Bollywood : Unfair to Singing Talent

This brief write up is to simply express my anguish at some of the atrocities that Bollywood committed by under utilising singing talent. Some of the singers like Mahendra Kapoor, Suresh Wadkar, Hariharan have been severely under-rated. It is true that Mohamed Rafi and Kishore Kumar are legends, but the singer-music composer nexus has successfully killed upcoming talent in Bollywood. I am not even talking about the Mangeshkar monopoly here.
If you look at the regional movie industry, you have singers like Shreya Ghosal, Sonu Nigam and Udit Narayan singing some of the Kannada and Tamil songs. They are talented and so they can sing. But there is so much local talent available in South. Why not encourage and nurture such talent ? For some strange reason, the sentimental Tamil film industry considered Udit Narayan as a lucky charm. Only a Tamilian knows how this singer has killed the language through his atrocious pronounciation of words.
The TV industry is another culprit. Why do they need only popular faces to judge music shows? Can’t they have a combination of famous and not-so-famous names so that they can maintain a balance? What do Dharmendra and Sonali Bendre know about judging people’s musical talent? Any answers? Rather than making these stars richer and richer, the TV industry may as well promote other known talent who unfortunately could not make a mark in Bollywood.
I invite opinions from readers on this subject. To emphasize the point as to why some of the singing talent in Bollywood is terribly underrated, I give below their names and some of their songs. You can then draw your own conclusions.
1. Mahendra Kapoor
·         All songs of Nikaah and Hamraz
·         “Sansar Ki Har Shay Ka” (Movie : Dhund)
·         “Lakhon Hai Yahan” (Movie : Kismat)
·         “Dil Lagakar Hum Yeh Samjhe” (Movie : Mohabbat Zindagi Hai)
2. Suresh Wadkar
·         Sham Rangeen Hui Hai Mere anchal ki tarah (Movie : Daku Hasina)
·         Megha Re Megha Re (Movie: Pyasa Sawan)
3.Kamal Barot
·         Suna Hai Jabse Mausam Hai Pyar Ke Kabil (Movie: Ramu Dada)
·         O, Tumko piya, dil diya (Movie : Parasmani)
·         Hasta Hua Noorani Chehra (Movie: Parasmani)
4.Vani Jayram
               ·         Bole Re Papi hara (Movie : Guddi)
               ·         Mere To Giridhar Gopal Doosra Na Koi (Meera Bhajans)
               ·         Zulf Laharyi Toh Sawan Ka mahina (Movie :Khoon Ka Badla Khoon)
               ·         Main Samajh Gayi Re Deewane (Movie: Jheel Ke Us Paar)
      ·         Tu Hi Re (Movie: Bombay)
Hariharan’s oeuvre in Bollywood is so meagre – I am unable to fathom why this talented singer never got his due. He is one of my favourite singers.
6. Shailendra Singh
·         all songs from Bobby
·         all songs from Khel Khel Mein
·         all songs from Rafoo Chakkar
7. The Punjabi Singer who sang the title song in “Geet Gata Chal” (1975). Can anyone name him please ?
8. Sanjeevani Bhelande who sang for Shabana Manoj Bajpayee in “Kareeb” – particularly – Chori Chori Jab Nazren Mili..
9. Anupama Deshpande who sang in “Sohni Mahiwal”
10. Shabbir Khan (songs of Betab), Mohammed Aziz, Anwar (Ham Se Ka Bool Hui, Jo yeh Saja)
11. Suman Kalyanpur (the famous singer of the 60’s who faded away despite showing so much promise)
12. Sharda ( Titli Udi, Ud Jo Chali) (Movie : Rajkumar)
                   (Jab Bi Yeh Dil Udas Hota Hai) ( Movie : Seema)
13. Uttara Kelkar (Tum Mujhe Itna toh kah do tum hamare ho) (Movie : Be abroo)
 & some popular songs in Tarzan
14. Kishori Amonkar  (title song – Geet Gaya Patharon Ne)
15. Arati Mukherjee ( songs in “Geet Gata Chal”, “ Do Naina” (Movie:Masoom)
One has to admit that her diction in Hindi was far from perfect. Listen to : “Do Panchi Do thinke kaho leke chale hain kahan” from the movie – “Tapasya”.
16. Hemalatha (she needs no introduction – she has sung many memorable songs under the music of Ravindra Jain) – notable are all numbers from “Chit Chor” and title song in “Dulhan Wohi Joh Piya Man Bhaaye”.

17. Mubarak Begum (Mujhko Apne Gale Laga Lo, Kabhi Tanhayon Mein) (Movies : Sasural, Hamari Yad Ayegi respectively)
Sushma Srestha had a good voice as a child (Hai Na Bolo Bolo {Movie: Andaz}) but unfortunately her adult voice did not find much favour, though some of the songs in “Raja Babu” did become popular.
Sulakshana Pandit and Salma Agha were more of singing actresses.
I am sorry if I have left out any singers in this list. Grateful if you can add to this list.


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Comment The Punjabi Singer you rated at point no 7 is Jaspal SIngh. A very rare style of singing where is high and low notes were equally balanced and powerful. How did he vanish into oblivion. No idea. Can anyone enlighten me?

G Suresh
03-Jan-2017 05:57 AM

Comment The Punjabi Singer who sang the title song in “Geet Gata Chal” (1975) is Jaspal Singh he sang other songs also in the film and many more.

06-May-2015 07:52 AM

Comment I agree, the industry seems to have killed younger talent that is required for the next generation. Partially responsible for this could be the sole dependence on TV for the spread of interest and spotting talent.

As in earlier days, i think we need to inculcate and support the festivals such as the Tyagaraja aradhanas to revitalize the interest and provide a springboard for younger talent.

An excellent article, keep up the good work.


04-Oct-2011 22:37 PM

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