An Utopian Dream

Religion has always been a mystery to me; in the present day circumstances though everyone talks more and more of secular society, religions and rituals are fostered with greater fervor. I said it is mystery because the concept of religion is interpreted by different people in different manner; I understand religion is more a way of life, which varies from family to family or individual to individual. Though there are ways of converting oneself to a Muslim and Christian or Hindu even, is it so simple to switch over from one way of life to another? Several beliefs and disbelieves have been perpetrated on the public through religious means. Unfortunately, the public also accepts anything that comes with a religious tag. It is sad that religious faiths and myths are not to be questioned and thrusted on public by fear most of the times. 

Does any religion specify these things?

According to Oxford Dictionary 'religion' means a particular system of faith or worship. 'Religious' also refers to 'scrupulous', 'conscientious'. Does it not directly or indirectly mean discipline in life? Every human is expected to lead a life of discipline. Even animals and birds follow a life of discipline, why not human who is expected to possess the sixth sense and thinking capacity should live indisciplined?

Religion is there to teach us faith, honesty, integrity, love and affection. No religion advocates disbelief, contempt, treachery, hatred or greed. No religion can claim any supremacy over the other. 

I do not believe in people changing their religious faith. When every religion leads to the same path what is the special benefit you derive from the other? May be the path is easier and shorter which take us to God faster and closer; hardly it makes any difference.

It is painful that atrocities are created in the name of religion. How many Godmen in our country amass wealth in the name of religion and faith? Even law takes over them, we find everyday a new fraudulent Godman or woman is born. The gullibility of the naïve public is tremendous. Their blind faith allows these tricksters to come up in new form everyday.  
As long as we need a mediator, we harbour prejudice, we long for material comforts in quick way religious frauds will be perpetrated on us very religiously. If we can follow the life of honesty, sincerity and integrity there need not be any specific faith we can claim because we all belong to all religions. 

May be it is an utopian dream. 


More by :  G Swaminathan

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