Role of Faith in Human Lives!

Faith is a sublime state of human mind. It is a state of mind free from the rigors of logic and reasoning. It is a state of experience and understanding too. Faith creates insight straight away. Intuition, which is beyond and transcends logic, originates from and leads to, a state of understanding, experience and faith. As science students we know that the element iodine directly becomes gas or vapor skipping the phase of liquid, transforming from the solid phase. The process is called sublimation.

Human mind knows, perceives, reasons out, experiences, understands and forms an insight. This is the usual procedure. Certain times we can directly understand immediately after knowing, skipping the phase of reasoning and knowing becomes perception and instantaneously becomes understanding.

State or phase of understanding is the phase of experience and also of intuition. It is the experience of all of us that intuition plays an important and useful role in our daily worldly, professional, devotional, spiritual and the like lives. Intuition is result of the state of understanding or experience which by passes the route of intellectual exercises in the form of logic, induction, deduction etc.

We become sublime human beings if we have faith in us, our near and dear and divinity. It is our experience that, because children have faith in their parents, spouses in each other, students in teachers, and devotees in their spiritual masters, we are all able to live beneficially and peacefully.

It is a commonsense thing that if we start doubting every thing and are suspicious of every body, incident, event or the like we lose peace of mind and will always mentally get disturbed. Because we have faith in the Almighty that He will take care of us, we are able to walk on the roads, travel in buses, trains, planes etc. in these days of accidents and terrorist strikes. We are still going to restaurants to dine with families, visiting entertainment places, and are doing everything normally despite the probability and possibility of our being the victim of a terrorist attack is high. We simply ignore earlier ghastly incidents and are sure we will not be the targets of these attacks.

But as we know this does not stand the rigor of logic or reasoning. Any time we can be victims of any attack. We avoid this line of thinking and are able to manage living peacefully and undisturbed. Same faith we have in our near and dear. Else we can not live even for a moment peacefully.

Faith gives peace and also bliss. We do not care for the feelings of the atheists. We do not care for their rationalism or radicalism; because, many atheists of today are selective in their abuses of faiths. And also they pamper certain other faiths for vote bank reasons. They are not sincere in their non-belief.

We must here note that atheists are also believers; they believe in the non-existence of God. They have faith in such a conviction as we have faith in our conviction of the existence of God and Almighty and Divinity. Anything relating to God is a matter of faith-His existence or otherwise. Reasoning or logic fails here. Intuition and individual’s experience and understanding play prominent and dominant role in matters of faith.

The mental make-up, upbringing, culture and genetics play a chief role in making one faithful. Without faith we cannot live even for a moment peacefully. But the blind faith of our voters in caste leaders and other exploiters that they will improve their economic situation, is the bane of our democracy. Except here, faith is useful every where. Faith is our life-giver and saver and makes our lives lively and pleasant. Faith is a sublime state of mind that ensures peace of mind to us in all aspects and in all respects.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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