Tips to Control Diabetes

According to the available statistics more than 300 million people (around 6% of the world’s adult population) suffer from diabetes. The numbers are increasing fast in developing countries. Diabetes “the silent killer”, affects different parts of human body. It damages nerves, muscles, blood vessels, eyes, heart, kidneys, tissues etc.

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to heart attack, stroke, fungal infection of toes, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count,kidney failure and many more health conditions. But these complications can be definitely prevented by controlling blood sugar level. Here are few tips to control and prevent diabetes.

Changes in lifestyle immensely help to control diabetes.

1. Reduce weight: If you are overweight, increase your physical activity to lose those extra pounds. Over weighted persons are more susceptible to diabetes than normal weighted counterparts.

2. Exercise well: Regular exercise and increased physical activity help to reduce weight, lower blood sugar and boost sensitivity to insulin. Exercises also help to reduce stress and keep the heart healthy.

3. Eat healthy food: Include plenty of vegetables and fruits in diet. The fibers in these foods help to control blood sugar. Fibers also help to lower the risk of heart attack. They help to relieve constipation and prevent indigestion. Use more whole grains and minor millets like ragi, bajra, pearl millet etc. Millets are rich in fiber, iron, minerals and vitamins. Include nuts and beans in your diet. Avoid fast foods, sweets, soft drinks, deep fried foods which tend to increase blood sugar level and body weight.
4. Practice Yoga and Meditation regularly to reduce stress. Stress is the main cause for diabetes.

5. Consume neem regularly. A simple remedy goes like this . Collect 2-3 tea spoons of fresh neem flowers and tender neem leaves. Soak them overnight and crush it in blender with little water. Squeez the juice and mix ½ cup of water .Drink this in empty stomach in morning. Neem flowers and neem leaves can be collected during blossoming season and dried powder of this mixture can be used when the season ends. Take care to dry this mixture in hot sun and store in cool dry place.

6. Include bitter gourd and other bitter vegetables in your diet.


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