The Problem with Neighbors

She was a neighbor of a different sort. Intending to be friendly but her curiosity got the better of her. She found her next door neighbor Sue challenging. Her cooking wafted its way to her house, and Jennifer couldn't resist it anymore. She had to get the recipe. She knew she went over too often, asking for sugar, coffee anything, just to check Sue out. Where did she find time to cook, take care of a husband and still look immaculate and a house that looked that way too?

She rang the door bell, and asked if she could have the recipe to what she was cooking. It smelled delicious and she wanted to make it for her husband.

Sue looked perplexed, and said she had to write it down, come back in an hour or so and I’ll have it all ready for you, she said hurriedly. Said she had to go back to what she was doing, and then she shut the door.

Hmmm thought Jennifer, I wonder why she brushed me off like that; she was usually talkative and friendly. Oh well, I'll return in an hour to get the recipe.

When she returned, Sue handed her a recipe card with instructions. Jennifer hurried home to try it out. It turned out delicious. I wonder what else Sue had that she could wield out of her.

So the next day she hurried over to ask her if she could have instructions to all of her delicious cooking.

Sue was hesitant, hemmed and hawed, was lost for words. “I have them all in my head, and I haven’t the time to give you all of them right now. I will share them with you as I cook them, is that a deal?”

Jennifer understood, it took a lot of time to gather things from memory. So whenever she smelled the scent of a different sort, she would rush over to get the recipe for it.

Soon it was quite frequent; she would go over everyday, well almost. She was becoming a nuisance.

Sue showed displeasure; soon she was short with her. She said that she was expecting company and didn't have the time to stop right now, but would have the recipe for Jennifer tomorrow. Come over early in the morning, I will have time for coffee and we can visit.

Jennifer went over around 8. The house smelled of freshly brewed coffee and coffee cake right out of the oven.

Sue was beautiful as always. Her appearance was immaculate. Jennifer was in her sweats, thinking that Sue wouldn't mind.

Jennifer noticed that Sue had beautiful hands, polished finger nails and they were lily white. She wondered where she found the time to have them done.

She finally asked Jennifer of her the secret.

Sue smiled her secretive smile and whispered, “I’m a witch, you see. I just wave my hand when I need things done, just like that, poof it’s done.”

Jennifer was lost for words. She hurriedly drank her coffee, left and never returned again.

Sue smiled her secretive smile; spoke to the invisible pooka, “You were right, I took care of the problem. My response took care of that.”


More by :  Maria Reed-Shore

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