Distorted Views on Education

The recent reports on the frequent suicides by the college and school students clearly indicate, if not anything, the restless mind, hasty decisions and despicable cowardice of the youngsters. The media for its part offers elaborate coverage on such deaths indirectly adding fuel to the fire. They are depicted by the media either as martyrs of the tyrannical education system or the indifference of the teachers. But, unfortunately, none blames the parents who are the prime culprits for their absurd upbringing of the children. 

Though the parents are considered as the unfortunate souls of these children, one should not forget the fact that they are solely responsible for such tragedies. The parents, irrespective of their status try to push both boys and girls into the engineering stream without realizing the interest and real ability of their wards. In addition, they brainwash their children that the best way to be successful in life is to study engineering and get a job in IT industry. 

Does life really start with engineering and end with IT job? 

In the recent cases of the deceased, Dhairiyaskhmi and Manikandan they are said to hail poor agricultural background. The argument will be the parents are ‘uneducated’ and ‘poor’ and so they want their children to become at least ‘educated’ and ‘rich’ by taking up engineering course. 

Notwithstanding the societal and financial constraints of the present situation, if the ‘poor’ and ‘uneducated’ parents can send their children for better education why not the youngsters in future enjoy a better life? Yesterday, when I was travelling by an auto and the auto driver said that his son is doing his ME (Civil) in IIT-M and daughter is studying BA at Queen Maris College. He said he will get her daughter married off after her completion of the course. In general, auto drivers are considered to be ‘poor’ and ‘uneducated’ by the media; pray, I am not against him sending his children for education. But, haven't the media invariably projecting these folk as always poor? Don’t the public always complain of auto drivers fleecing the passengers? In fact, he took Rs.150 for my travel while the onward journey driver took only Rs.120 for the same distance. Today, there are innumerable and multiple job opportunities in profession than yesteryears. Why these less academically intelligent children should go for the engineering education only? 

The entire Indian society and the public prefer to have herd mentality. Unless there is a metamorphosis takes place among the parents such suicides will continue, may be more in number. 


More by :  G Swaminathan

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