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S(t)inking Nations
by J. Ajithkumar Bookmark and Share

A few drops of powerful venom are more than enough to turn a vast reservoir of drinking water that sustains life to become a life threatening hazard. And if the poison is long lasting it can be fatal for generations of people living nearby. The case of venomous people and nations is no different. People whose basic instincts are criminal in nature can bring about devastation to their friends, foes and even to the unknown. The effect is same even if it is good individuals brought up in a closed system of constricted knowledge about the non-existent God or under the wrong notion that money can justify anything and everything. People make up nations and the after effect of nations born out of hatred and narrow mentalities are also undesirable. The immediate effect is more on others who preach peace for everyone. Evil nations degenerate and disintegrate in the long run, but their short term contributions to humanity can be devastating.

In the vast array of 200 odd nations that make up today’s world, there are a couple of them that stand out in their threat for others. The contributions of these toxic nations to the development of humanity are minimal but the damages they do continue to be enormous. Pakistan and Switzerland are two such nations that continue to emit and promote negativity even in this 21st century. We claim progress in civilization and culture, but the continued presence of nations like Pakistan and Switzerland in our midst makes our claim doubtful.

How can we tolerate nations whose official policy is not the welfare of its own people but making life miserable for its neighbors? How can we claim to be more developed than in previous centuries when millions are still in poverty and millions of dollars looted from them are locked up in a safe haven in our midst? These two nations are an open challenge to the civility and sensibility of modern Man.       


The nation was born out of a misunderstanding between two religious communities. And having bid goodbye to each other, the approach should have been one of mutual respect or at least an indifferent neighborhood of each taking care of their own problems. But Pakistan has continued to maintain hatred for Indian nation for the sixty odd years of its existence and the situation is turning worse every day. There were many who thought that the mutual hatred which peaked in mid 1950s would vanish when new generations come on the scene. But Pakistan’s hatred for India has only compounded in the past two decades. As stated by the renowned Indian journalist M.J. Akbar, many Pakistanis may be good but the DNA of Pakistani nation can only breed contempt and hatred for India. The ruling elite in a poor country like Pakistan is spending billions to keep its citizens backward and unliberated.

The recent killing of Osama Binladen in Pakistani soil shows the extent of threat that this nation pose to the entire humanity. Another cunning nation China has armed Pakistan to unbelievable levels, based on their own grandiose design, and the real threat to a peaceful world by a nuclear armed Pakistan can be ignored only at our own peril. Almost all the hardcore terrorists in the entire world are living in a single territory. Like the heavy duty wild animals, even casual skirmishes among them can kill thousands of innocent people living in this unfortunate land. Theory and practical classes for terrorism aimed at killing innocent Indian citizens are going on unabated with the active participation of visiting ‘professors’ like Binladens, Dawoods and Zawahiris from various parts of the world. What is the final achievement of all this destruction is the question that remains unanswered for ever.   


The contribution of Switzerland to humanity is also negative, but for a different set of reasons. In criminal jurisprudence those who abet criminals are equally culpable. By inviting, attracting and facilitating safe custody of ill-gotten wealth from all parts of the world and making money for themselves by the unique method of negative interest, the notorious Swiss banks are aiding and abetting crimes all over the world. One of the main pre-requisites for any crime or criminal is to have a way out, and Swiss banks are providing exactly that to those who are stealing money. The so-called safe havens for investing black money are indeed the real hells on earth. Black money in any form smells of illegitimacy and those who volunteer to keep it secure are committing one of the worst forms of criminal banking.

Bulk of the black money hoarded in Swiss banks belong to politicians from poor developing countries and that makes their crime even more abhorrent. In a democracy, politicians represent their followers and the black money they gather is on account of the breach of faith they commit. In poor countries like India, this represents the blood and sweat of toiling millions who struggle everyday without rest.  By cheating them and siphoning their money to Swiss banks is like stealing from the begging bowl of a blind beggar. No law under the sun can justify such acts of these politicians and the Swiss banks which provide cover for their theft. In fact, the name of a beautiful country like Switzerland is getting unnecessarily tarnished by a few of their banks for short term benefits. Swiss citizens must realize such degenerative tendencies and rise upto their duties as citizens of this universe where a majority are still poor and downtrodden.

In the midst of all these unjust and unfair activities, the silence of a world body like United Nations is simply deplorable. How can a world body like the UN keep quiet when they know for sure the safe havens for terrorism and black money? Each day of their silence on these two vital matters will cost us years of loss in the future. Both the maladies are affecting ordinary innocent citizens and their faceless existence is providing the strength for arrogant anti-social elements to act. If the world body cannot provide face and strength for the overwhelming many against the atrocities committed by a few terrorists and black money hoarders, what is the very purpose such an organization? If the formidable few spread over the world can unite against these twin evils over the Facebook, we can bring about many Jasmine revolutions to reform Pakistans and Switzerlands.        

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Comments on this Article

Comment Very simple and straightforward. This article must be sent to the U.N.

Vijay Khurana
08/07/2011 10:23 AM

Comment At last someone is openly vocal about the sly attitude of Switzerland.

Jayati Gupta
07/31/2011 17:59 PM

Comment Why do we forget the main culprit of the two nation theory.It was the British imperialists who conspired so that Indians (including Pakistanis and Banglas) cannot enjoy their independence, as they considered India as the jewel in their crown. 'The sun will never set in the Br empire'
Hence the divide and rule which finally culminated to the two nations, ultimately to the third. Now these nations have turned poor because more than half their budget have to be spent on defending their border against the imaginary enemy.
When shall our govts and politicians learn about the conspiracy and learn to live in peace.

07/31/2011 15:30 PM

Comment Nice piece.

It's a punch on the face of the world body who are pretending to be in deep sleep.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
07/31/2011 14:53 PM


You wrote an excellent piece. Now please send this article to UN.News letter and also to leading News Papers in Swizerland , so that concerned people will read and understand the grave situation the world is facing. This is not only Indian problem but concerns whole world. Thank you for this artickle.

Shyam Shetty
07/30/2011 10:39 AM

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