The World Famous Valliyoor Murugan Temple

How to reach Valliyoor

Valliyoor can be reached from Bangalore, Chennai, Madurai,Mumbai. Nearest Railway Stations are Tirunelveli Junction / Kovilpatti/ Vanchi Maniyachi.  Tirunelveli is however the closest railway station. Valliyoor is a 1-hour drive from Tirunelveli. Nagercoil and Thiruvananthapuram are also located close to Valliyoor. Valliyoor has a railway station too. Some trains do halt at Valliyoor (like the Kanyakumari express). Bus facilities are aplenty to reach Valliyoor from Nagercoil / Tirunelveli. Donavur and Yerwadi are other tiny hamlets located close to Valliyoor where there is a predominant Muslim population.


The once tiny hamlet has grown exponentially over the last few years to become a town. It is famous for the Murugan temple. The population is a mix of Hindus, Muslims and Christians. The Tamil Brahmin community formed a sizeable part of the population in Valliyoor in the early 60’s and 70’s. Today, the percentage of Brahmins in Valliyoor is less than 1%. Valli is the consort of Lord Muruga and Oor in Tamil means village. So, Valliyoor = Valli + Oor ; the village of Valli.

What is so special about Valliyoor

The breathtaking scenic beauty, the hills of Valliyoor, the temple of Lord Muruga (also called Lord Karthikeya) which is located in a cave under the hill. The temples of Muppandal Esakki Amman (a village deity that is very powerful) as well as Lord Sundara Venkatesa Perumal (Lord Balaji) are other well-known temples. In recent years, the Mutharamman temple has been re-constructed by way of suitable modifications. All these shrines are the pride of Valliyoor. More importantly, this writer was born in Valliyoor ! 

Mahendragiri Hill that finds mention in Sundara-Kandam is located to the west of Valliyoor. This was the hill where Sage Parasurama did severe penance. The Valliyoor lake is called as “Cheevalaperi lake”.Well known poet-saint Arunagirinathar has written about Valliyoor in Thirupukkazh”.Keezhakallur Mu.Azhvarapillai (1839-1925) has sung about Valliyoor in his verses. These verses were published by the temple authorities in the year 1942.

Village lore has it that Sage Agastya had cursed a merchant called Durlaban in Valliyoor when he refused to part with a few morsels of rice saying that he can’t give anything in charity, even if it was for Sage Agastya. The sage cursed that all the rice that couldn’t be of use to someone like him, be as well converted to stone. This is how the hills were formed.

Between the years 1162-1173, Valliyoor was the capital of Pandiya Kings. It is located fairly close to Sri Lanka. Invasion of Muslim rulers around B C 1310 appears to have destroyed many valuable historical records.In the year 1955, electricity connection was given to the temple.

Though Valliyoor is synonymous with Murugan temple, requests have been made for archaeological survey in the areas in and around Valliyoor. It is widely believed that Valliyoor palace and fort were destroyed by invaders.

Vallioor Temple – Matchless in its history, glory and splendour

In the entire Tirunelveli district, Valliyoor has the rare distinction of having the one and only cave temple of Lord Muruga. A rock named as Pooranagiri was excavated to build this temple. The temple shape is in the form of “Om”.

Lord Muruga stands in the sanctum sanctorum accompanied by his consorts Valli and Deivanai.

Please note that Lord Muruga has four arms and the idol is a replica of the one in Thiruchendur. On his right hand are flowers and his left hand is holding onto his thigh. Next to the sanctum sanctorum is located the artha mandapam and then the maha mandapam. In the artha mandapam, Lord Arumuga gives darshan along with Valli – Deivanai. To facilitate circumambulation of the artha mandapam, the hill has been drilled to set up a cave path till the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Shiva. In this temple, Lord Shiva is called as – Jayandeeswarar. The shiva ling faces the west in this temple which is considered very auspicious. 

Bang opposite Lord Muruga is placed, the idol of peacock which is Lord Muruga’s vehicle (vaganam). The Artha mandapam also has the idols of Vinayaka, Veerabaghu and Veera mahendran. On the right side of the artha mandapam is a cave. Alongside the entrance of the cave are Vinayaka, sastha (ayyappa) and Lord Shiva. The Murugan temple has 13th century stone carvings. The temple also has a specific sanctum sanctorum dedicate to Valli – consort of Lord Muruga. The maha mandapam has kashi vishwanadhar, visalakshi and shani bhagwan. There is also Dakshinamurthy (Guru Bhagavan) idol in the temple.  

The Pandia Kings in Tamil Nadu are credited with the discovery of the Muruga temple.
The pond/ lake in Valliyoor is breathtakingly beautiful and it is referred as “Saravana poigai”. Legend has it that Lord Muruga created this pond with the help of his weapon – the inimitable “vel” when Valli requested him for the same.

