God's Existence: A Matter of Faith

Literature provides an excellent spiritual, philosophical, scientific, and cultural perspective about the 'Existence of God'. The writings of philosophers, the preaching of saints, and experiments by scientists provide a lot of material for unending debates between theists and atheists. But the marvels of the universe and life within, with the ignorance of man about their functioning does point towards an omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient supernatural power which controls all that happens around and between us. In fact, all this is a matter of "faith" on the Almighty, as nothing can be attained without it, but the pursuit has to be honest and unceasing. George Macdonald has said, "The principal part of faith is patience".

Here I wish to share a poem with the reader, as faith evolves through life.

My God! You are There *

A child of innocent gentle mind,
With faith so fresh, quick to rely.
My God, I thought you live somewhere,
Yonder above clouds in deep blue sky.

With keen soul of tender age,
I gazed the moving clouds with care.
Fancying every form and shape,
My God, to find if you are there.

In the cool,clear summer nights,
When starry sky so bright and fair.
I lay in bed reaching every star,
Counting each twinkle if You are there.

Older I grew with belief so sound,
Almighty God is everywhere.
The rivers, mountains, rocks and trees,
All nature whispered you are there.

Ripe in age, mind and faith,
With truth of life, harsh and bare.
Though childlike faith of wonder gone,
Somehow I knew you still are there.

The painful shouts of suffering world,
 In burdens of life one has to bear.
A cry for help of dying souls,
Some wondered my God, if you are there.

The spirit of brother helping brother,
In time of trouble with love and care.
In lovely hearts of those brave souls,
I'm sure my God, You are there.

The restless souls in pangs of life,
The world of hunger and sickness to share.
Teach me the truth to search my soul,
To find my God, if You are there.                   

This poem takes one through the pangs of life, with Faith in God standing like an unyielding rock.
* Poem by Late Mrs. Rashida Doris Barar
Image (c) Gettyimages.com


More by :  Dr. Frank S. K. Barar

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Comment To say 'God exists' is to imply God partakes of the quality of existence: this is impossible, since God is absolute. God, rather, is the Divine Existence. Indeed, the form of created existence from nothing, as manifested in any object, as a form within a context out of which it emerges and is sustained in affection of realisation as an identity form, shows forth the creative Divine Existence, of a Context (Father), Form (Son), and the Divine Contextual affection (Holy Spirit), in which Father, Son and Spirit are identities or persons in the one Existence of God. Thus God's Existence is not so much a matter of faith as explaining the form of existence itself.

31-Jul-2011 20:51 PM

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