Jimmy’s imagery was beyond expectation. His dragon friend was not a bold creature, in fact he was timid and didn’t like the taste of fire and smoke that emitted through his throat and mouth. He hated the thought of attacking or fighting. He might get nicked or hurt.

Jimmy showed him what would issue; he would get rid of the dreaded ruler of the land. He wanted Alfie to scare him away. Why couldn’t he, for once, do what he was told. He sighed a deep sigh.

“I don’t believe that he’ll hurt you.”

Alfie shook in fear. He could barely talk. “The sword looks sharp, why it could go straight through to my heart, then where would I be?”

Jimmy looked away, he was upset but still he laughed. He had never known anyone like Alfie. He was afraid of his own shadow.

“Why can’t you be fierce like other dragons, I have to own you, a fraidy cat.”

Alfie starts to cry, “I know, I can’t be useful to you or anyone, not even to myself.” He sobs and pounds the wall.

Of course the wall gives way and he is astonished at what he’s done, Jimmy jumps back as the walls comes crumbling down.

“See how strong you are; now use that energy on the bad guy, Alfie.”

“Oh my, I am bringing the house down. But I was just reacting, and I really don’t want to tear things down or hurt anyone.” He felt even more dejected.

“Now, now,” Jimmy pats Alfie on his back, “you don’t even know your own strength. I wish you would use it on the right source, that’s all.”

Alfie stops sobbing and tries to pick up the pieces. “I’ll build you a better house; I will make it out of stone. Not even the bad guys can get to you.”

“We need to get rid of the corrupt man, Alfie. He is destroying lives and making life difficult.”

“You still want me to kill or scare the man away?” He starts to shake. He bites his fingers as he thinks of the horrific things that would happen. It would be gory and what would they do with the body? Oh, I hate doing things to please this human, he thought. But he is my friend and we do have good times together. I wish he was bigger and older, and then he could help me fight the tyrant of the land.

“I have to sleep on this, he said, I have to figure out a strategy.”

Jimmy agrees, he was a good hearted dragon, and wouldn’t hurt a fly. He was demanding too much of his friend. He had been his companion since he was born. “Ok Alfie, we’ll sleep on this, we’ll wait and see, and maybe a brave knight will come along to do the job on the nasty guy.”

Alfie smiled a big smile, “Thank you Jimmy, I will do the best I can, really, I will.”

He did do what he had promised; he secretly removed the nightmare that was in Jimmy’s head. The issue of killing someone was never made. And Alfie remained Jimmy’s invisible friend, and his hero.


More by :  Maria Reed-Shore

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