The Invisible Woman

Many decades ago when I was a student there was a film that created waves among youngsters. It was entitled “The Invisible Man”. It was inspired by fiction created by HG Wells. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that reality could replicate that movie. Well, now it seems to have done just that. Today we have the invisible woman. Her name is Sonia Gandhi. The last time she was visible was when she went to Bangladesh .  After that she went to America and Europe, was admitted to a hospital, had surgery, visited London and returned to India . We never saw a single photograph or video recording of her during all this time.

After her return to India she met a dozen politicians from the Congress, and even one from the DMK, called on the Speaker in Parliament, and on the President in Rashtrapati Bhawan. But there was not a single photograph or video recording of all these events. The TV channels continue to show old recordings from their stocks to illustrate the news. After her first meeting with Congress leaders at her residence some Telegu TV channels even went so far as to claim that contrary to what the Congress leaders had described she was not even present in the meeting!

Recently she attended a meeting at the Prime Minister’s (PM’s) residence. Media crews awaited her arrival. The meeting started and finished but she was not visible. The Times Now TV channel explained that her arrival and departure was not recorded because she entered and left the PM’s residence “by the back door”. A few days later she again visited the PM’s residence for a meeting. Alas, there was no photograph or TV shoot this time either. TV channels continued to show old footage of Mrs. Gandhi with the PM and other to illustrate their news broadcasts. If Mrs. Gandhi can make her presence felt to so many politicians, why cannot the public be allowed the same privilege? Does it indicate contempt for the Aam Admi? Or is it that Mrs. Gandhi has become truly invisible?

If it is the latter case then she has also acquired the power to render the UPA government invisible. The public can see the PM, the Finance Minister, the Home Minister and many, many other important leaders walking in and out of their various meetings. But the public cannot see any government.  There is not a speck of governance visible in the nation. The government has become invisible.  


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment "The last time she was visible was when she went to Bangladesh . After that she went to America and Europe, was admitted to a hospital, had surgery, visited London and returned to India ."

Oh, so she went to US, Europe and returned via UK - for surgery ?

How come a person under recovery after surgery going to London, or was it only for the aircraft to take fuel ?

Interestingly, our President has suddenly shown great interest in nuclear physics and visiting Switzerland (and Austria), along with few ministers (such as minister of Parliamentary Affairs), and a delegation of 55 people !

Incidentally, Switzerland is also the place where black money is parked.

It is interesting to see these leaders' great interest in science of invisible sub-atomic particles....

Probably soon, black money will also become 'invisible'

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
02-Oct-2011 06:36 AM

Comment Actually, it was the sight of Sonia Gandhi at the recent Commonwealth Games in Delhi that caused me to say, 'Ah! there she is!'

01-Oct-2011 20:33 PM

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