Can Fasting be a Magic Wand

to Wipe Corruption?

It is really very amusing to watch the Anna Hazare heroism and almost the entire nation believes by bringing the Lokpal Bill, India will become a country free of corruption. Corruption is not something like freedom from one ruler, or achieving something by bringing more laws and regulations, or by pressurizing someone to do or halting some process by strikes and coercion.

The media and the public seem to have a field day of free entertainment in the name of extending support to this rather hazy and unclear struggle by gathering in the venue and eating samosas and laddos and entertaining themselves with colors of national flag painted on their faces.
Corruption is something which is there from time immemorial and within every individual - like the darker side of the person. If a man cannot be bought for money he may yield for something else. If someone is capable of finding and exploiting it he gets his things done. If one looks at the magnificent support extended by the general public and the media, India, a spiritually rich country seems to be a country that shows total aversion to corruption.

Is that so really?

It has become a fashion to blame the government and politicians for every evil in the society at present. But what about the common man who many times violates the law of the land in several forms like violating the traffic rules, breaking the queues, buying cinema tickets in the black market, bribing a clerk to get his paper move faster for some favor or ingratiating themselves before the power and mighty for small to big gains? Are they not paying huge amounts as capitation fee for their son’s or daughter’s education? Are they not willing to offer gold and money to God for their welfare? Are they not hoarding money and accumulating wealth using their power and positions to keep their wards for generations in luxury?

What happened to the 2G Spectrum Scam, CWG scam and the accused? The law is a double edged knife and can do and undo things. A killer who had brutally murdered his junior in the medical college had been let free for fourteen long years before he is arrested recently. Even murder convicts are carefully patronized by the law and many voices are already raised for the abolition of death sentence.

A country where greed is the prime quality and poverty is another bane how a septuagenarian like Anna Hazare thinks that he holds a magic wand called fasting for Lok Pal Bill which will end corruption?

If one looks at this mammoth drama impersonally, the whole episode is being staged and publicized with an ulterior motive.

Long live Indian democracy and its hypocrisy!


More by :  G Swaminathan

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