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I consider it a privilege, a God-send opportunity to be writing for our beloved deity Arulmigu Sri Peruvembudayar Sastha. The entire content is based primarily on historical details provided by the temple trust. The trust has done a marvellous job of restoring the temple to its original glory.  

Believe me and this is no exaggeration, I have experienced lot of positive energy after visiting this place recently (February 2012). Even an agnostic will be mesmerised at the power of Lord Ayappa, our beloved sastha.  Vibrations in the temple are intense and positive. The locales around the temple are breathtaking.

A strange sense of calm pervades your being as you enter the temple precincts. You feel emancipated from all negativity. The placid environment surrounding the temple takes you back to another era. The very fact that your forefathers have visited this place is reason enough to get enchanted and mesmerised. 

The temple has a rustic charm and an earthy feel about it. The temple trust informs me that they have struggled against all odds to restore the lost glory to this temple as the Sastha (Lord Ayappa) in this temple is the kula-deivam (family deity) of most trust members.

Kula-deivam in Tamil means a deity that protects generations of your family. But with the younger generation moving away to cities in India and abroad, most families propitiate the family deity after a marriage or a special occasion in the family but fail to visit the temple on an annual basis. But when they are faced with an adverse circumstance in their lives, they are suddenly reminded of their lapse and they rush to their family deity to appease him.
Contrary to what is generally tom-tommed , our kula-deivams are always kind and benign. We may have kept our kula-deivam waiting but our kula-deivam will not keep us waiting. Our family deity will ensure that the desires in our heart are fulfilled. All that you need is complete faith in our family deity. Our family deity is like a foster parent to us. Pray with a pure heart and our Sastha will take care of us. Period. 

Not many know that, Sastha – our dear Lord Ayappa has the greatest capability on the earth to cure anyone of mental ills. If the Sastha in question happens to be your family deity, then this only means that a visit to him will solve all your myriad problems in ways that you would have never envisaged at all. All those who are reading this – please do not forget your kula-deivam at all. Can we ever forget our parents? If we can’t, then how can we forget our kula-deivam ?

Temple address

Arulmigu Sri Peruvembudayar Sastha Annadana Trust
Vagaikulam, Sasthapuram, Rajakalmangalam. Perumazhinji.
Tel No: 09003799344, 09363346436

Closest places: Tirunelveli, Kalakad, Valliyoor, Nanguneri

Contributions: State Bank of Travancore, Vallioor branch, A/c.No. 67114986632. Contributions to temple are exempt from tax.

Important festivals

25th April 2012 – Wednesday – Kodiyetram
2nd May 2012 – Wednesday , Chithirai festival.

During the “Kreda” yug, an asura (a demon) threw away Goddess Mahalakshmi in the ocean. Lord Naryana took upon the form of “koorma” avtar and killed the demon to rescue his beloved consort Goddess Mahalakshmi. So says the Vishnupuran.

A demon who tortured all the Devas and people had to be decimated. So, Lord Shiva created Dharma Sastha and directed Sastha to kill the demon. Later on, once the mission was successfully accomplished, Lord Shiva gave a “linga” form to Dharma Sastha who is popularly known as Lord Ayyappa. So, the unique feature of the Sree Peruvembuadayar temple is that Lord Ayyappa along with his consorts Poorna and Pushkala are in the form of a “lingam” in this temple. Lord Ayyappa , as we all know, is Hariharan (a combination of Lord Vishnu (Hari) and Lord Shiva (Haran). Further, a “vel” is also a part of the legacy of this temple which definitely adds to the significance.

It is believed that after killing the demon, Lord Narayana visited Perumazhinji and conducted Shiva-pooja in his “korma” avtar to rid himself of the dosha. This is the reason this place is also called as Koormagirimalai.

Years ago, the Dharma Sasta was seated atop a hill to give darshan to his devotees. One day, as usual, the priest who conducted the rituals in the temple was climbing the hill. Suddenly, he tripped and fell down. Who would come to his rescue other than Lord Sastha himself ? How would he allow his devotee to suffer ? The priest heard a voice that said , “O, Priest, there is no need for you to come all the way up to propitiate me. To ensure that all my devotees can access me freely, I am already present along with my wives Poorna and Pushkala in the lingam form beneath a Neem Tree. I will be glad if you can do the rituals for me at that location where red ants and white ants are appeasing me with flowers”.

