Gender Discrimination

Even in today’s modern world the opportunities and civil liberties are constricted for only half of the total population, so a reminder of that is necessary quite often. I would like to bring up probably one of the most controversial and prevalent social concern “Gender discrimination”. We shouldn’t forget the millions of those who are still struggling for basic human rights. Born a girl child even I had to navigate through the deep-rooted bitter conditioning and approach of society.

Men need to understand that women
are companions,
not competitors.

The situation of women has undoubtedly transformed a lot when compared to the long ago by-gone days. More girls are in school, more women are working. Today more women are able to break blockades and are full of self-reliance. But then even if women are monetarily self-supporting still they are not socially independent. In many countries the government has framed a number of laws to benefit the woman. So the circumstances are getting better but yet a lot more is still needed to be done. There are laws, but proper execution needs to be focused on, that too in a sensitive manner. Actually the problem lies in social way of thinking. Both in rural as well as urban areas, women are not considered at par with men. Genuine gender equivalence will be attained only when the collective community mindset undergo evolution. The setback is that most of the prejudice is considered a way of life and is socially accepted.

Many believe that these days the women are not only equivalent to men but are often more privileged. The state of women is undoubtedly getting better but only in the urban strata. We should not forget the larger chunk of the population that doesn’t occupy our little urban world. However, the bad thing is that the potential and openings become fewer down the economic ladder, particularly in rural areas and in city slums. A large majority of women are still captives of social system and they are both economically deprived and socially ill-treated. While violence affects women across class, it is the lower middle and working classes that are most at risk. Despite women's increased participation in public areas, better education and improved job openings, and shifting mind-set, women continue to experience physical and emotional aggression, both within their homes and outside. We often notice with disappointment the various subtle and explicit ways in which women employees in various workplaces are harassed by their male colleagues and superiors. At home too she is not at ease.
Familial favouritism where girls are expected to abide by her parents' desires and set priority to the comforts of her brother over her own, marry early and have children. They dare not defy these stereotypes by studying hard to pave their way to a bright career, working and choosing her life partner. Incidents of local boys harassing girls and women on her street, the harassment women face on public transport too are not unknown to all. And then again there are still more sinful issues like female foeticide. Even the right to life of a girl child is threatened! We can’t wish away the shocking sex ratio. Reacting to all of these she often inflicts violence on herself by internalising the discrimination and violence done to her. An evolution should come and men need to understand that women are companions, not competitors.  


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