During festive occasions, the Valliyoor Murugan temple has its own charm and the entire village rallies around the temple to take part in the festivities. The temple history and other religious books are available in the temple itself. But all these are Tamil books. Photographs are available at a price of Rs.20/-. Rose water is available at the temple counter. All the pooja items are available at the temple entrance itself.  Abhishekams are performed in the temple for Rs.2/-. If this does not make your heart melt, nothing else can.

People of Valliyoor are naive, almost child-like in their innocence. Unlike other places, you won’t find people in the temple hankering after money. Believe me, the cave temple is a rare visual feat which you must visit at least once.

Archaeological surveys in and around Valliyoor have discovered hidden Shiva temples in and around the Nambi river as well as a few sastha temples that were not maintained so well. Some of the idols that were found were supposedly 3000 years old.

Important days 

Chitra Vishu (April 14), Chitra Pournami (May 6), Vasantham (Spring) festival, Adi Amavasya, Pongal, Makara Sankaranthi, Mahashivarathri. During the celebrated Karthik month, lamps are lighted in the adjoining hills. The popular soora-samhara festival is also celebrated with pomp in Valliyoor. Soora-samhara is an important event during which Lord Muruga decimates all his enemies. (Soora – evil, Samhara – Kill).

Pooja timings

5.30 – 6.00 am – Vishwaroopam

6.30 – 7.00 am – Udayamarthandam

7.30 – 8.00 am – Festival Pooja

8.30 – 9.00 am – Chirukalasanthi

11.00-11.30 am – Ucchikaal pooja

5.30 – 6.00 pm – Sayaaratchai pooja

8.00 – 8.30 pm – Arthachamam pooja

Every day at 7:30 am in the morning, abhishekams are performed  for  Lord Muruga. On special occasions like Sasthi, Lord Muruga and his consorts are decorated with flowers and clothes and a procession is taken in silver peacock vehicles.

Other details :

Archana – Rs.1.50

Coconut pooja – Rs.7.75

Rose water – Rs.2.00

Abhishekam – Rs.51.00

Kalabam – Rs.100

Kavadi – Rs.10

Paal Kudam – Rs.10

Every day, the temple hosts "annadana" (free meals) for about 100 people.

Valli – the beloved consort of Lord Muruga

Lord Muruga came to Valliyoor immediately after marrying Valli. References are indicated in the "Skandapuran"Valli was so much in love with Lord Muruga that she refused to allow Deivanai in her domain. Deivanai was almost in tears and it was only Sage Agastya who consoled Deivanai and took her to Valli and explained to her that Deivanai be treated like her sister. As this place belonged to Valli who seems to have had a dominating nature, it is not surprising that women born in Valliyoor are said to be extremely demanding wives after their marriage. They are also extra sensitive. Not a surprise - because it appears Lord Muruga simply pampered Valli !

Temple Address

The Temple Executive Officer/ Peshkar,

Arulmigu Subramanya Swamy Temple,

Valliyoor – 627 117,

Radhapuram ,

Tirunelveli District.

Tel No : 04637-222888

Benefits of visiting Valliyoor

No one has ever returned empty-handed from the Valliyoor Murugan temple.Childless couples have visited Valliyoor, prayed and have come back to pay their respects after their wish was fulfilled by Lord Muruga. Valliyoor Murugan looks at you and says – “Yamirukka Bhayamen” (Why fear when I am here) and that sums up the power of this shrine which is located amidst picturesque Mahendragiri hills. Lord Muruga is someone who rushes to your rescue provided you remember him. So, what are you waiting for?  

Where is Valliyoor

Valliyoor is a town in Tamil Nadu. Located on the Kashi-Kanyakumari highway, it is at 30 milestones from Tirunelveli and 60 kms from Thiruchendur. The Valliyoor Murugan temple is located in close proximity to the Valliyoor railway station.


More by :  Kalakad Ganapathy

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Comment My mother smt Seethamahadevan was born in vallihor. She was now 85 yrs and staying in delhi. She was told memory of her valliyur.

08-Mar-2020 22:25 PM

Comment Indeed grateful for the valuable information Shri Ganapathy and others have shared. We belong to Vathoola Gothram & presently reside in Chennai. My late father Shri Veeramoney Rama Iyer was from N Parur and used to refer Vallioor as being the land of our forefathers and our Kuladeivam as Eruvadi Sastha, located about 13 kms. from Vallioor, enroute to Thirukurungudi. As father's Varshabdhikam is shortly due to be observed, a subsequent pilgrimage to the Kuladeivam is said to be customary. Can I request readers to help me with their information on how to go from Chennai to Vallioor, where one can reside, relevant local information etc.

02-Jul-2016 06:10 AM

Comment Dear Shri.P.V.R.Subramania Iyer - Namaskarams, especially on your birthday. I tried calling you, but realized the tel. no. has a digit short. Could you please provide me with your tel. no. one more time. I do not live in India - but I would love to connect with you. I am anxious to learn more about my forefathers.