As if on cue, the priest went near the Neem Tree and discovered the three lingas. As the Dharma sastha was found beneath a neem tree (called as “veppa maram” in Tamil), the Sastha is fondly referred to as Sri Peruvembudayar Sastha. It was also believed that siddhars were devoted to Dharma sastha and prayed to Lord Ayyappa in a formless manner. Legend has it that the Dharma Sastha who was created by Lord Shiva in Perumazhinji also took upon the onerous task of killing a female demon and was anointed as Lord Ayyappa in Sabarimala. 

Devotees who were unable to take the trip to Sabarimala, prayed at the Sri Peruvembudayar Sastha temple. Lord Ayyapa in the “lingam” form is very much special. The triumvirate kings – Chola, Pandian, Cheran- in Tamil Nadu also seemed to have visited this place. This is as per archaeological records that were retrieved. Records show that devotees visited this shrine enroute to Sabarimala, took bath in the “Nambi” River and cooked food near by.

The temple trust has constructed a separate building for conducting “annadahna” (free meals). During the months of Karthikai and Markazhi , annadana is conducted thrice in a day. Annadana is also conducted every Saturday.

The trust has created a Lotus Pond in which Lord Shiva is seated in the centre and the arrangements have been made to ensure that water flows on Lord Shiva 24 x 7. A mini-poultry farm, a resting station for birds, creation of a beautiful garden – all these have been created and are also being maintained.The construction work in the temple is in progress and has been delayed due to paucity of funds. All those who can contribute are requested to contact the temple office at 09363346436 / 04635 295048/ 7373520900

The grace of Poorna-Pushkala sameda Lord Ayyappa is remarkable. 

The temple is located on the highway in a village called Rajakkalmangalam which is exactly between Valliyoor and Nanguneri.

Those who have visited this holy shrine have been blessed with boons from Lord Ayappa. Only those who have visited this shrine can understand the power of Dharma Sastha (Lord Ayappa). The Pandia kings reconstructed the temple.

Those who wish to fix the marriages of their daughters, childless couples and those with mental and physical illnesses have come to this shrine and have been blessed with the grace of Sri Peruvembudayar Sastha. Wealth will pour in and all your diseases will vanish without a trace when you are the recipient of the grace of Lord Ayyappa.

Devotees and all those for whom Sri Peruvembudayar Sastha is the family deity are requested to spare no efforts in popularising this temple by spreading a word about the temple far and wide and contributing for future temple renovation works.

Devotees who are coming from outside Tirunelveli can contact the temple office as there are boarding and lodging facilities within the temple premises.Toilet and washroom facilities are available. Devotees can also book their tickets through Internet facility in the temple office. The temple trust has also arranged for pick up and drop of devotees from near by stations.

Temple Trust - Shri Mani Pandian, Ms. Subarna
My grandfather Shri. K C Dharmaraja Iyer  


More by :  Kalakad Ganapathy

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Comment Please connect with Kailasa Bhattar the priest for contributions.

Do not talk or engage with Mani Pandian. There is a court order against him to stay out of the temple affairs.

31-Mar-2022 09:38 AM

Comment I wish to donate an amount and obtain a receipt for the donation along with prasadams sent to my address how do I do it please reply

08-Jan-2021 03:12 AM

Comment Mr Mani Pandian has been ordered by the court to stay outside the temple premises & not enter it.

We have been told to best ignore him should he reach out & ask for funds under some pretext or the other.

08-Mar-2019 21:39 PM

Comment I understand Mr.Mani Pandian imposed himself on the temple and it is Shri Kailasa Bhattar who is the temple incharge.

Recently Mr. Mani Pandian has been ousted we understand.

Someone please throw some light on this as to who should we trust, should we visit the temple.

22-Feb-2019 08:48 AM

Comment SIR


24-May-2016 13:07 PM

Comment Sastha in this temple is our family' kuladheivam. I visit twice a year, sometimes thrice. Mr.Mani Pandi has done great service to the temple by completely restoring it. With plush garden with full of flowers for daily pooja, large hall with weekly annadhanam round the year and facility to rest, take shower for hundreds of transit pilgrims, he has dedicated himself and spent lakhs from his personal wealth. I do speak to him frequently. Request you to do whatever you can to help continue Mani Pandi' services to the temple.

