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Rollback in Fight Against Corruption?
by Dr. Rajinder Puri Bookmark and Share

As the whole nation basks in the victory against corruption achieved by Anna Hazare’s fast the real fight against corruption on the ground seems to silently reverse its direction. The media seems to be oblivious of the rollback.

The CBI told the court that there was not enough evidence as yet against Dayanidhi Maran that he had coerced companies in the issue of allotting spectrum licenses. Why is the poor man on the mat then?

The CBI is now focusing on the former NDA Telecom ministers Pramod Mahajan and Arun Shourie, and Jaswant Singh who headed the Group of Ministers on the subject, for violating norms in the 2G scam.

The CBI has told the court that there is no evidence against Unitech because a money trail suggesting a quid pro quo could not be established.

The Supreme Court has reserved its order on the government’s plea that the Special Investigative Team (SIT) appointed by the Court on 4 July, because the government was delaying investigation on black money abroad, should be scrapped. Now the SC will deliver its order on September 20 regarding a probe which the Court thought was being delayed too much.

Another curious development is that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has commenced probing violation of foreign exchange laws by Baba Ramdev through his trusts. Curiosity does not arise because of the reported probe. It arises from the fact that Baba Ramdev claims that he has not received any intimation from authorities. Under what law or procedure could the ED inform the press about the probes when the alleged culprit has not even been informed? Even when the truth is propagated, it can be defamatory if there is malafide intent to besmirch reputation. Does not rushing to inform media before informing the accused betray malafide intent by ED? Going strictly by the letter of the law Baba Ramdev can sue ED for defamation for publishing the reports when no formal probe has been initiated. It is a different matter that going by the lax observance of laws, especially defamation laws, no such thing may be attempted.  By informing the media to create a political atmosphere has not the ED violated law?

If so, who should pull up the government? The President of India is the singular office bearer in the entire nation who is under oath to “preserve and protect the Constitution and law”. President Pratibha Patil of course, like all her predecessors, remains a mute spectator whenever government transgresses law. Perhaps like the rest of the nation she is waiting for the Lokpal to emerge and take action!  

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Comments on this Article

Comment Dear Sir,

Since about a few years, I have stopped reading newspaper regularly and has stopped following video media regularly. Since then, I use them often only to sense the situation rather than to extract whole news as delivered.

Observation from last 36 hrs are as follows:

1. ED levied charges on Baba Ramdev - read this news from two sources of print media and then saw it on video news. Honestly, I haven't herd so far what are the charges and what was done wrong exactly. The otherwise so detailed media failed to explain details.

[Next step on this episode will be for local media to throw toxic opinion about Ramdev in order to assassinate kangress no. 1 enemy 'characteristically'. Later, ED may rollback, someone may offer apology, but the work will already be done to reduce Ramdev's public influence]

2. As this article rightly points out, the same news media, which otherwise digs into details and claims first to provide them to public, failed to verify if Ramdev or the trusts received ED charges. Instead, they emphasised '50 odd companies floated by Ramdev'.

3. CBI gave cleanchit to Dayanidhi Maran in a report to SC, while at the same time Mr. Maran's aide disclosed serious information about involvement of Mr. maran in Aircel-Maxis deal. What an irony !

4. The kangress has already started playing on communal lines, it seems hell bent to throw dirt on BJP on sensitive issues rather irresponsibly. Digvijay alleged BJP MP behind murder of muslim RTI activist in Bhopal. Well, murder of RTI activist is a serious matter and must be resolved fast, with accuracy, but levying charges on political rival in this manner are definitely an effort to revive hatred of BJP among kangress supporters and other neutral voter class.

5. Today, there is fresh effort to isolate RTI actisit and Lokpal pannel member Mr. Kejariwal by charging him as defaulter by IT dept.

But all this is not new, it happened throughout 2005-2009 during UPA-1, this is tried and tested strategy.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
09/02/2011 09:29 AM

Comment The Dynastic Party is making every effort to extricate itself from the mess of its'own making. The wild thrashing, self-flagellation, discordant pronouncements and wild scheming indicate the desperation of this party to survive and hold power at any cost. No insult or cost is too high. The Dynastic Party has a complete Dirty Tricks Department to handle and pervert any situation to its' own benefit and the nations' detriment.
A new generation will now learn that decency and non-violence have their own limitations whilst dealing with such an adversary. Nothing less than voting them and the Communists out for at least 25 years will bring about any real change.

09/02/2011 09:06 AM

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