Would've been Gone in 60 seconds

It was my 28th birthday.

My cousins, relatives and I had been to a resort. We all had a great time playing the games, eating together and having a merry time. Having no idea I would be writing one of the scariest stories of my life in boloji blog about what would happen 2hrs since.

Post lunch we all headed towards the water rides:

There was a water slide, we took the stairway to reach the start point of the slide and once we started we were to glide along and splash to the pool. Sounded and looked real fun... I didn't know swimming and not many knew as well. What would happen in a small pool anyway...

The whole fun of this ride of sliding and splashing was to take about a minute and a half. Timer started ticking....
  • First 20 seconds: Lovely ride all the way from the top, the tube that i was in, glided and slipped rapidly throughout.
  • 21 to 30 seconds: I enjoyed & laughed whole heartedly while nearing the splash zone.
  • 31st second - I splashed and the tube twisted. The handle of this tube slipped from my hands and I fell off.
60 seconds of my life.......... and re-life!!

I was submerged and was trying to come up. Seconds passed and now I struggled, literally pulling myself together, trying not to panic, looking for something to hold, may be a wall, may be a pole, may be someone's hand...

I felt someone’s hand but no one could try and pull me up. Surely I was deep inside the water, when seconds later I felt, both my feet and hands at the ground. Clearly I had sunk at the bottom of a 6 feet high water pool. I just couldn't stand on my 2 feet.

I could not breathe; I stopped breathing and felt suffocated. When i was about to feel my entire struggle were going a waste I felt a hand around my shoulder and another around my legs and I took a breath....
A deep breath... the most important breath of my life...

I could not see, feel or think anything... just breathing. My chest hurt badly and all I wanted was to breathe... I was breathless for a long time. Life guard asked me... ma'am are u ok? ma'am are u ok?? twice... I raised my thumb and said nothing... He said God blessed and walked out...!
The life guard had just come in time. God sent...

It is later that I came to know from both my aunts who watched us all the while for our safety and how they saw me get immersed, how they shouted out my name and called for help, how they saw me struggle and how they were panicked when they could not find me anywhere in water.
How my cousins around tried getting me out of water but couldn't and shouted for life guard to come.

They were scared to see my face.... "it was scary !!" is what they had to say at the end...
They were panicked.... And I... panicked like hell.

I now call this A Real Birthday Gift !


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