I am planning to go there this weekend, as part of Chithrai festival.

Ramakrishnan Sitaraman
11-Apr-2016 22:21 PM

Comment Sri Peruvembudaiyar Saastha is my familiy's KULA DEIVAM. I am now 65 yrs. I used to come & worship our Temple with my father (my Guru) since my school days. Almost once in a year I visit here. The vibration I get in side the Temple is beyond any expression. So many unforgettable experiences I had.
Those days(decades back) there was not even a tap inside the Temple & no transportation.
Now remarkable changes due to the efforts of Trustees & Devotees.
I am native of Harikesanallur but settled in Chennai (Velachery). I was told by my grand father, that they used to reach our Temple by "Maatu Vandi" from Harikesanallur (near Ambai).
Happy to share in this page.
Our Saastha is the guiding & driving force to me & to my family.

16-Jan-2016 21:08 PM

Comment We are supposed to belong to Kodaganallur, on the banks if Tamraparani River about 12 km from Tirunelveli. Our forefathers supposedly migrated to Kizhambur (about three to four generations earlier). Our family deity is also Sastha referred to as Kodaganallur Sastha. We understand that this deity with all parivarams had been shifted and left near a Cave or a Hill region. We would like to locate our Deity and perform required anushtanam to get the devine blessings.

Anyone could help?

Subrmaniam Yegyan Kumar
06-Dec-2015 05:22 AM

Comment After my marriage on 3rdSep 1970, I went to Perumazunji sastha temple along with my wife and inlaws. It is their family deity.Linga sastha. after 30 years, My self and my wife came to this temple and performed all Abishegam thro Sri Kailasa Bhattar. I am glad that the trust has done a very good job of renovation of this very old temple. We will visit the temple during this year before July to perform abishegam and also contribute our might for other renovation work.- Linga sasthavae sarnam Iyyappa.

N Subramanian(Netaji)
30-Jan-2015 00:40 AM

Comment our family deity is also peruvembudaiyar sastha.....i have been there once when i was 12 after 10 years i went recently.....First we went to thiruchendur murugan temple,then suseendharam anjaneyar temple and then to our temple near perumalinji.....A tremendous changes happend in the infrasturcture....we did special abizhegam to moolavar and my favourite godess MARAGADHA VALLI....

Abirami R
25-Jan-2015 09:28 AM

Comment Dear Ganapathy Sir, Chirumlunji Sastha is also our family deity. Even if it one day visit to Nanguneri (My native), we make it a point to visit the Sastha temple even for 5 minutes. Whatever you have said out of your experience is true.

Padmanabhan is worried if the temple will preserve its originality after the renovation. I too feared. But it is as good as it was earlier. In my childhood I used to come here on bicycle when there was no sannadhis. From then till now it is the same experience.

Thanks for nice article. I have made reference to this in my blog

Narayanan Alwar
03-Jan-2014 02:12 AM

Comment I have been hearing from various persons for last 55years about our kuladaivam but now divine order has made me to visit our kula daivam peruvampudiyar shastha I am also named after Ayyappan I will be in vallioor during next month to seek the blessings of our divine god Your article makes me anxious to see my ancestor's foster Father


26-Oct-2012 07:09 AM


I am from Nadadhur family
I need my Kuladaivam name
please let me know sir


22-Sep-2012 06:41 AM

Comment It is nice to see another person having the same family deity. My grandfather and father had Valliyoor as their native place and i frequently visit Peruvembudaiyar Sastha temple every year. I also visit Valliyoor Murugan Temple. Thanks and i am happy to read this article.

Person who runs the trust ...not sure where that person was few years ago? I was happy when the temple was as shown in the photo above. Now it is big but there are a lot of new comers and i am worried if i will be allowed to worship the lord peacefully.

Padmanabhan Venkataramani
20-Jul-2012 05:55 AM

Comment For us,a group of people from Kizhambur as origin, Sri Santhi Kaval Pothi Sastha at Kizhpuliyur,near Tenkasi is the Kula Deivam. We also have a Trust,performing Varushabhishekam on Ani Anusham,every year, on which day in 2004, Kumbhabhishekam has been performed. As a person experiencing the benign blessings of Kula Deivam,especially Sastha, I am enthralled by your article.

05-Mar-2012 02:04 AM

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