The Molestations!

Man-woman relationships and sexual enjoyments have undergone a sea change due to modern life-styles. Both of them are available to each other in intimate situations in view of their proximity and permissiveness being practiced.

The sexual attraction between the sexes prompted by biology which is supposed to be the most bliss-giving when both the partners have consensual union is turning out to be a weapon to inflict injuries with against men. It has become a regular news item; women accusing men of molesting them; many times; days or months after their consensual union. The male “victims” are many in this regard.

Many men are accused of “molesting” women who willingly invite them. The thin separation between consensual union and molestation is becoming thinner. The “motive” behind putting the rapist “criminals” at sword and behind accusations seem to be more a vengeance because of many other reasons. So these accusations as molestation seem more for purposes other than the supposed violation of dignity of the individuals involved.

Such things happened to a famous editor of a much more famous publishing company, an Australian who leaked many US diplomatic cable contents, sometime back. And every day one or the other incidents are “revealed” by women and annoyingly months or years after they happened.

The latest victim is a film producer-director. Treating man as a “criminal”, “trying” him and attempts to “punish” him for these “molestations” are really astonishing. The “advantage” being enjoyed by women in mutual enjoyment to also use as accusations of molestation is really damaging and is discriminatory in the man-woman intimacies. And in such circumstances why men alone are considered as molesters is interesting and surprising.

Women are equally responsible because they are making themselves available in solitary ambiences. To accuse men as molesters even with mutual consent to have physical union, for purposes other than violation of dignity, can be termed as only conspiracy rather than protecting dignity of individual women concerned. So it is always disadvantageous to men unless laws are suitably changed to make women also molesters under such circumstances. The layer between consensual union and molestation does not seem to exist.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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