Nepalese Nominated

for German Engagement Prize 2011

Satis Shroff, lecturer, poet and author from Freiburg-Kappel in the Black Forest, has been nominated for the German Engagement Prize 2011. This was stated in a press-release statement by the project office of the Deutscher Engagementpreis in Berlin.

Satis Shroff was suggested by Gerhard Rieger of Green City Freiburg, Dezernat III because of the prize he received in 2010 for honorary community and social engagement. His work as a bridge between the cultures has found recognition through his nomination in Berlin. ‘I find the nomination alone a great step for a Freiburger like me,’ says Satis Shroff. The nomination also shows that the theme: Integration of foreign citizens into the German mainstream is made public, and as such, recognised by the people in the country.

Satis Shroff, who has a bicultural background, has made his own experience as a migrant who prefers to interact with other cultures, to learn from them and to share his own double culture, and to promote understanding, tolerance, respect and togetherness in his writings and interactions with people from other cultures.

He is an active member and Schriftführer of his traditional German men’s choir: Männergesangsverein Liederkranz Freiburg-Kappel. When he was awarded the social Engagement Prize 2010, Satis Shroff said: ‘I’ve been accepted by the people of Kappel so heartily and feel really well here. I’d advise people to join a verein, like I did.’

His publications in print and e-mags are written with insight into the people’s nature, and his stories are tropical and give the reader a new range of sight to accept, understand and respect other people with their traditions and beliefs.

The German Engagement Prize is awarded to voluntarily engaged organisations, undertakings and persons. The award is organised by the Bündnis für Gemeninutzigkeiten, wherein the common-good plays a crucial role.

This organisation involves also other big undertakings and independent organisations of the Third Sector, experts and scientists. The promoter of the Prize is the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth, and the Future-Funds of the General German Holdings AG.

The German Engagement Prize is awarded in the following categories: Common-Good Third Sector, Individuals, Commerce, Politics and administration, as well as this year’s special category: Engagement of Elderly. While an exert jury will choose the Prize winners of the respective categories, the citizens may also choose the winners. In Autumn they may choose the winner of the Public-Prize by means of an on-line voting system to be found on the website: out of a pre-selected group of 20 projects.


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