Can Dad be Brought under Lokpal?

Neha was busy helping her kids with home work. 

"Mama. Can Dad be brought under Lokpal?" little Munna grumbled slowly.

"What!" Neha laughed out loudly and said, "Spare your poor dad.  He may be bankrupt but not corrupt."

"OK mama. Can we at least pass a no-confidence motion against dad," little Munni queried.

"Beti. No confidence is for politicians-not for powerless guys like dad."

Neha could see that both kids were disappointed. Why are these kids trying to sentence their dad in every sentence they speak.

"Where are you learning all these political jargon from?"

"Mama. Brother is watching Aaj Tak secretly before you come back from office," Munni leaked the secret. "What about you? Watching Times Now when mom is in kitchen." Munna murmured.

Neha was amused and also alarmed. She thought for a while and quickly traced the root cause of the problem.  Husband Neeraj stopped all entertainment channels last month complaining that children are getting distracted from studies.

"Ok. No more mischief in the house. Final exams are just 2 months away. Focus on studies," Neha said as she walked into the kitchen.

Neha's mom who is always chirpy and bubbly was fretting and fuming in the kitchen.

"Beti. Can you check on the Make my trip.Com for some cheap flight for Delhi next week," Neha's mom said in choked voice.

"Mama...Maike jana hai kya? Who upset you this time?" Neha burst out laughing.

"Who else ..but your husband? He is not treating me  like a family member but more like an Occupy Protester."

"Mama. Occupy protester ..that is big word. Where did you pick this latest term?”

"Switch to BBC and you can see people suffering like me all over the world," she poured out.

"Neeraj respects you so much - must be some misunderstanding. Will check with him?”

Neha felt her head reeling and picked up a cool coke and went to study room where Neeraj's brother Sonu was working on his college project. Ever effervescent Sonu was today looking ruffled and rattled.

"Bhabi. I have a big compliant against Bhaiya. Off late he is acting tough like a tyrant,"

Sonu blurted in choked voice.

"What is the problem Sonu" Neha tried to calm him down.

"All my classmates flash latest iPhones, iPads and poor me looks like a village Bumpkin still carrying stone age mobile."

"Sonu, don't forget we are a middle class family," Neha tried to reason out.

"No. Bhabhi. It is all an attitude problem. My classmate’s father also works in the same office  but is so progressive.”  Sonu added with all bitterness, “ my dear brother is still stuck in Wright Brothers era”

"Let me talk with Neeraj when he is back from office," Neha promised to mediate.

"That won’t work. What we need is uprising of young people like we are shown on CNN. See our dull and drab life…no entertainment channels and no fun," Sonu vented his full wrath.

Neha patted  Sonu with affection to soothe his bruised ego. She went to bed room to collect her thoughts and report the breaking story in the house to her husband.

"What's up honey?  Is everything ok," Neeraj sounded a bit worried as his wife rarely disturbs him at office.

"Nothing is up. Everything is going down dear," Neha gave him the head line news at home.

"Cool baby cool. I know who is behind all this. Must be your dad the retired military colonel. He wants to assume power and overthrow me," Neeraj said with mock seriousness.

"You are also watching too much of news now a days. Don't blame my innocent dad. Whole day he is either busy with Yoga or relaxes watching B&B on TV,"Neha said in dad's defence.

"Watching Bold and Beautiful at this age and still call him innocent." Neeraj joked.

"I meant -Baba Ramdev and Brahmakumari channels-both spiritual and uplifting programs."

Neha clarified.

"Take it easy. I will sort out the mess I created," Neeraj cheered up Neha.

Neha who was fast asleep in the bedroom woke up when suddenly there was all round noise in the house. She walked into drawing room and was stunned to see the developing story.

Munna was playing with latest video game and Munni was busy with Barbie. Sonu was talking on his latest iPhone. Her father retired colonel was enjoying the latest yoga downloads on IPod.

"Good news to all of you. I have ordered new Samsung TV on which we can all watch latest reality channels in HD," Neeraj announced proudly as kids and Sonu hugged him affectionately. Her mummy was serving hot cup of tea to Neeraj beaming bright smiles.

Neeraj looked at Neha triumphantly to say see how tactful and smart I am.

"You cheat. You must be definitely booked for corruption under Lokpal," Neha whispered as Neeraj sat next to her to watch the latest Headlines on NDTV.


More by :  Prasad Srikanti

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