Truth always Survives

“In the world there is only you.
When all else ceases, it is only you.”
Desires trap us why have them. They are the seeds of sorrow why sow them, why water them at the cost that brings you pain more than pleasure. When it comes to have fruits, you know, I know how sour they are? The sweetness we long to cherish is, within us, the ever flowing fountain of love and mercy is in all of us.  He, the father is waiting for each one of us there. At the given meeting place, but we never keep up to the appointments and our commitments which can help to release ourselves from the shackles of all passion that are the source of sorrow, misery and bondage.
The mind is playing games and it reminds us to love god with conditions and demands, which in turn makes us selfish and aggressive. We have to sacrifice the ego of body, mind and everything to be lovable. Love finds its solace in silence, in fact truth leads to true happiness. This love is selfish. Yet it demands undivided attention and unconditional surrender.  At a point where the void is felt lingering in the heart, the burning fire of separation and the urge to realize the truth comes as we are ready for it.
The more I learn and understand, the more I know as to how little I know. A drop of water doesn’t have the identity of separation, but with its false ego assumes that it is not more different from the ocean. Spontaneously and relatively for a fraction of a second the mind deviates from its thinking as to what is said and what is heard and earnestly yearn to reach the unreachable without involving the awareness of the mind  but always with  the mercy and grace of God .


More by :  Devi Nangrani

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