Why are Tibetans Brutalized

When Chinese Dignitaries Visit India

The Tibetan community living in exile from their motherland of Tibet in India are a peaceful and peace-loving people. They have never created any law and order problems for their host country. India is a democracy and the Tibetan community living in India are entitled to basic human rights and freedom of expression to peacefully protest against Chinese dignitaries vising India against the forcible military occupation of their homeland of Tibet. Why are these peaceful Tibetan protestors brutalized by police authorities as they go about peacefully registering their protests against Chines dignitaries?

Obviously, the orders to keep Tibetan protestors out of view from the gaze of Chinese dignitaries emanate from the highest political and bureaucratic levels. Why does the Indian Republic and those who govern it cringe before Chinese dignitaries? The peaceful Tibetan protestors are brutally dragged and roughly man-handled to push them away from the routes of travel and the venues to be visited by Chinese dignitaries coming to India.

One has not witnessed such police brutal behaviour in the United States or other countries where Tibetan exiles carry out protest demonstrations against visiting Chinese dignitaries. Why does India do so? Is it out of fear of the Chinese or is it part of Indian official China-appeasement policies?

Whether we like it or not, it was India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who gifted away the peaceful spiritual kingdom of Tibet to China in 1950 and enabling Communist China to indulge in ethnic and cultural genocide in Tibet. Presumably that too was done out of fear of Indian political leaders of a military powerful China. Or was it impelled by a supine wish and hopes that by acquiescing toby forceful Chinese military occupation of Tibet, India would be able to win over China?

India must now atone its political sins of the 1950s by actively espousing the complete independence of Tibet. It will be an uphill task and invite political and possibly military retaliation by China, but this requires to be done as a democratic crusade.

If India can espouse the restoration of democracy in Myanmar and vote with the West against the so-called civil war in Syria, what fears impede India to work towards the restoration of the Tibetan Homeland to their rightful owners—the Tibetan people.

While the Indian Government dithers and shies away from the above, the least the Indian Government can do is to allow the Tibetan community living in India to organise peaceful demonstrations against Chinese dignitaries visiting New Delhi. The Tibetans in India may be exiles in India but they do not have to be brutalised and manhandled by the police during their peaceful protests.


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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Comment Dear RDASHBY,

Quoting statements of Dalai Lama from different years may not make particular point until and unless the context is known.

Further, one first need to agree of disagree whether TIBET occupation by China is justified or not, to have a right context.

Further, it is more than evident that our news media (both print and video) is shamelessly biased and at times even ready to put national interests at stake for the sake of business(money ?).
So, let's first clear the to be at right side.

I have stopped reading news articles in detail and stopped watching news channels since eight years or so. And I am more informed than I would be had I been referreing to those hald truth news.

Dr. Subhash Kapila, who himeself is an expert in strategic matters have clearly written his point of view regarding Tibet, China and India matters in this column.

Neither have I read any writer on talking on the lines expressed by you.

Having said that, I refer you also to read a few articles by strategic thinker - Brahma Chelany, one such article on Tibet can be found @, more articles on Tibet, China issues can be found with irrefutable facts & reasons.

Happy reading !

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
01-Apr-2012 15:17 PM

Comment "Why are Tibetans Brutalized When Chinese Dignitaries Visit India"

Because India is ruled by most coward people found on the earth.

These coward rulers, under fear and pressure from Chinese, ensure that police gave the kind of treatment to Tibetan peaceful protesters in a way that would 'please' those chinse authorities.

This is in public ! God only knows, what these rulers are doing behind their office walls.

30-Mar-2012 14:24 PM

Comment I quote from a source: 'In the mid 2000s, the Dalai Lama urged the Chinese government to boost Tibet’s economy and said it was in Tibet would accept “meaningful autonomy” and expanded religious and cultural freedoms “within the People’s Republic of China.” In 2005, he said: “Tibet is economically backward although spiritually highly advanced. But spiritual [strength] alone cannot fill our stomach. So we need economic development.”

There appears to be in the protest movement you mention some denial of the cooly rational stand of the Dalai Lama. Your recommendations of a crusade against the Chinese to restore Tibet to its people, one with the protests, is counter to the Dalai Lama's proposals. That China is deemed to ignore the Dalai Lama's ideals is directly due to a fifth column movement that you unwittingly want to drag India into supporting.

30-Mar-2012 10:18 AM

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