.1 to 8.2, slight BP and tinnitus (ringing in the ear), hair loss and decreased libido and weak erection. So you see all associated with low or underactive thyroid issue. I have slightly diffused goiter and feel compression while swallowing food. My sleep is ok and thirst and hunger are also good. I dont have constipation. I developed Alopecia areata in 1995 and has been recovered but few patches on the beared area. The cause of the Hypothyroidism is not iodine deficiency but the autoimmune system. I have thyroid antibodies in the blood confirming that i have Hashimoto Thyroiditis

Please guide and tell me what are the chances of recoery or at least i can keep my TSH below 5 without thyroxine.


Sohail Akhtar
05-Jan-2012 07:49 AM

Comment hello dr... i am sravani n my age 25, i am recently married.. recently i went to checkup for my t3 t4 n tsh levels n found these levels t3.2.40 n t4 -0.82 n tsh-5.41.. i know these r u in normal ranges only, but these days i have all the symptoms of hypothyroid, i just cant wait until i get hypothyroidisam, n dis is subclinical hypothyroidisam, will u let me know the diet n medication for dis mam....

sravani kancherla
17-Dec-2011 21:44 PM

Comment thank u 4 ur valuble information abt hypothyroidism

03-Nov-2011 15:05 PM

Comment hello
I am suffering from hyper thyrroid. REcently I gained weight a lot. ?At present I am of using 100mg thyroxine. Can you suggest me the diet and medicine to control this thyroid problem?

30-Oct-2011 10:37 AM

Comment Dear Dr. Laksmiprasun,

I am suffering from HYPERTHYROID with TSH .05, FT3 8.92, FT4 23.45,
I am under treatment for a month taking LETHYROXINE for a month. Biut there is no improvement. The doctor has advised me to reduce the drug from 100Mcg to 75.

Is here any treatment in Ayurveda??
I shall be obliged if you could please guide me.

Uric acid was high, Hb 11.6, Calcium 8.12, AEC 500

With best regards

16-Oct-2011 03:47 AM

Comment where are these medicines available? how can I get them .my mobile no.is 09415104932. I am from Lucknow

09-Oct-2011 12:41 PM

Comment Dr.Lakshmiprasun,

I am 58 Female, Diabetic. Nothing unusual. However recently I found out that my TSH is 8.7 this is high so I received Synthroid Samples. After few days I will check again. What can I do to prevent it..
Please give me any Nature Cure suggestions.
Many Thanks
Sabeeha Kazmi

Sabeeha Kazmi
04-Oct-2011 15:11 PM

Comment hi everyone.i m an ayurvedic doctor and recently been diagnosed as hypothroidism with TSH 22 and t3 t4 being normal.my mom is a pt of d same too.so v did other test to rule out throiditis or CA.n al test r normal.so now i hav d cause for my hypothyroidism.either its genetic which cannot b treated or its due to iodine defiency(also may b stress coz my hypothyroidism gt trigerred after my marriage ie i was married 6 months back n after 6 months was diagnosed n generally it suddenly triggers in 5 to 6 months for i had checked my tsh t3 n t4 7 months back when i was a student at KMC college,manipal) now all i want to share is pls dont go for thyronorm or any other thyroid harmone replacement drugs.for u wil have to continue it for a life time and also there r side effects.if u r diagnosed recently n ur age is below 40 then u can controll it with diet and ayurvedic drugs and yoga.good luck.hope u find it useful.

24-Sep-2011 23:18 PM

Comment recently i have done the thyroid function test , there i found the resuults like t3=102.84 ng/ml,t4=9.30 ug/ml and tsh =9.22 ull/ml ,So is it Hypo or hyper? am using the tablet like thyrox 50 daily morning 1 tablet, is that tablet can control my tsh levels, is there any problem for getting pregnent , we are egarly waiting for kids,plese tell me help me?Thanks in Advance

22-Sep-2011 01:01 AM

Comment Dr.Lakshmiprasun
I am very much impressed by your article

.I am 70 plus age and september 12 2011 blood work shows a raise in the ths from 6.3 to 9.3,both FT3 and FT4 are within limits.cholesterol230 and B.P hypes between 129 and160 over 64 and 74.I have been avoiding all medications the last 20 years,and controlling through diet yoga pranayama and walking. now doctor is worried about the rise in cholesterol.She advised me to go on Livothyroxine I got the medicine ,i am still not convinced that is the route to go when i read the after effects.i would love to try ayurveda which i am sure will not have any adverse effects
.I live abroad and will be spending 6 months in India .Is there a place you can suggest in Kerala where they can administer the treatment fitting your protocol.or i can come and see you
should i start on levothyroxine and continue to ayurveda when i come to India.Thank you very much

Lalitha Balasubramani
16-Sep-2011 01:34 AM

Comment Please will u tell me any pharmaceutical in northern region which make all these classical preparation like shigru parts kwath etc.
thnx in advance

Dr.inder kmar garg
06-Aug-2011 01:52 AM

Comment my wife is suffring with thyroid and thanks to you for this long information and mediciane for same hoping for good result after applying. kindly suggest one more thing that should be regular with over routine alopathy medicine.

pankaj aggarwal
15-Jul-2011 07:52 AM

Comment 19/06/2011
I read your article and found it informative.The analytical approach towards
prognosis of the disease is apt.The results of your clinical trial are ancouraging.
Singal drug trials over hypothyroidism may yield some pertinent and sub-
stential outcome.
I am eagre to read the next part of your article.

Dr.Rakesh M.Pathak M.D.(Ayu.)
19-Jun-2011 08:57 AM

Comment i am a known hypothyroid.i could understand more about hypothyroidism from your site

m.satheesh babu
13-Jun-2011 03:27 AM