Ten Forecasts for 2012!

Making forecasts for a New Year is hazardous occupation. Pretending to be analytical, the predictions are based generally on part guesswork and part wishful thinking. In this case it is wild guesswork and predictions tossed off-the-cuff. Surely a lighthearted exercise may be permissible in deference to the mood of the festive season?

If I get one prediction correct out of the ten made, I shall be pleased. If I get five correct, I shall consider it victory! So dear readers, I crave your indulgence. Do not judge the outcome of these predictions any more harshly than you do of astrological forecasts.  Well, here goes:

First: During 2012 Mr. Imran Khan will become either the President or the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Second: In the forthcoming assembly elections in five states Mr. Anna Hazare for all practical purpose will be campaigning for the BJP. There will be total fusion of his efforts with those of the main opposition party.

Third: After the assembly elections there will be a major realignment of political forces.

Fourth: The Lokpal proposal will die a quiet death.

Fifth: The mid-year presidential election will witness an unprecedented political campaign in which the candidates will openly canvass as pro-active Presidents-to-be.

Sixth: A mid-term general election will be announced and held within the year.

Seventh: Mr. Rajnath Singh will be declared as the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate for the mid-term election.

Eighth: Mr. Newt Gingrich will get the Republican nomination in a surprise victory over Mr. Mit Romney.

Ninth: Following a very good showing in the primaries Mr. Ron Paul after failing to get the Republican nomination will contest as a Third Party candidate for President.

Tenth: The division of Republican votes will help Mr. Barak Obama to win the election and a second term as US President.


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment Sir, the first, third, fifth, ninth & tenth of your predictions are likely to turn out as true. Pls keep a record of your predictions and my observation and let us compare notes if still around at the end of the year.

05-Jan-2012 02:31 AM

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