Charlatans, Politicians & Statesman

The dictionary defines a ‘Charlatan’ as a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame or other advantages via some form of pretense or deception.
Arun Shourie, in one of his nationally televised interviews, called the present set of parliamentarians Charlatans ! He was so right. Each passing day enforces this view.
Look at the way parliamentarians across the board are reacting to the people's anger. Still practicing brinkmanship.
I am reminded of the old adage "Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them".
Dr. Manhohan Singh belongs to the last category. He is woefully unqualified in the arena of statesmanship, clueless, ill advised and smugly ensconsed into believing that this uprising will ebb with time.
His few and far between utterances remind me of a story –
"A father had managed to have his son with below average mental abilities married. Fearing that the son might spill the beans if he opened his mouth while at his inlaws place, the father advised the son to keep to himself, not to open his mouth, just nod or smile. That would convey an impression that the young man is a person of few words, an intellectual. The story further goes that the son dutifully followed the instructions of his father. The in-laws appeared impressed.
But on the day of their return, the girl’s father implored upon the groom to say a few words. Not wanting to give an impression that he was speech impaired, the young man proceeded to ask “ Have you seen a crow with horns?”
The in-laws were truly awed; “ He must be a philosopher, no wonder he is a man of few words” whispered someone.
“No” answered the girls father “ Why do you ask?”
“Neither have I” replied the groom !
Do you get the message Mr. Prime Minister !
Anna Hazare belongs to the second category; well on the way to achieving greatness. The nation has rallied behind him, eschewing a cause dear to the heart of the masses of India and Indians. He has the pulse of the nation, not the parliamentarians.
In the first category come the Indian masses rallying behind Mr. Anna Hazare. Peacefully protesting, courteous, helpful, orderly and yet determined. No violence.
I salute the Indian masses.
Jai Hind


More by :  Ravinder Malhotra

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