A little more love (of the other kind!!!)

Now, was going thru the recent asinine handling (why am I not surprised?!!!) of the homosexuality controversy in the Supreme Court by our equally supremely gifted union govt. And then suddenly my eyes fell on this gem. 

This nugget of sexual wisdom (a comment in Yahoo) made by a certain Mr. Singh from Patiala goes to great lengths to argue for immediate re-banning of homosexuality on the basis of (In his own words........) :

(a) Homosexuality is an unnatural sex act. (HA!!!!)

(b) It is perversion act. (HA!! HA!!)

(c) It is against the God’s will. (HA!!! HA!!! HA!!!)

(d) Homosexuality is a habit. And any kind of habit developed, is bad. (HA!!! HA!!! HA!!! HA!!!)

(e) Aids disease has started with Homosexuality. (SHIT!! can't continue any more....This is ALL TOO MUCH FOR ME!!! MAN.......You are killing me with laughter)

(f) It shall disintegrate social fabric in India, causing a lot of pain in the society. (Stop!!! Stop!!! ..............OK I'll actually reveal who KILLED Kennedy!!!!!)

(g) It shall promote Indian to pollute its culture, the culture which is held in high esteem by the World. (Holy mother of Christ, does this guy have no mercy, even my kidneys are paining now!!!!!)

(h) We can’t afford to import the bad habits and culture from foreign countries.

You know what!!! THIS GENTLEMAN ............ has given me enough jokes to outlast ALL episodes of All SAAS BAHU serials ever known.

TAKEN TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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