BJP Wives to Blame for Porngate?

First it was Karnataka. Now it is Gujarat. The media has caught BJP legislators red handed allegedly watching porn on their cell phones in the assembly while it was in session. This reportedly has outraged the nation. This has aroused fierce criticism and shock across the entire media. I am hugely, hugely puzzled. I fear I am completely out of touch with contemporary India. 

My first puzzle is about the extent of public outrage. India today is the victim of crime, murders, rapes, mega corruption, public lynching, looting, misgovernance and all kinds of mayhem that are every day splattered across the pages of daily newspapers. People seem to take all this in their stride with admirable aplomb. But they are enraged by legislators watching porn. But nowadays even children watch porn on the Internet when their parents are away. So is the outrage caused by the fact that porn was being watched or by the fact that it was being watched in the assembly?

If it was the latter case should not a lenient view be taken because watching porn arguably might be diverting legislators from throwing shoes and chairs at each other while mouthing expletives during typical assembly debates? This raises the puzzling question why legislators watch porn in the assembly instead of in some other private place where they might not be disturbed. Surely our redoubtable legislators have access to privacy when they require it? 

Ah! That raises the question about what kind of authority they exercise within the confines of their homes. Can it be that they fear being caught watching porn at home for fear of being discovered by their wives? Can it be that they are so terrified of their wives that even the attempt to watch porn in their locked private rooms at home is unthinkable? 

If domestic environment has caused this crisis it is not likely to end soon. It may be noted that in both cases the legislators belong to the BJP. Generally a crisis within the BJP is resolved through an intervention by the RSS. In this particular case the RSS will be helpless. As is known most senior RSS leaders are lifelong bachelors. They would not be having a clue about how to deal with this crisis. I guess the people must resign themselves to wrestling with this huge crisis for days to come and overlook murders, rapes, corruption and crime as these escalate across the nation.  


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Comment On Gujarat MLA - news on forensic report in link below:

The report says that none of the obscene pictures or clips found on those iPADs.

Now, there are 3 scenarios:

1. Those obscene clips/pictures were completely deleted from device before submitting to the speaker and then to forensic lab.

2. Forensic lab is biased and report is misleading.

3. Media that reported the incident was biased and had wrong intentions, guided by XXX.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
23-Mar-2012 10:00 AM

Comment It is not watching the porn; it is recognizing the sanctitiy of the assembly. One wrong does right the other. Reagan, with all his faults, did not enter the oval office without a tie! We all know the forays of Clinton in the same office.
Take it for what it is, but it does have impact on the future generations. Kick the rascals out.

subhash sahai
23-Mar-2012 07:45 AM

Comment Sir, like you I was amused by the media blowing these incidents totally out of proportion. As if heavens are going to fall and India is going to be submerged in a deluge. You point about the wives is so valid !

23-Mar-2012 02:55 AM

Comment It confirms the myth that high office equals elevated thoughts of the holder. Yet we will persist believing this, and inevitably feel shock when our gods prove to have clay feet.

22-Mar-2012 21:06 PM

Comment A very well written Irony sir.

Watching porn !! I think it is a small piece of 'illegal' activity our legislators and parliamentarians are involved in as compared to their other 'deeds', given the background they bear. A sizeable no. of our parliamentarians have criminal cases, and many more just don't have any cases started against them.

So, one should not be surprised to learn that they watched porn in assembly.

But I got a subsequent question:

- Why only BJP MLAs are cought ? Aren't Congress, BSP, SP, DMK, AIADMK, TMC, NC, Shiv Sena, NCP, JDU and others do the same ? It does not make any sense to assume that MLAs and MPs of other parties are not involved in this activity, inside and outside their places to make laws.

In fact, they might be exchanging porn clips, cutting acorss party lines.

- From above point, why only BJP MLAs are named and why there is so much of cry over it (as pointed out in the article) ?


If the above thoughts are on right track, then one can sense the power the media has and the misuse of it being done to serve self interests.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
22-Mar-2012 01:07 AM

Comment As beautiful as your cartoons, sir.
To the point, timely, and timeless.

21-Mar-2012 22:01 PM

Comment What about putting up a notice in every table of an assembly: No frivolous daliance in the assembly. You may loose face!

21-Mar-2012 13:02 PM

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