New Year Resolutions of the Family for 2012

New Year's Day!

Venu’s house was bustling with activity. His wife Veena was busy making special dishes, while his children Chotu and Chutki were setting the dining table. Venu’s parents were excitedly watching Desi TV channels.

“New Year special lunch is ready,” Veena announced happily.

“Wait, no lunch till every one shares their New Year Resolution,” grandpa ordered from speaker’s chair in a serious tone, as everyone was getting ready to taste the treats.

First to rise up was Chutki, the youngest one in the family.

“I am aiming for ‘Zero’ this year,” teen aged Chutki said in a determined tone.

“Zero! Have you gone crazy?” mom Veena screamed in disbelief.

“Don’t blame her. That is what she is capable of getting?” Chotu said teasingly.

“Take it easy mom. My dream is to get a ‘size zero’ figure like Kareena,” Chutki blushed as she covered her waist.

Chotu the college going son stood up next.

"This year I am aiming to lead my college cricket team and win the coveted trophy," Chotu said with all pride.

"What?" Venu almost fainted, "I have been boasting in my office that you are aiming to become a neurosurgeon."

"What is wrong if he has the interest and talent? Look at young lads like Kohli and Rohit, who are making headlines every day," Grandpa rushed into support.

"Not like your poor banking job. It is also the highest paying profession now," Veena also stood by her son.

Venu shaking his head rose up to pick up a glass of cold water from the fridge.

“Now it is the turn our grandparents,” Chutki tried to defuse the tension.

“This year my aim is to be in the next round of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC),” grandma said blushingly.

“I know you had a big crush on Amitabh since his Silsila days,” grandpa vented his jealousy.

“You are so smart mom. You will surely win. See how many simple housewives turned rich in KBC this season,” Venu lent full support to his dear mom.

Grandpa was not to be left behind. 

“This year I am going for dancing classes. They say it helps better than walking for senior citizens.”

“That is called chivalry grandpa. You must try Latin dance like Tango. We will try to get you a cute partner,” Chotu sounded jubilant.

“Dekhoji, I don’t mind dancing but not that Latino stuff of Shakira.  Better go and join Shiamak Davar classes and learn some Bollywood dances,” grandma taunted.

“So we can all see grandpa in the next edition of ‘Dancing with the stars show,” kids screamed.

“Mom and Dad, now it is your turn,” kids beckoned.

“This year I want to work on my long cherished dream of anchoring a Talk Show for our Desi people,” Veena said furtively looking at Venu.

“Right time mom, with big names like Oprah going slow,” son lustily cheered.

“My daughter in law is a born leader right from her school days,” grandma said nostalgically.

“You are right. I went once to her kitty party and saw her ruthlessly dominating everyone around,” Venu blurted out.
“Dad, now it is your turn,” kids pleaded.

“I will be investing in Gold in a big way this year,” Venu sounded enthusiastic as he looked around with authority.

“I could not have asked for a better start for the year. Malani Jewellers have just advertised new models,” mother sounded ecstatic.

“Sorry wrong number. I was referring to investments in gold certificates and stocks and not jewellery. With gold price set to hit 2,000 Dollar level, it will be a big kill,” Venu quickly poured cold water on Veena’s flames of hopes.

“You miser bankers never change,” Veena said in a vexed tone.

Grandma tried to close the session and said in mock seriousness, “Watch out. I will be checking regularly how you are keeping up with your resolutions. Defaulters have to do dirty laundry and greasy dishes.”

Every one roared with laughter and started enjoying the New Year feast.


More by :  Prasad Srikanti

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Comment Nice Humouros article.

27-Jan-2012 01:49 AM

Comment Nice article with humor for a good start of New Year 2012 !!

Kiran Mudivarthy
02-Jan-2012 14:48 PM

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