Indian Democracy is Exceptional

So the juggernaut ‘Didi’ and her cronies have done it again; arresting a professor of Jadavpur University for criticizing Mamata Banarjee’s whimsical politics and releasing him on bail; wonderful fodder has been supplied to the media to chew, yell and scream. I wonder what is going on in India actually; is it democracy or some sort of a fooling and monarchy in the garb of democracy? 

This is a country where just yesterday I read an extended article on how Kasab, the Mumbai mass murderer enjoying the luxury of six expert chefs in Mumbai prison. All of us know that Afsal Guru is kept in the Tihar Jail with VVIP security and treatment. 

In Tamil Nadu, a family which has almost looted the state and the country is sitting pretty and the cornered political leader passes mindless remarks on the ruling party and their activities trhough the media. Everyday we read that a former minister of Tamil Nadu is raided, arrested or their kin murdered gruesomely in as a result of the nefarious activities mostly land grabbing. 

A self proclaimed social worker, a migrant from the USA has been holding a powerful nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu to ransom in the name of public security while the whole state is reeling under power shortage and heavy power cuts. There are more than ninety FIRs filed on him but he has not been arrested notwithstanding his constant agitations are impeding any further activity. There is section of electronic media, press and public keep talking in favour his agitation and kindling more unrest. 

A newly appeared news channel has indentified some important ‘Tamilians’ for their contribution to the Tamil culture, literature, entertainment and what not at a gala function. The selection sounds very awkward and odd; the achievers range from very old to very young leaving behind many real achievers.

Now the UPA government shows interest in having FDI ties with its arch rival Pakistan. Whether it provides FDI or not it will definitely be a conduit for sending more militants and terrorist inside India. So what? In the name secularism, even if they are caught they will never be punished. 

Truly, Indian’s democratic approach and democratic values, and democratic expressions cannot match any other democracy in the world. We are Exceptional. Period. 


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16-Apr-2012 23:08 PM

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