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In search of self ...

One day it starts for her, wondering where she will reach and how? Why has she started this journey and what will be she achieve by it? Yes, she remembers in her book "The Journey": 

‘It is the heart that aches
It is the heart that misses!

The starts the agony to be alone, to be separated! This agony of the soul forces her to cry, request, pray, pester 

‘Before it is too late
And the shinning sun of my life sets
I must know myself
To make myself a good human being
So I can belong to God!’

To travel with Devi Nangrani is nothing but sheer pleasure, joining her on this journey, in search of self and Him. There are oasis which invite and allure, but a true seeker though diverted to the perishable beauties and temporary achievements awakens back on the right path, because, the ultimate destination is to surrender oneself at His Lotus Feet to merge with Him.

The poet here beautifully portrays the fallacies like misery, mental turbulences and the like, a seeker must meet in simple, pictorial and gripping language. ‘Request to the mind’ is a wonderful poem. ‘The lost city” has to be found, ‘Voice of silence’ has to be heard, ‘Songs of the heart’ have to be sung. 

Within the core
we find the link of silence
From it sprout the buds of true spirit
That lead us to the road of silence
Help us discover the lost city.

I wish Devi all the best for this book ["The Journey"], and I am sure readers will find the same yearning in their hearts when they start their journey to find ‘The lost city’.

It is heartening to know that there is at least one ‘Poetry Corner’ where 

‘Beneath the darker sheaths of dusk
Bringing with itself the message
New light, new joy, new life
This is Happiness.’

May God bless you Devi with This happiness.


More by :  Dr. Sangeeta Sahajwani

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