Duel at the Lake*

It was a nice day but I was bored to death 'cause I had nothing to do. I saw Dad opening the garage door and ran to ask him if we could go for a picnic. He was looking at the new boat and said, "Yes, we will go for boating".

Dad always lets Darren go with us on picnics, so I ran to his house. He was playing outside, boy, he started jumping when I told him that he could go with us. He brags about his Dad's new camper all the time. I thought , now I'll show him my Dad's new boat.

Aunt Mary is pretty good in helping Mom to get the things ready for picnics. I like her but I don't like when she tells me all the time, "Don't do this, don't do that". It is fun to be with Aunt Tina. She is much younger than Aunt Mary. Dad got the new inter-tube, he said we could ride in the boat and water ski behind it. It was the first time in my life to go for water skiing.

Darren and me had to sit with Aunt Mary in the back seat of the car. I hate to sit in the middle, so I had to push Darren in the middle. Gee!!, it was fun to sit near the window, and watch the cars zooming on the road. I like when Dad drives faster than everyone else. As soon as Dad stopped the car, Darren and me ran to see the lake.We heard Aunt Mary hollering, You boys, be careful, don't go near the water". We ran as fast as we could. There were many boats at the dock, it was neat to run there, but I saw Aunt Mary coming, so we had to hide behind the bushes. She found us anyway, and told us to wait there. Ugh!, I hate to wait. 

Dad asked us to put on our life-jackets, and Darren started showing off his shrimpy muscles. I get so mad, when he thinks, he is stronger than me. I had to show him that I am stronger, I just touched him and he fell down. He is such a wimp!

I was supposed to ride the inter-tube with Aunt Tina. She jumped in first and screamed, 'cause the water was cold. I jumped after her, boy, the water was freezing! I had goose bumps all over me, and I couldn't stop shivering. I held on to Aunt Tina, but still I was shivering and had to get out of the water. I felt so bad, prob'ly every one was thinking that I am scared, and that dunk Darren was smiling. He wanted to show off, so he jumped in the inter-tube quickly. I bet, he was cold too but he pretended that he was not, and stayed in the water. I thought, well, if he could do it, then I can too. I guess, it was my fault, I should have stayed in the water like he did. It really bugs me when he thinks he's better than me.

I jumped in the inter-tube again, the water was not so cold this time and I had fun. The boat zoomed through the water. I wish Dad could go faster, but he kept the same speed. I felt so good after that and ran faster than Darren and told Mom that I stayed in the water longer than Darren did. Now he'll never think that he's stronger than me. 

*A narrative by Late Mrs Rashida Doris Barar 


More by :  Dr. Frank S. K. Barar

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