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Phone a friend's family- A new life line!

Diwali celebration was in full flow in Sunil's house and every one was in jovial mood. Telephone rang and all eyes turned to Sunil's wife as she picked up the line. 

"Hello. What? Amitji on the line," Meena shrieked with excitement.

There was sudden melee in the house as every one crowded around the phone. 

"How are you sir? What is the news from Aishwarya" Meena said in a jubilant voice. 

Sunil's son screamed with delight and said "Mama. Keep the speaker on." 

"Hello. Is Mr. Sunil there?" the serious voice said from the other end.

"Amitji. My son Sunil will be here any moment," Sunil's father rushed near the phone.

"I have seen every movie of yours from Anand to Arakshan. You are the greatest star on earth sir" he said with pride.  

"Ratan is with me here and needs Sunil’s quick help," the cheerful voice added from other side.

"Oh! Ratan is on hot seat. He is such a smart cookie. He topped in both IIT and IIM. Sunil will be so glad to help him," Sunil’s mummy looked up with pride.

“Amitji I am Sunil’s mummy here. Please say hello to Jayaji. They used to call me Guddi when I was in college," she said blushingly. 

"Now every one calls you Buddi" Sunil's father joked from behind.

"Audience is waiting here and we are losing time. Can you Call Sunil quickly on line?" the voice sounded little impatient.

"Uncle daddy is on the way. I am Munna here. I loved your acting in Boothnath so much.”  

"Ratan has won 50 lakhs and needs Sunil's help to become Crorepati," voice sounded ecstatic on other end. Please hurry up and pass the phone to your dad.” 

Sunil walked in and everyone shouted," Amitji from KBC is on the line for you."

"Hello. Sunil here. Is it Amitabh Bachan on the line?  We must be truly blessed," he said in a rapturous tone.

Neighbours who heard about Amit’s call from the shrieks and shouts in the house trooped in to join the party.

“Dad let me tell you what Amitji will say now," Munna stood up and said in majestic style.

"Next voice you hear will be of Ratan. He will read one question and will give 4 options. You have just 30 seconds and your time starts now."

Amitji at the other roared with laughter and said," I am really impressed Munna. You did better than me. One day you will take my seat and run KBC."

"Sir, Please bless my son to first come on the hot seat and become crorepati," Meena pleaded.

"Listen Sunil,” the voice said with a big laughter. 

“It is me Amit Sanyal-your class mate. Our friend Ratan is here and we just wanted to surprise you. It has been ages since we spoke with each other.”

"What? Is it not Amitji from KBC," every one looked stunned.

“I had my doubt when Amitji gave so much time for one single family,” Meena said in nonchalant tone.

"Amit -You cheat. You have let down every one here. They are all on cloud nine after speaking with Amitabh Bachan,” Sunil said in an accusing tone.

"We just called in to wish Happy Diwal. As everyone was so excited to speak with Amitji, I just played along."

“Even I was fooled. You are still so good at copying film stars voices,” Sunil also burst out with glee. 

“One day I will be on hot seat and call your fake Amitabh to settle the score,” Munna said with wounded pride.

Every one roared with laughter and picked up another ladu and jilebi to carry on the festive mood.

Meena switched on the TV and said “It is time for date with real Amitabh on KBC”   


More by :  Prasad Srikanti

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