Mrs.Chitra Subramanian

Chitra Subramanian
28-Jun-2016 19:49 PM

Comment I had written about my poorvikam in 2012 and I did not receive any response for sometime and therefore left this site. MY wife had a recent look at the websites connected with my name and discovered that there are responses to my appeal asking for people of the same lineage.

First I apologise for the delay and reply to some of the letters-

To Chidambaram- Who was your grandfather? where did he work? I was brought up at Alwaye as my father working as salesman, Brooke Bond. He used to be known as Brooke Bond Rama Iyer. Although I am now residing at Thripunithura now, my borther is at Alwaye and I go frequently to Alwaye.

Chithra Subramania Iyer-

My and phone number is 949560592 and used to frequently go to Valliyur and workship there: Aadi Krithigai, My birthday, Panguni Uthram. In fact, my star birthday falls on June 27th and I am going to Valliyur for my workship. I have good relationship with the temple authorities. Every visist, I also worship at the Munru Yugam Amman koil, since during a prasnam, I was told about a severe influence of goddess in our family (I practise Mahashodasi Srividya and my personal dity is Bala Srimahavidya) and without worshipping the Goddess, there is no benefit worshipping only Lord Muruga.
Last year, July 8, I celebrated my 70th birthday by arranging a Thirupugazh recital and Abhirami Andadi at the Amman temple of Kovai Vaidyanathan (I am in that group and participate in many of their Thirupuugazh programmes). This year, I am doing it at Alwaye. If we are indeed from the same family, needless to say I would like you to come to Alwaye so that you can meet our entire family there.

To S Natarajan-
The above details are for you too. But you have not mentioned whether your gothram is Garga gothram.Can you please enlighten me.

subramania iyer

29-May-2016 21:05 PM

Comment I am from Trivandrum, school studies and I now am residing in Mumbai. My father S. Subramani Iyer was on a govt. jpb when we were kids at TVM. I was told that our Kula Deivam is Valliur Murugan. Whenever I visit TVM, I try to visit the temple for darsan. We are Garga Gothram As our Kula Deivam is Murugan, I believe our ancestors were from Valliur. Anybody who can throw some light on our ancestors can connect with me

S Natarajan
29-Jan-2016 13:12 PM

Comment Dear Mr.P.R.V.SUBRAMANIA IYER, My fathers gothram is Garga Gothram. Our family deity is Valliyoor Murugan. My great gandparents migrated to Attingal, Kerala. Please contact me to exchange details.

Chitra Subramanian

Chitra Subramanian
28-Jan-2016 08:10 AM

Comment Excellent write-up on Valliyoor. I am interested in Ujaini mahakali temple at KALAKAD. can you please enlighten us about its history?

29-Oct-2014 02:56 AM

By root I am from Kalakad.
My grandfather was from Kalakad
In his younger age he shifted to Kerala ( Aluva) ( Alwaye)
with his 2-3 brothers.
We are Parasara Gothram

I want to know more about Kalakad
I want to visit also

If possible, need your help

13-Jul-2014 23:25 PM

Comment I am satthiavakeswaran. My father name is mahadeva subramanian(late).
My father native place is KALAKAD. Our gula thivam kalakadu shastha. My
father used to go last friday of every month to valliur murugen kovil. Kindly advise me i want to do ARCHANAI for every month .What is the formalties
@payment details to send me the above e-mail ID PLEASE.

mahadevan sathiavakeswaran
23-Dec-2013 01:42 AM

Comment valliyoor is our the place our parampara, i a am delighted to see the wonderful article, thank you.

singaravelu ganesh
15-Dec-2013 18:36 PM

Comment Nice history given Mr. Kalakad Ganapathy.. Thanks a lot for your valuable word against our village. My native is a village near Kavalkinaru (You might be knowing that place). i often used to raom in Vallioor..!!

Happy To See This Article..!! :)

11-Mar-2013 06:58 AM

Comment My poorvikam is Valliyoor. My grandfather's grandfather migrated from there to Kottayam (Kidangoor) as many others did around 1813 as I understood, I go to Valliyoor every year aADI Krithikai day and perform abhishekam of all 11 items, thanks to the help of Ganapathi bhattar and his father and son and the devasthanam people are very kind to me.

I am unable to find any of the current descendants of my kulam at valliyoor, as the house where my people stayed is at present occupied by other people, though there are other people from valliyoor around here.

any one can help me to find my people from valliyoor belonging to garga gothram.

subrmania iyer

01-Feb-2013 05:21 AM

Comment i like this words very much ..................thanks forevery thing.....

K G manoj kumar
06-Oct-2012 03:59 AM

Comment I am extremely happy to see this article about my village temple. I am looking forward to connect with people who are also visiting this place and are from nearby places...

Padmanabhan Venkataramani
20-Jul-2012 05:57 AM

Comment thanks for the very nice and useful information

26-Feb-2012 02:42 AM

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