An Angel from God

This story goes back 3 decades in the hospital of a small but historically significant town of India: Jhansi. This story has nothing to do with warriors or soldiers who sacrificed their life for India and took their places in history. This is also a story which took place in history but for a totally different reason.

A little child of 9-10 moths was left on the stairs of a hospital in Jhansi. He was weak and when his check-up was done the unfortunate one was diagnosed with T.B. He was immediately seperated from the children's ward and put into a ward for T.B patients. The only care that child received was when he was given medicine and hardly anyone ever talked to him.

This continued for one and half years. Then a new doctor joined the hospital. He was an enthusiastic fellow and fresh from finishing his MBBS. He toured the hospital and met with patients. His attention stopped on a baby who was around 3 and not at all interested in playing with toys. When he went to the child and tried to play with him, the child simply didn't respond. Puzzled, he asked nurse for child's name, to his utter surprise nurse had no idea what the baby's name was. All he came to know was child had TB and was seperated from all others and no one ever visited him because he was an orphan.

Doctor conducted child's test and found that medication had cured TB. Doctor's biggest concern was now to get child's normal growth back on track. He ordered the child's crib to placed at the reception and any hospital employee who came to hospital was to go and play with the child for sometime during the day and any young child or visitor who wanted to talk/play with the child was to be encouraged.

At first people were surprised by doc's weird idea but later they all accepted it when they saw the change. Child was smiling, laughing, playing with his toys and most importantly eating well. A few months later child was adopted by a good family and a year later, he went to School...............

Here is a lesson for all of us, this fast paced life has filled our lives with tension, anger and insecurities. Whenever we come in contact with a person who is nice to us we feel very happy. So, from now on - Smile : Its a curve that sets lots of things straight.


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Comment @Himanshu, next time you publish an article on the internet, please use a good word processing software so that you can atleast be aware of the numerous grammatical errors that your articles are infested with and that corrective measures can be taken before being ridiculed in public forum.
Hope you take this genuine advice in good light and strive to improve the quality sof your online contributions.

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27-Sep-2011 17:31 PM

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