Independence Day Greetings

India is celebrating her 64th Independence Day to-day. The meaning of freedom one will realise the moment one is freed from the prison, the significance of freedom of speech will be appreciated when one can speak out his heart and freedom of press one can see in the print when there is a protest against a wrong doing by the authority.

Till August 15, 1947 people of India had no freedom to govern their nation, the press did not enjoy any freedom to voice the grievance of the common man and every activity was controlled from outside.

With great effort by Gandhi ji and great sacrifices by the people of our country we earned our precious freedom. Today India is passing through very difficult times. Since India is not very strong financially, very often we have to bend our principles or compromise our interests to sail over difficult situations.

With this backdrop we need once again to be watchful to safeguard our freedom, fight against those who are rocking the boats of our security, integrity and sovereignty. In a democracy like ours every citizen has a role - small or big, to play. Let us therefore dedicate ourselves to work for the general welfare of our country so that we can walk holding our heads high among other nations of the world.

Let us on this auspious day pay our homage to them who sacrificed their lives to achieve freedom. Jai Hind!


More by :  Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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