Hasan Ali and Anna Hazare

More than admiration the single minded pursuit by the Anna Hazare team to enact the Lokpal Bill has started to cause surprise. The surprise arises from the team’s obsession with the Lokpal law as its avowed goal to end corruption while the government’s continuous delay and derailment of the raging ongoing corruption cases is being virtually ignored. Increasingly the Hazare team’s effort has started to appear more an attempt to divert attention from the current crisis than a genuine effort to fight corruption. Whatever the efficacy or otherwise of a Lokpal to fight corruption, whatever the final shape the Bill to enact the office might take, the exercise is unlikely to show concrete results before the end of this year. Meanwhile will India continue to be drained by corruption cases that are not resolved by the government? 

How brazen and shameless can the government get? And to what helplessness and impotence can the Indian public be reduced? Mr. Anna Hazare and his team should reflect.

Easily the most glaring corruption case that is being assiduously delayed probing by the government is of course the one arising from the petition filed by Mr. Ram Jethmalani and others against the Union of India and others. The case relates to the black money of Indian citizens stashed in foreign banks. The centre piece of this scandal relates to the mind boggling case of the Pune Stud farm owner, Hasan Ali Khan.

By the government’s own admission Hasan Ali had deposited US Dollars 8 billion in the UBS AG Bank of Switzerland in just one of his various illegal foreign bank accounts. This account was discovered four years ago. It was also discovered that Hasan Ali had not filed his income-tax returns since 1999. Four years ago the Enforcement Directorate (ED) started investigation into suspected money laundering by Hasan Ali. After three years had passed the government blithely informed the media that investigations were still continuing. The Finance Minister also nonchalantly confessed that the government had no idea where Hasan Ali had diverted his 8 billion which he had withdrawn from the Zurich bank in all this time given to him. The Finance Minister told the media: “As and when the Income Tax Authorities will be in a position to prosecute cases against tax evaders you will come to know".

Tax evader? How is Hasan Ali a tax evader? Does not his astronomical illegal bank deposit indicate that the money was earned through crime and not from selling horses – the only visible source of Hasan Ali’s earning? Do not Hasan Ali’s foreign deposits suggest money laundering which itself is a crime? The government itself has revealed that Hasan Ali had collusion with Saudi arms dealer Adnan Kashogi.  If part of Hasan Ali’s money came from gun running it could well be connected to terrorism. The government was so brazen that it did not even launch a case of disproportionate assets against Hasan Ali. It is a fair surmise that the government refused to act against Hasan Ali because the biggest Congress leaders were involved in his illegal transactions. It might be recalled that Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s Political Secretary Mr. Ahmed Patel secretly met with Hasan Ali, which was confirmed after a probe by the Maharashtra police. The purpose of that meeting has yet not been disclosed.

It was only after the Supreme Court started breathing down the probe team’s neck that some movement in the investigation became apparent. Hasan Ali along with his partner Kashinath Tapuriah was arrested. Nevertheless the Supreme Court remained dissatisfied with the pace of the investigation. Under pressure the government set up a High Level Committee (HLC) comprising top heads of investigating agencies to probe the case. For months nothing happened. The Supreme Court on July 4th passed an order converting the HLC into a Special Investigating Team (SIT) which was headed by two eminent retired Judges.

The government instead of welcoming and complying with this order decided to file a review petition against it on the ground that it violated the principle of separation of powers enunciated in the Constitution. However Article 142(1) of the Constitution empowers the Supreme Court to pass any order necessary “for doing complete justice in any cause or matter pending before it”. It remains to be seen how the Supreme Court deals with the government review petition. According to speculation among Supreme Court lawyers if the Court rejects the petition the government might make a fresh plea for a Curative Petition which would have to be heard by a larger bench of the Supreme Court.  That would mean more delay.

How brazen and shameless can the government get? And to what helplessness and impotence can the Indian public be reduced? Mr. Anna Hazare and his team should reflect. It is futile to focus on a distant Lokpal when justice is being raped under their noses. By all means pursue the Lokpal Bill. But why ignore the brazen cover up of corruption proceeding currently?


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Comment Mr. Seth,

If Gandhi and Sardar Patel take rebirth, they will face more wrath from indirect actions by the rulers than they faced fighting British raj.

The following will be likely scenairo after they start public service:

First, they will be ignored, media will ignore them too.

Then, they may agitate mass and create larger movement by themselves. It might look like they are winning.

But then, the rulers will backstab them. CBI will find some junk stuff and high level enquiry will be ordered against them. If they show little weakness, they will be harassed more. Some fake stuff may be produced against them.

The rulers will then throw tiny piece of their wealth in swiss banks to media, and simulteneously show stick for punishment. The media in turn will harp on all baseless things to malign their image.

The people of this country, instead of realising the truth, will turn on TV news and listen to the liars. Then next day they will read the largest selling news paper and read the articles written by liars. People will start seeing the evil behind the actions performed by re-born legends.

The rich and upper middle class wont take any interests on all these activities, as they will be hypnotized by other TV programs, movies and the wealth they have.

Finally, the rulers will win the battel against them by successful CHARACTER ASSASINATION of the re-born legends.

All the predictions are based on current observation !!

So, rebirth is not the only option, some crack on the existing system must be done.

And if such a crack can be done, Aren't the present socio-politico leders enough to get things fixed ?

And articles such are this are part of efforts to bring the desired crack :)

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
27-Jul-2011 06:15 AM

Comment It is the most wonderful thing that the present government can remain in power. There are scam after scams where in one or more current ministers are involved. Raja pointed fingers at Manmohan Singh.KGB-Sonia Gandhi relations ...Kamaladi -World games. On the top queer statements by digvijaysing and kapil.....all these put us to shame....we can call us selves as corrupt democracy!!! What for we became free people... to enact this sordid drama of Corruption and what not. God is our only hope...May Gandhi, Jawahar and Sardar Vallabh take rebirth !!!

p.g. sheth
25-Jul-2011 18:52 PM

Comment Mr. Gaur,


some of the simple observations from recent past:

1. Supreme Court gives landmark judgement on 4th July, asking to setup up SIT headed by retired judges and that HLC should be part of it. Otherwise the top newws channels, active in providing hot discussions on such topics of current affainrs chose to remain mum, as if nothing happened !

I don't watch news in video media much, but I doubt even if such a news was given importance to be mentioned by them.

And certainly a few days later when govt decided to move to file plea against the judgement, those top news channels again chose to abscond from bringing this in hot discussions at 9-10 PM !!

Surely, Indians don't deserve to be told about the news, at least this is what is believed by ppl running those channels.

2. Lokayukta reported corruption against Maharashtra, New Delhi and AP govt too, earlier than Lokayukta of Karnataka created such a report. But those news channels again chose to cover 90 min a day hot discussion and news on Karnataka while I don;t recall if they discussed even for 10 mins on similar reports for the other 3 kangress ruled states.

Surely, they have decided that in national interest, people must bring kangress back in power and defeat NDA in next elections ! Or else why they would do such discrimination ?

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
24-Jul-2011 14:59 PM

Comment Dear Sir,

"Increasingly the Hazare team’s effort has started to appear more an attempt to divert attention from the current crisis than a genuine effort to fight corruption."

I would appreciate if some incidents in support of the above view would have been sited. Currently, I am unaware of this, and believe most of the news readers are unaware as well.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
24-Jul-2011 14:26 PM





r k gaur
24-Jul-2011 13:27 PM

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