Murders & Capital Punishments

Anna Hazare’s nonviolent but coercive crusade against corruption has proved and declared to be a success; now the Indian populace and media have started banging the judgment on death sentence. The three in the gang of Rajiv’s killers have been sentenced to death and all their mercy petitions to the President have been rejected. So in Tamil Nadu agitations have started in several pockets to revoke the death sentence on these three on compassionate grounds.

There are editorials in popular dailies and discussion by the elite and educated and a host of readers in the letters to the editor column condemn capital punishment in no uncertain terms. They argue death sentence for a killer is worse than his heinous crime. Well, in a country where earlier Mahatma Gandhi and recently his ardent follower Anna Hazare achieved everything like the freedom of the nation by the former through nonviolence and passing of a strong bill to eradicate corruption by the later by fasting, doing away with death sentence may also do away with criminal acts totally. That is what the Indian population believes.

Can it happen in India?

India is the most pretentious country in the whole world. They preach philosophy at one end and loot the public and exchequer in the other. They talk high about women empowerment but never pass the bill or dispense with dowry system. The ruthless female foeticide is cited to the evil of dowry. It is a land where crimes on women, aged, helpless, children, and the poor and for wealth are rampant, revoking death penalty will only increase the crime rate and murders in the society with greater impunity.

Already the Indian courts drag the cases for ages and make the justice diluted or denied absolutely. There is no fear of any punishment in this land for any crime for that matter. Why corruption is rampant in India? Because, in India is a country the criminal can escape in several ways without retribution. Even the law makers and judiciary could be bribed and influenced easily in this country of honesty and integrity.

If there is no capital punishment even for gruesome murders, the hooligans, rowdies and murderers will gain more power and freedom and take justice in their own hands and terminate the lives which they don’t want. So what? Their objective will be achieved and they don’t have to worry about their fate; the maximum they may be imprisoned with life sentence (if at all they are caught and sentenced!) and will be released on Gandhi’s Birthday or Independence Day whereas they have given their judgment to their foes.


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