Robert Vadra to Boost Congress!

When Mr. Rahul Gandhi gave a call to India’s youth to enter politics and inject dynamism in the Congress did he anticipate the quick and positive response it would evoke from within his own family? His brother-in-law Mr. Robert Vadra has indicated that he is ready to enter politics to help Mr. Gandhi. That Mr. Vadra has political flair became evident as he joined the Congress campaign on the last day of the first phase polling in Uttar Pradesh.

Mr. Vadra accompanied by his dozen loyalists all on motorbikes thundered across one assembly constituency campaigning for votes to help the Congress. Later while addressing the media Mr. Vadra referred to his wife: "It is up to Priyanka... whenever she wants she can join politics. It's Rahul's time now. Priyanka's time will also come."  Asked if he would enter politics Mr. Vadra confessed that he was moved by the love and affection showered on him by the public during his brief interlude. He said that all the family would naturally help Mr. Gandhi, even though he may not need help. But as family members they were duty bound to do their bit.

Asked specifically if he would stand for elections he said that if the people wanted him he would do so at the appropriate time. But he made clear that he would never seek any political post. He would devote all his time and energy only to politics in order to bring change. Mr. Vadra’s ability to usher change should not be under estimated. In the world of commerce he has demonstrated his talent to introduce dramatic change in his financial fortune that grew exponentially in a short period of time. Were he to divert his full attention to politics as indicated he might well change the face of India’s largest state to realize Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s dream. Indeed, given his close links to certain NDA leaders he might change not only UP but also UPA!

Mr. Vadra’s wife Mrs. Priyanka Vadra dismissed her husband’s political intentions. She said that in all probability the media by persistent questioning led him to make remarks that were twisted out of context. She said that as his wife she knew her husband well and he was focused only on doing business and happy being confined to that. However appearing on TV Mr. Vadra did not at all appear pressured by the media to announce his possible future political role. He was focused and deliberate in his remarks. Since the couple has been staying apart for some time the possibility cannot be ruled out that a new Mr. Robert Vadra has emerged. Mrs. Priyanka Vadra may not know her husband as well as she used to.


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment Mr. Nayak, sad to see that you have completely missed the intended thrust of the article!

My Word
09-Feb-2012 04:59 AM

Comment God save this country where people like Robert are involved in politics. I would rather have a spineless PM than a good for nothing lad as PM who at 41 thinks is a youth icon. Sad ... sad to see such an article from you.

Anil Nayak
08-Feb-2012 22:48 PM

Comment Oh, they stay apart now ?

This article, now on my laptop, is surprisingly emitting some smell, I can sense it !!

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
07-Feb-2012 13:18 PM

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