Valentine Day Greetings...

Facts with the passage of time turn into myths. So is Valentine day. What started as birds wooing their mates, Valentine day has transcended even the religious sentimates of 15th century, the poetic thoughts of Chauser, Shakespeare and John Donne and today it symbolizes love. It is beyond sensory attractions, too. It is not just young boys and girls spending time together over a dinner, or exchanging gifts and chocolates, it has occupied the very fabric of human heart. There is no power above love. There is no happiness beyond love. Love has all the religions, too.
Fellow feeling, kindness, compassion, mercy, friendship and all other higher qualities are like different petals of a flower we call love. And February 14 has been internationally earmarked to celebrate love.
It is a pleasure and we take great pride to profess love among all, and wish a great flood of love to sweep the globe on this day and everyday! Happy Valentine's Day to evrybody...


More by :  Dr. Kumarendra Mallick

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