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Raising Voice against Corruption!
by Dr. Rajinder Puri Bookmark and Share

Famous film star Mr. Anupam Kher visited Anna Hazare’s fasting site in Mumbai to extend support to his movement. Speaking to TV Mr. Kher said: “Everybody should raise his voice against corruption!” Mr. Abhishekh Bachchan on Twitter said he would support anyone fighting corruption. Mr. Kher would be glad to know that everyone is raising a voice against corruption. Led by Anna Hazare, his Team members, Bollywood actors, celebrities, and a vast number of people at large are saying: “Corruption is bad, corruption is bad and corruption is bad!” 

But nobody is saying:

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the Maharashtra Intelligence after investigation confirmed that your political secretary Mr. Ahmed Patel along with your cabinet minister Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh held a closed door meeting with accused money launderer Hasan Ali who allegedly has billions of dollars stashed in illegal foreign bank accounts. Yet you have said nothing to the public to explain the purpose of that meeting, nor removed either of these leaders from his respective post. What might people conclude from your silence?”

Nobody is saying:

Mr. Nitin Gadkari, authorities have ordered a fresh investigation into the circumstances of how the dead body of a young girl, daughter of your employee, was found in a car parked in your compound. You maintained silence while the dead girl’s family agitated and demanded a probe. You have yet not opened your mouth to utter a word on the subject. What should people make of your silence?”

Nobody is saying:

Dr. Manmohan Singh, what led you very recently to offer without provocation such fulsome praise to your Home Minister Mr. P Chidambaram who is being targeted for involvement in the 2G scam? Is it the fear that if Mr. Chidambaram is allowed to go down he will pull others, including you, with him? Do you want people to believe that you were ignorant of what your former cabinet colleague Telecom Minister Mr. A Raja, presently in jail, was up to? Should you be believed after you once lied in a sworn affidavit that you were a permanent resident of Assam staying in the Chief Minister’s house in order to facilitate your entry into the Rajya Sabha?”

Nobody is saying:

Mr. LK Advani, could you at least tell us now for the record whether or not you received Rs 60 lakhs from the accused in the Jain Hawala case? Your silence about the terrorist funding related to that case was strange. Even stranger was your recent letter of apology to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi over allegations based on credible evidence about her foreign bank accounts. Should people conclude that you are in some manner vulnerable to pressures from the government?”

Nobody is saying:

President Pratibha Patil, your candidature for the President’s post should have been debarred because you were under investigation by the CBI for misusing your powers as the Governor to shield a relative charged with murder. Once you became President you could not be investigated. What is the status of that probe? After you demit office will it be revived or is it buried forever because you became President?”

Nobody is saying:

Mr. Anna Hazare, how do you keep claiming that you have a spotless record when a judicial commission after conducting an inquiry indicted you for illegally diverting Rs 2 lakhs from your Trust fund to misuse it for your birthday celebrations? Your subsequent assertion that you refunded the money was erroneous because you merely adjusted the loss against a fresh donation unrelated to the diversion that was made to your Trust. Responding to a petition the Supreme Court summoned you, the Maharashtra government and the CBI to ascertain why no action was ordered against you despite the findings of the judicial commission. Was the CBI action stalled because of your close links with a section of Maharashtra Congress leaders including Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh? Has the date for your court appearance been set…?” 

There are a host of things that might be said to a host of leaders in order to extract some answers. But people only keep chanting, “Corruption is bad, corruption is bad and corruption is bad!” That is how everybody is raising a voice against corruption. Wow! How easy it is to fight corruption!”

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Comments on this Article

Comment Dear Sir,

I have two points to made - a bit late since the article is published. But better that they are written here than not.

1. Anna Hazare and his movement -
I still do not doubt intention of Anna Hazare for doing the movement. It might be supported initially by Congress and publicized by indirect push from Congress biggies in media to ensure success, but that does not contradict Anna's intentions.

Also, one will agree that to hide Rs. 2 lakh hera-feri, no one needs to do a 13 day fast involving central govt and so many people across India, any one could achieve his goal to hide SUCH A SMALL CASE by much smaller agitation locally in Maharashtra, or even by sweet talks with relevant parties.

third and most important,
Even if Anna did all this merely to get shelter behind his TINY 2 LAKH RUPEES SCAM, the elites know well that it is worse to suggest the common man of India that a leader agitated against corruption to achieve his personal goals and only to achieve his personal goals. If common man is given such a clarification, then it will create a bigger and far more complex issue than corruption itself.
It will erase any faith in any leader, even on non-political leaders. It will create a PUBLIC RESISTANCE to support any genuine future leader who will come for the national cause.

