What’s Wrong with India?

Yesterday one asked: “What’s wrong with Sonia?” Today one is compelled to ask: “What’s wrong with India ?”  That the world’s largest democracy is so opaque as to keep its citizens in total darkness about the ailment of its most powerful political leader, Chairperson of the government’s National Advisory Council, Chairperson of the UPA government and the President of the ruling Indian National Congress, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, is mind boggling. 

Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari responding to frantic queries from the media said: “Public personalities are entitled to a certain amount of privacy, especially when it concerns a medical condition.”

What nonsense!

Nobody was seeking details about Mrs. Gandhi’s ailment. There were obvious and legitimate questions being asked that any democratic government is under obligation to answer.  At first the Congress party spokesperson Janardhan Dwiwedi said that Mrs. Gandhi had been successfully operated upon. A little later he contradicted himself to state that the operation had not yet taken place but would be performed in a day or two. Most newspapers stuck with the first version. Nobody knew what the actual situation was. 

The authorities could not state with certitude to which country Mrs. Gandhi had gone. They could not with certitude state to which hospital had she been admitted. Unofficially Congress sources mentioned the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York as Mrs. Gandhi’s destination. National dailies after approaching Sloan-Kettering could not get any confirmation. 

The authorities could not with certitude state when precisely Mrs. Gandhi left India . One day before the disclosure of her departure Congress sources informed media that she suffered from mild viral fever in Delhi and would attend Parliament on Thursday. It is not clear therefore if Congress party leaders themselves know where Mrs. Gandhi is. One can only wonder if the security protocol has been observed and whether Mrs. Gandhi’s SPG is with her or not.

Does anyone in the government know where Mrs. Gandhi is?

All this is happening when the government is under the severest of attacks related to corruption. Cabinet ministers and chief ministers are being savagely targeted. And to cap it all Wikileaks has reportedly commenced revealing the names of leading Indian politicians who have had illegal foreign bank accounts. One website on the Internet has posted the first list of names. It reads like a who’s who of India ’s politicians. According to it the top leaders of the Congress, DMK, RJD and JDS have illegal foreign accounts. More names are expected to be released. Is this time appropriate for secrecy regarding the movements of India’s most important political leader?  


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment Mr. Khurana,

Black money contributors are many, and only 4 ppl are reported to be out.

Many kangress big shots are likely to have black money in swiss ac.

So, this thought process leads to possibility that the foreign tour is just a safeguard measure against imminent actions the govt will have to take based on SC judgement.

In that event, like before some big fishes will be sacrifised, the royal family will remain out of catch - on paper.

We may understand why Baba Ramdev is biggest enemy of kangress and why media has to be involved in his character assasination.

So far, Anna Hazare, by working out Gandhian way has saved himself against character assasination.

Every Indian needs to give his piece in this fight - by action or by support to the action.

I am supporting the action and helping a few more to support the action.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
07-Aug-2011 16:37 PM

Comment Very well said Dinesh. The Royal Family of India has gone to transfer money out of Swiss bank to some other location. Once done they will reveal the names of Indian account holders of Swiss Banks but by then there will be hardly any money left to be brought back to India. Indians are not foolish but lack unity and initiative to control such corrupt politicians. If these politicians donot control themselves then a civil war is not far away. And if that happens their is every chance India will be divided like Russia. It is very important that we all support Anna Hazare.

Vijay Khurana
07-Aug-2011 10:09 AM

Comment Some news suggested she went abroad for treatment because VVIP's presence in hospitals may cause trouble to other admitted patients.I am not able to relate previous instances of VVIP inside hospitals with this suggestion. Vajpayee (when he was PM) – had Z category security and was operated in India by an NRI doctor who came to India to perform knee surgery. Vajpayee, Amitabh Bachhan and many others had been hospitalized, no one cried that it caused any problem to other patients.
Anyways, those 5-star hospitals are already for VIPs and VVIPs, and are designed to accommodate even celebrities without causing problems to other VIP patients. When such an imp parliament session is in progress, it is needed to attend it, especially by politicians holding top political positions in parties. There must be a kind of illness for which immediate operation was required.
And finally, was there no doctor and hospital in India to treat that kind of illness?
Why one should not take that behind some treatment, there are other motives – THE SC is behind govt to hammer black money issue (you know the 8th July judgment of SC), govt not in position to hold ‘NO ACTION’ for more than a few months, the ugly truth was inevitable to come out – that is the real illness for which some ‘surgery’ is needed to be done and it can be done only with the help of Swiss doctor, may be in a US hospital ! Media seems to be willingly or unwillingly talk and inform 'aam aadmi' on the lines given.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
05-Aug-2011 19:10 PM

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