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Will Sachin Make the History Soon?

Sunday morning.

Anil was enjoying his morning coffee and leisurely watching cricket program on Indian Channels when telephone rang.

“Call it telepathy. Just remembered you while watching your idol Sachin on the sports channel,” Anil was glad to greet his friend Anand.

“As long as it is not apathy it is fine,” Anand replied.

“So, Will Sachin make the history in the next match?” Anil asked enthusiastically.

“History will be made for sure but this Geography is killing me,” Anand sounded worried.

“Didn’t see the connection between history and geography in cricket,” Anil quipped.

“Matches are telecast here in North America in the midnight and I am really struggling to balance between my love for cricket and the need to earn daily bread,” Anil said matter of frankly.

“Small sacrifice for a major mile stone of “century of centuries” Anil goaded his friend.

“In fact I called you to get your help. My boss Savio was really upset when I was a bit sloppy in my work. You know him well. You have to bail me out if things turn sour,” Anand said taking his event insurance.

“Don’t worry, he is a wonderful gentleman. Looks tough from outside but is really a tender coconut. Once you break it with your good work it is all milk and honey in side.”

“That is so reassuring Anil,” Anand sounded relaxed.

Sunday evening. Anil was ready to go out and Anand called again

“Just now my wife confided that her contract job which you helped to get is in danger. She fears it may not be renewed as she was a bit shoddy in her work last week. May be you have to pull strings again to save her job,” Anil sounded agitated.

“Kill you, if you tell me that she is also into this late night cricket,” Anil said

“You are right. She is a bigger Sachin fan than me. She is a big Pedestal Fan while I am just a Table Fan,” Anil replied with all honesty.

“Relax. Tell her to be a little serious. We will see when she is given out. I know the third empire there,” Anil said jokingly.

“Her lady boss is also complaining that she is also looking little shabby now a day’s with lack of sleep,” Anand said.

“I can easily help you guys there. Tell her to try that new glamour soap which Katrina was promoting,” Anil 

“Katrina, who”, Anand said with all innocence.

“Will kill you if you say you don’t know Katrina Kaif. Life is not all about straight drives in cricket. My friend you should also enjoy watching curves now and then,” Anil exploded with laughter.

"Don’t keep saying …Kill you… Kill you.. every time you speak. Some one will think you are a serial killer,” Anil’s wife joked from behind. “Get ready we are getting late for the evening Arathi in the temple.”

“Listen Anand. Have to go to a temple with my wife. Will pray God that Sachin does a good job for himself and also save the jobs of both of you,” Anand said laughingly as he rushed out with his wife.


More by :  Prasad Srikanti

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