Truth and Reality

Daily at the end of my “anusthaanam” - (spiritual ritual)”, I make a strong, fervent and sincere prayer to the Divinity that intellectuals and scholars in the world should be fearless and speak the truth without any inhibitions. This has been the tradition of our ancestors and speaking truth is essential for the benefit of the society and the society will be able to know the actualities and act on them.

Normally the rulers do not like the truth to be known. Also leaders of ideologies, religions, their supporters and the like also do not like the truth to be known to the ordinary people. The writers are normally and should be fearless such that the ills and evils in the society are exposed and remedial measures are taken.

But what is truth?

Truth is what it is or as it is irrespective of perceptions of the individuals. Reality is what we see of truth; how much we see of truth. Reality is always dictated by our mental make-up, likes, dislikes, limitations in our ability and willingness to see, view, comprehend and accept the truth. Reality is individual’s perception of the truth.

Truth, most of the times, is only perceived and rarely understood or experienced. Thus reality is limited truth. Reality is either inability to be truthful or inability and limitations of the individual to see the truth unbiased. Also Truth corresponds to the individual, about himself, his Self and the reality corresponds to the objective world within and without the body of the individual.

Real situations are compromised states of existence in the attempt of pursuit of the truth. We all talk about truth limited by our perception and not the truth most of the times. We have compulsions inbuilt, acquired or imagined not to accept the truth and allow truth to be spoken or spread through us. But truth is a flowing river. It may flood us but it never dries up. On the other the reality is like a stagnated lake.

Our fear of repercussions taking place if we speak, accept or propagate truth, make us real and not truthful. We prefer peaceful and calm life. We call that realistic approach and adjust and compromise. Thus, most of the times, we are not truthful. We are all limited and confined to our perceptions of truth. Truth is best revealed when understood or experienced. But we rarely get such insight.

All our knowledge and information is hearsay through books, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV news channels, web sites etc,. We are all aware that these books and news items are filtered through the editors and owners of these media. Thus the perceptions of these responsible and financing individuals decide the truth content in the item. We pick up these as truth and argue or form our own perceptions.

Sometimes the editorial policy of the editors or owners of these media do not allow truth as it is to reach us when they find it objectionable in that form. Thus truth is never completely known or allowed to be known and hence not completely comprehended. The fears, imaginations, illusions shape our perceptions and our comprehension of the truth. Many times it appears that no absolute truth exists or known, perceived or understood and experienced.

Just as feelings and perceptions of good and bad and other qualities, truth is also relative as “truth to me”, “truth to him”, “truth to you”, “truth to them” and a truth accepted by all is not possible and available to be expressed, accepted or spread and we all mistake our perceptions of truth as truth without understanding or experiencing the truth. But truth is like fire. It can not be hidden or held in the palm. Truth sneaks through our cautions and suppression and declares itself.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment If everybody really starts speaking truth in daily life, the life in no time will become a veritable hell. In any given duration our mind thinks of umpteen bad and unacceptable things, but speaks of only well-threshed pleasing things, which may be total
Human society runs smoothly because it has accepted untruths as norms. The untruth of the existence of God is the most glaring such norm.

Mahesh Chandra Dewedy
14-Feb-2012 21:32 PM

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