Fight Erectile Dysfunction

with Lifestyle Changes

Simple changes in diet and lifestyle help men to improve erectile dysfunction. Healthier life styles like quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, consuming healthy food, exercising regularly etc, help to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Stress is the main cause of erectile dysfunction. Our body can bear stress to some extent and keep us alert. When stressful condition prevails for a long time, it paves way to illness. Stress related to a job, marriage, or finances is a common cause of erection problems. Ongoing stress may result in erectile dysfunction, which in turn increases stress.

Keep some time of the day for you to relax. Even 15 minutes in a day is sufficient. Talk your problems with family members or friends. Have a positive attitude and believe in yourself. Learn relaxation techniques like pranayama (deep breathing technique) yoga and meditation. Gardening, exercise, listening to music and indulging in games help to overcome stress. Find out ways for relaxation. Identify the factor which is causing stress and find a way to ease it.

Alcohol or smoking cannot reduce stress. Instead they increase stress.

Massaging your body with herbal oil once in a week is another best way to reduce stress. Take a break from regular work to visit friends or places you like. Deep breathing exercises for few minutes in between your work help to reduce stress.

Quit smoking. It is known to everyone that cigarette smoking is harmful and addictive. But very few know the risks of cigarette addiction. Smoking inflicts body with many irreversible damages and reduces the human life span by 25 years. Men who smoke suffer from erectile dysfunction than men who do not. It is evident from researches. Smoking impairs erections and can become a reason for erectile dysfunction. Smoking causes formation of plaques in arteries (atherosclerosis) which obstruct the blood flow. It affects semen and also reduces sperm count and impairs sperm motility. But these are reversed after stopping smoking.

Quitting smoking can be very difficult and there is no single best way that works for all people. The best way to quit smoking is reducing the number of cigarettes every day. Keep away from friends and relatives who smoke. Do not store cigarette packs at home or at office. Craving for smoking is only short lived and will go away even if you do not smoke. Talk to your doctor once you plan to quit smoking.

Exercise regularly. Regular exercise keeps your heart in good condition. Regular exercises improve blood flow to penile arteries. Exercising regularly lowers blood pressure, improves muscle tone, strengthens bones and reduces body weight. Reduced body weight also helps to reduce blood sugar level in diabetic patients. Exercises reduce stress, anxiety and depression. A regular exercise for 30 minutes 5 days a week is very ideal and keeps you fit. Brisk walk for 30 minutes is best exercise for all ages.


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