Let no one play with public trust. Even in our history – conventionally written or mythological, is full of sacrifices on part of rulers to keep public confidence intact in the system.

2. Democracy is about choosing bad over worse and not about rejecting bad and worse both -

I observe a trend in journalism, bad and worse, both are put in same basket on the news, articles, analysis and discussions in written and video media. Thus, an impression is created in public that both worse and bad are equally bad.
This only helps the 'worse' get evenly placed with the 'bad' on electoral platform. With a little push using 'worse' tactics, electoral opinion shift can easily be obtained to ensure that the 'worse' gets to power back.
When, the 'worse' wins over the 'bad', the nation and society is bound to reach a new decline in administration. At the same time, it gives a message to everyone that doing a little better than the 'worse' is not rewarding, and thereby encouraging a reverse trend in governance.

This is what is happening in India, this is how and ONLY THIS IS HOW one can justify return of Congress back to power in 2009 Loksabha elections.

When will responsible journalists start calling the 'worse' a worse and put comparative analysis on BAD vs WORSE ?

The day I find a better option, I will stop supporting NDA, but for the moment, I must do a comparative analysis between UPA and NDA in order to set right trend. Therefore, let's not place Sonia and Advani in same bucket, and Anna not to be put in the bucket itself.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
01/02/2012 04:20 AM

Comment You could add a thousand lines to this, but what's the point? Due to information distortion and overkill, and complete unreliability of the ELM, the people tune out after a while. Still the fact remains that the rotten Congress has ruled for more than 85% of the time at the Centre and the states. In my view, there is no "Kkkangress v/s BJP" because the BJP has been in power for only 6 years at the centre and is doing a much better job in the states anyway.
Wish you, your family members and the team at Boloji a Very Happy, Prosperous and Productive New Year!! May you live in interesting times as the Chinese saying goes!

12/31/2011 22:17 PM

Comment Krish, Advani resigned from post of opposition leader not because his name was cleared. The entire Jain Hawala Case in scandalous fashion was scuttled by the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court "for lack of sufficient evidence". I have written extensively about the case and even about the role of the judges that nobody has refuted. After retirement Chief Justice JS Verma said publicly that the Jain Hawala case should be reopened. What a lame plea for the judge who presided over the Bench hearing the case and was monitoring the entire probe by the CBI!

My Word
12/30/2011 11:58 AM

Comment If memory serves one right, Didn't Mr Advani resign from his post (I forget what post) on the Hawala issue and came back only when the Court cleared his name?

12/30/2011 09:34 AM

Comment Rajinderji - What a great piece; Every Indian should stop in his/her track and think;
I trust one day, we will prevail!

12/28/2011 18:16 PM

Comment Dear Sir,

The above mentioned are in secrete agreement with each other, so they won't highlight these point while criticizing each other.

The police, CID, CBI are working under either of them, with declining morality in our society, and with rewards for obeying their political masters, their moral and ethics have nose dived. So they will not perform the long process to expense their political masters either. And even if some officer tries to do so, he will be 'handled' accordingly.

The judges are divided, the lower judge act more or less like their peer bureaucrats, they need to 'work' accordingly. The higher judges have put themselves in category of 'patriot' and 'obedient'. The political class further keeps modifying laws so that the 'patriotic' judges can not harm them much.

The last one, who can highlight the points mentioned in the article is media. And those having mass reach, such as top news channels and newspapers, are 'bought out' using the black money within and outside country. Since Congress members have huge black money, they have influenced more the media available for sale, and thus they get elected again and again by the gullible mass.

Some rare species of media highlight this (such as this blog), but the wise politicians know very much that such stuff is best to be ignored because their vote bank is ensured by the larger set of media working for them.

So, how mass in India will come to know the above serious and painful secrets ? And if they don't come to know these, then how can they chose right leaders in election ?

So how will democracy work without voters having knowledge of the truth ?

I hoped, that a hurriedly passed LOKPAL bill under preassure, will create an institute that will ultimately bring out secrets in public and bring a positive change in ever sinking political system in India.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
12/28/2011 13:15 PM

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