The Sales Representatives of Different Kind!

We are familiar with the scene of medical representatives visiting physicians and canvas for the medicines of their company. We also know that different drug companies manufacture same medicine under different brand names. The representatives vigorously try to claim that their brand medicine only is of superior quality. They try to impress that their company medicine is the best in remedial action. But the experienced and matured physicians are aware that particular medicine under different names is same in chemical composition and action. Only price is different and so the name.
Essentially all brands are equally recommendable. Of course they choose particular brand of particular drug company for various reasons but not because it is superior to other brands. Similarly wise seers and spiritualists are aware that all religions are same in essence and differ only in rituals. God does not have preference for a particular religion. Saying God does not shower his compassion unless one follows a particular religion is naivety and immaturity. Jesus, Allah or other designated, invented or available Supreme Lords shower their benevolence to all human beings irrespective of their religious affiliation. To say that Jesus does not show compassion on us if we are not Christians and takes care of us only when we are Christians is only propaganda and insult to that Supreme Godhead. Such an expression is blemish to Godhood. Similarly saying Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara do not look our side unless we are Hindus is equally childish.
Gods are not at all narrow minded as the religious preachers. Gods never profess discrimination. Only half-knowledgeable individuals in the garb of religious preachers profess discrimination. Allah or Prophet Mohammad never would preach or spread hatred among human beings of different faiths. They shower love and compassion on all of us equally mercifully. But why we find so many religious preachers spend day in and day out canvassing for their religion as the only emancipating and their God takes care of us only when we follow their religion. Is there anything more foolish than this kind of segregation of Gods by these individual preachers as so much narrow-minded? Is it not blasphemy to ascribe our narrow-mindedness and limited understanding to God?
Religious preachers are now doing more harm to society by their ignorance than are benefiting by their scholarship, knowledge, wisdom or efficacy in conducting respective religious rituals. The politicians are favoring one preacher or the other for their vote bank politics. Thus all these individuals who are expected to spread harmony are spreading acrimony and hatred. But how to stop this blind approach and save humanity from the onslaught of these religious zealots and self-proclaiming emancipators?
The very thought that God is narrow-minded is repulsive. Is it not the duty of the religious preachers of different denominations to come together and work for humanity as a whole and not serve their own selfish or personal interests? Can we afford to ignore these terrorist natures among religious preachers? Some use force, bomb and suicide bomb cultures to kill fellow human beings in the name of their religious books. Some offer money and try to lure individuals into their religious fold acting as sales representatives of a particular brand. And when these religious preachers fail to see their duty beyond segregating society into faiths of various denominations and play negative roles dangerously with dastardly acts or silent lures who has to stop this nonsense and act for the general good of all humanity and release the religions from the clutches of these half-baked religious practitioners or preachers? Unless we decide and act on this, the narrow-mindedness of these religious preachers as sales representatives, continue to play havoc in our lives.
And selfish politicians support one or the other of these representatives of hatred, but not of God, to come to power and amass money in all available illegal means, make their kith and kin inheritors of their political legacy, train them in goonda culture in the name of region, caste, language, extra-national affiliations, ideology etc., in addition to the vexed issue of religious favoritism or intolerance. Certain regional leaders partially out of senility, partially out of concern for their political heir-dom or vote banks, and old age problems profess sub-nationalism out of habit and not out of conviction. To upstage their political rivals they threaten to make their members of parliament to resign to support a terrorist organization out of their obsession to their regionalism. They never shed any drop of tear when equally people of Kashmir or north-east or other regions in our country are massacred and are suffering the suicide bombing culture and religious hatred spread.
These regional leaders never threatened that their members of parliament will resign if things are not normal in Punjab, Kashmir, north-east or Mumbai, where another regionalism zealot is causing immense trouble to fellow citizens behaving as if they and their political and neo-cultural groups own these regions.
Why government is bending over backward to please these regional satraps and ignoring their foolish and anti-national actions is a matter of concern. Their demand for measures to be taken for the welfare of citizens of a neighboring country and never for their fellow citizens is atrocious, irresponsibility, insensitivity and insensibility. These regional leaders are sales representatives of another kind. For an impartial, wise and matured observer, the claims and actions of these self proclaimed sales representatives appear childish, narrow-minded, anti-national and as mere rehetics aimed at self-serving interests.
Why we are afraid to call a spade a spade? Truth can not be suppressed however much we like falsehood and try to spread it. But our indifference is at what cost? We only know that. How to save ourselves from these dangerous and evil individuals whose sole aim is to make a livelihood out of difference in our religious preferences, caste affiliations, ideological loves, extra-national affiliations and mere selfishness of these elite, important and ruling class which is misusing the faith we are exhibiting in the form of our electing them. Instead of engaged in our welfare activities, these individuals are perpetuating divisions among us so that they continue to dominate our lives, mislead us towards anarchy and hatred. The religious preachers of various denominations and political leaders of various parties are hell bent on living on our emotional affiliations and make their lives shine.
God never favors one religion over the other. God is equally compassionate towards us all what ever religion we follow or we do not follow any religion at all. He is not narrow-minded as the religious preachers or selfish politicians. He is wiser and benevolent. He is concerned about the welfare of all of us unlike these selfish and childish sales representatives who can not rise above their selfish narrow-mindedness or foolish preaching or actions. A time has come for humanity to rise like a mighty wave of the ocean to wash away these hatred-spreading religious or political groups of individuals. The wise and talented among various faiths and political affiliations have to work in tandem for our common welfare. Though an expression like this sounds more idealistic than realistic, and appears difficult to be realized, an attempt must be made in this direction else we will be consumed by these selfish sales representatives canvassing for religions and sub-nationalities and the future of the humanity, nation and society is at peril.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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